Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Well Done Aliah Dearie

PMR results are out today. Bukan sahaja my 1st Ace daughter yang worry, Mama dia pun worry sama. Today all of us; beloved hubby and the other 4 Aces accompanied Aliah to take her results at school. Alhamdulillah all the hard work paid off.

Congratulations Aliah for achieving such excellent results in PMR exams. No letter to you like Mama posted to Ali in November. Only this short post describes how happy we are for you. I know you will do your very best and not disappoint Mama, Baba and adik adik yang lain.

We also hope that this will be an encouragement and catalyst for you to move to greater heights. We pray that you will strive the best in whatever you undertake.... and enjoy life. Most importantly you work hard to become a wholesome person in all ways.

ps: Jangan lupa solat shukor pulak after this.
Aliah happily calling the Uwan on her results

Monday, December 29, 2008

Dari Allah Kita Datang Kepada Allah Kita Kembali

On Saturday 27th Dec 2008, whilst we were attending the khenduri doa selamat for Ayang (cousin's daughter engagement) at Seremban, we were dikejutkan oleh berita sedih that Tuanku Jaafar (Almarhum) ibni Almarhum Tuanku Abdul Rahman, the Yam Tuan Besar NS yang ke 10 passed away at Hospital Besar Seremban. The hospital is also named after him.

The upacara pengkebumian was held after Asr at Makam DiRaja Seri Menanti just now. Difahamkan the late burial was at the request of anakanda anakanda Almarhum who were overseas. Even the MB of NS, Tuk Mat Hassan was also in London then.

I recall that when I got Number 1 in my Standard One exams in SRJK Convent Seremban, there was this Speech Day followed by Penyampaian Hadiah. The then headmistress Miss Muthu who was close to the royalties managed to invite Yam Tuan Besar Tuanku Jaafar and Tuanku Ampuan to grace the ceremony. I received the hadiah from Tuanku Ampuan Najihah that day. When I was in Standard Six, again the NS royalties attended the annual concert of the school. I was in the guitar group performance. Berbesar hati patik dapat perform in front of the King and Queen. Other than these two ocassion, Almarhum Tuanku Jaafar was a prominent figure in the business world. I also remember masa arwah Uwan sakit at Hospital Besar Seremban many years back, Almarhum Tuanku Jaafar's late mom Cik Maimunah was also hospitalised on the same floor as arwah Uwan, cuma hers was VIP nya ward lah.

Disebabkan NS adalah satu satu nya negeri yang penuh dengan adat istiadat adat perpatih, it holds to the adat of "Yam Tuan mangkat, Yam Tuan menanam". Accordingly a new Yam Tuan would be appointed first before Almarhum dikebumikan. The appointment was made after kerapatan ke empat empat Undang i.e. Sg Ujong, Johol, Jelebu and Rembau from amongst the four Puteras i.e. Tunku Besar Seri Menanti Tunku Muhriz Tuanku Munawir, Tunku Laxamana Tunku Naqiuddin, Tunku Muda Serting Tunku Imran and Tunku Panglima Besar Tunku Nadzaruddin. At about 4.00 pm just now, permahsyuran of the new Yam Tuan was made and Tunku Muhriz Tuanku Munawir has been appointed as the new Yam Tuan Negeri Sembilan ke 11.

Apparently Tunku Muhriz was supposed to be the Yam Tuan ke 10 after his father Tuanku Munawir ibni Almarhum Tuanku Abdul Rahman's demise. However because he was young (he was 18 then), he was by-passed whilst the Undang yang Empat agreed to appoint Almarhum Tuanku Jaafar, Tunku Muhriz's uncle as the Yam Tuan ke 10.

Just a bit of background which I acquired from the orang orang tua at my home, Almarhum Tuanku Abdul Rahman the first Agong who is Almarhum Tuanku Jaafar's father had 4 wives (not all at the same time lah). The first is Cik Engku Maimunah (divorced) a commoner nurse and Eurasian convert aka Dulcie Campbell is the mother of Almarhum Tuanku Jaafar. The second wife was Tunku Maharun (divorced) is the mother of Tuanku Munawir. Third is Tunku Kurshiah the first Permaisuri Agong and the fourth is Tunku Zaidah.

Tunku Munawir, the ninth Yam Tuan Besar, married Tunku Ampuan Durah and was bestowed with one son, Tunku Muhriz, apart from the 5 daughters. Tunku Muhriz did not succeed the late father because at his demise Tunku Muhriz was still young. Tunku Kurshiah has no sons, only daughters. The late Tunku Abdullah, the youngest sons amongst Almarhum Tuanku Abdul Rahman and Almarhum Tuanku Jaafar's brother from the same emak, was also one of the candidates to be Yam Tuan but tak sure pulak why he was not appointed. Last last the Undang yang 4 agreed to appoint Almarhum Tuanku Jaafar.

The appointment of Tunku Muhriz ni kira a long wait lah after about 41 years. Like Emak said, "Baguslah diberikan apa yang hak."

Today pun mendung aje seolah olah menangisi dan bersedih di atas kemangkatan Almarhum. Semoga Allah mencucuri rahmat ke atas Almarhum Tuanku Jaafar dan ditempatkan di dalam golongan orang-orang beriman. Al-Fatihah.

Also semoga Yam Tuan Tunku Muhriz ibni Almarhum Tuanku Munawir akan membawa NS ke arah kesejahteraan and kemakmuran.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Makcik Blogger TAGGED me!

So I have been TAGGED. And it was by Wan Shana. I was whole day thinking whether to take up the challenge or not cos telling about myself could be viewed as buttering up. Never mind! Just for the name of fun. About yours truly... here goes....

1. I have never ever dreamed of becoming a lawyer. Law was my third and last choice, moreover I did not know what else to fill in the blank due to lack of any other preference after Accountancy (1st choice) and Business (2nd choice). I began to love Law after reading it and after befriending the top law student in law school.

2. I was not a bright student during my student days, cuma sometimes hard working. But I sure receive a lot of doa from my beloved Emak, Abah, Uwans and Atuks. My success really was a big contribution from their prayers.

3. I could be sickly at times and it is all because of either the stomach, the teeth or the back. Sometimes I think that if I die, it must be due to some illness or malfunction of one or all of these three organs. I had my gastric since I was Form 2 (sudah almost 30 tahun daaaa, alhamdulillah masih bertahan) and I think it was because I never once took my sahur meals during that year's bulan puasa (tidur lebih menarik daripada bangun in the wee hours of the morning, berjalan ke dining hall and makan).

4. I am very conscious of my health so I really have to take care of my food. I love spicy food (I kan uprooted from Adat Perpatih) but I just have to kiss good bye to it because of my tummy problem. I take 10 tiny El*e* spirulina tablets everyday since 10 years ago.

5. I love anything soupy from mushroom soup, szechuan, minestrone, tomato, crab and sweet corn to shark's fin.

6. The simplest dishes which I cook after coming home from work would be, sambal udang, ayam masak merah, cencaru belah belakang or sayur chap chai. Paling senang potong timun and sengkuang. Goreng omelette, I kira susah because always fail to terbalikkan it in whole.

7. I consider myself as a cool person (though serious). You seldom see me angry. I can only recall marah to my secretary and my beloved husband. Tak marah to 5 Aces, lecture je.

8. Bila ada masaalah negara timbul, I can never take it easy and I worry too much resulting in myself becoming insomniac. Pernah tak tidur selama 10 hari due to susah hati yet I can still go to work and attend powerful board room meetings!

9. I am very disciplined at saving money. But sucks when people asked for sympathy. At the end of the day, I don't have much money left as I always give it away for "charity".

10. I wore braces twice in my life. First time was when I was 22 years old and second time when I was 38 years old. I still wear retainers when I sleep at night. (OK.... I know what you are thinking... yang itu, a bit cumbersome lah but alah biasa tegal biasa, wink wink).

11. I am hopeless at singing, dancing, drawing and anything artistic. I can't sing to save my life.

12. I had difficult deliveries. I have endured c-section, vacuum, forceps and induced deliveries. That may be why all my 5 Aces have different character. Told people especially beloved husband that is the way of God wanting me to redeem my sins.

13. I hate doing facials but I force myself because I know I will look good after the session. Because of the abundance of money I spent on the products, I ensure that I clean my face and do the other stuff like toning, moisturise and hydra energise literally twice everyday and face-mask every week. Sebab tu kot nampak awet ehem...

14. I akan buat work-outs and exercise bila rasa my paha kanan dah bersentuh with my paha kiri sewaktu berjalan.

(Adosss.... lambatnya nak menyampaikan no. 16. Please bear with me. I hope I have not bored you to death)

15. Because of my work hazards with Indonesian counterpart the past few years, I have begun loving the Indonesian artists. My favourites are Padi, Gigi, Matta, Hujan, Kerispateh, Ungu, Dewa 19, Rossa, Melly Goeslow and Bunga Cinta Lestari.

16. Jangan tak percaya the latest song which I recently down loaded into my iPod and my phone is Can I Have This Dance from HSM3 dan daku telah mendengar nya berpuluh puluh kali.

I am not tagging other 16 people to do this, cos stress jugak nak mencari another 16 Facebookers and Bloggers.

Merry Xmas everyone!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Makcik Bloggers Meet - Vogue !

It has been a week of free blogging. We went to Phuket and although the hotel has free internet connection, I could not find time to sit in front of the laptop. There was so many activities, and activities here include lazing by the beach doing nothing but staring at the wide blue sea. I will post on the Phuket retreat some time soon.

We arrived home safely yesterday afternoon. Although the holiday seems to be over, the celebration has not because yesterday was another celebration i.e. the celebration of the makcik makcik bloggers at Concorde. I am sure many of the attendees yesterday would have post this event, so suffice for mine to be a brief one. As I was still in the hangover of Swasdee Kraab and Khop Kun Kraab, I was only in the mood of chitchatting and getting to know people. Didn't take many pics as there were already many pics taken from the other cameras.

Anyway, all the gratitude go to MrsN who proposed and arranged for the meet which was such a sweet coincidence with Mdm Tai Tai's homecoming and belated birthday. Without MrsN tireless effort of booking, extending the invitation, confirmation, etc etc, the small scale makciks blogger gathering would not be a reality.

I am not the kind of person who look forward to meeting strangers but this one, was different because we have bumped into each other in blogland. We, well, at least I, can gauge my chemistry with them. It was not that difficult to blend with each other as we have been exchanging comments, hence we sort of know what kind of lifestyle we are living, we can tell how kepochi we have been, all in all, not bad... we blend pretty well, ....VERY well. The Melting Pot staff must have been complaining in silence how gamat we have been. The best of all sebab there were not many people at Melting Pot, we really "buat macam rumah sendiri", in a world of our own, happily laughing and teasing, commenting, snapping pix and of course eating eating eating, something that all of us love.

To Kak Ezza, you have a heart larger than life, so witty that I can't enjoy enough talking to you. For Ummi thank you very much for the lovely and sweet bag. Bear with me if I harass with you for some financial advice. To Zaitgha, I love the delicious cakes and I hope we can bump again in Nogori soon. My dear Mdm Principal, I enjoy every moment chit chatting with you and hope to know you better in cyberspace, you suit well with your callsign Principal. Yezzzzzzaaaa.... my newly found long lost MsHart hehehehehe.... tak boleh nak cakap apa.... rasa nak gelak je all the way, you are such a dahling. Ibu and Wan Shana, I have forgotten what a sweet heart you have been. The srikandi days are over but I look forward to get acquainted again in the blogosphere. My friends in need are the friends indeed Superwomanwannabe, MTT and MrsN, you are all the unsung heroins. Hope to meet you gals pretty soon. To dear Kay, thank you the very much for giving me a lift to and fro and hope you arived home safely in the rain. Last but not least to the loyal commentators Busybody and Bella, looking forward to hearing from you and do poke us when you have your own blog ok.

Like the founders yesterday agreed, we may have another meet soon and sure hope that for others who cannot make it this time like MHB, MA, Mamasita, Waterlily, Kak Teh, Naz, Salt n Turmeric, Busymom and sesiapa lagilah yang happen to be in Malaysia and available, please try to come ok. Just wait for the vogue buzz.

Saturday, December 13, 2008


Yay Yay.... the holiday season has begun. There is a reason for me to be exhilarated. First of all, I will not be going to office for the time being, Friday was my last day. I am going to Kuantan for work on Sunday. Secondly we are going away to Phuket on Wednesday. Thirdly beloved hubby and I watched Harith Iskander Nationwide Live Comedy Tour at KLCC Convention Centre (thanks to Datuk Na*).

As usual, Harith never fails to make us burst into laughter. My jaw was jam plus painful due to the many humorous cackles. There were jokes about himself, his girlfriends, the Malaysians, the ministers, the Malaysian system, the Singaporeans, CSI and a lot more. The last time I saw his stand up comedy was at the NACRA dinner at Shangri La a month ago. Last night show was a repeat of his collection of jokes and of course an extension. Although I have heard most of them, he continues to amaze me. It is not easy you know to make people laugh.
The opening act kicked off with a stand-up comedy by Douglas Lim. If I am not mistaken, he is one of the casts in Kopitiam. He was equally funny. His joke revolved on him being a Chinese. Some may think that he sounded racist, but what the heck, it was just for fun.

Harith cracked his jokes from one story to the other and his show lasted for about 2 hours. I enjoyed his wits and antics, undoubtedly a natural joker. No puns intended but some jokes really got beloved hubby laughing out loudly, and almost in tears beacuse ada jugak joke yang dush... dush.... kena batang hidung! Harith invited a volunteer to come up on stage at the end of the show. This Norhaizan lady was really a gusto! She was indeed a sport and incredibly blended well with Douglas' and Harith's act. Harith asked her what was the most memorable gift that she ever got. Proudly she said, it was 4 bouquets of roses from the husband with a note which read something like this, "You are the 4 women in my life". Waaaaa.... the husband can think of writing that to her. If only beloved hubby writes something similar to that, I will be Britney Spears, I am a Slave For You : ) Then when Harith asked her what made she volunteer, she said "It is now or never". How audacious! I would too if my seat was somewhere near the stage, hehe.....

I have "known" Harith since the early 90s. At that time, he was not that famous. He was only starting some work on Jangan Ketawa. I was staying in Lorong Maarof Bangsar then. My room-mate, Ina and me always frequented Telawi for dinner and our favourite gerai was Gerai Mee Rebus Pak Wan. During the nights, you can find the celebrities eating out there, the likes of Harith, Hans Isaac, Jit Murad, Sofia Jane and Ida Nerina, to name a few. Ina and I had lots of fun watching them mingle and network among themselves in a table or two away from us. Setakat tu je lah... Tahu tahu je, they later became celebrities. If only we menempek, got guts to ask whether there was any vacancy as extras in the casts, I bet you, we could be a popular celebrity by now. Strange things can happen, hahahaa... wishful thinking!

Since Harith did crack a joke on Facebook, hmmmm.... planning to leave a message to him and tell him how great his show was last night and how much I have enjoyed it. Should I ke?

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Anda Keutamaan Kami

The U*B and the H*ng *e*ng bank personnel insisted that I submit the EPF statement so that my loan application is successful. I thought that my three consecutive months salary slips are good enough. Can't they see that it was really a big fat income that I am earning, heheheh... perasan. There is even large portion of EPF deduction stated in the salary slip.

"Miss, do you know that got some people who forge their salary slip, ah?, said Lawrence.

"You must give us your EPF statement, otherwise we want a copy of your ASB account", insisted Cheah.

Both on separate ocassion.

I was trying my luck with these two separate banks to see which one can give me a competitive rate and which one can make my life easy when it comes to processing loan application. Tough luck!

So I surfed the internet to go into KWSP website. Tried my luck to open the i-Account. First, click Pendaftaran Baru, fill up my particulars, click submit and boiiiiinnnng..... EPF system was down. Haiyooooh!

I tried again the next hour, same thing, their system was down again. The frustration was repeated for three days. Finally I managed to log in. Oh oh, should it be Pendaftaran Baru, or i-Account this time? Never mind, let's try both. Under the i-Account, half way, they asked me to key in the Code, oh oh, where got Code?

Tak pe tak pe, let's try Pandaftaran Baru, oh oh... it appeared that I have log in already but no password. OK, next, let's try Hilang Password, oh oh, false information. Sudah! I gave up!

At the same time, my sudden-good friends Cheah and Lawrence have been endlessly bugging me. Even my boss doesn't have that kind of persistence.

Since today is a public holiday for Selangor, I pleaded beloved hubby to drive me to EPF office at Jalan Raja Laut. He picked me about noon, and the jam was beyond expectation. He had to leave Parliament house and picked me at K*C*. He was blabbering in the car on how it took him an hour to pick me up.

When I walked into EPF building, OMG, the crowd in the counter area was like.... hmmmm...how to put it... if you are looking for a friend, I think it is better calling him on the phone, rather than mencari cari di antara ratusan manusia. With that kind of crowd, I was expecting to be in EPF till close of business. Siaplah baca surah Alam Nashrah and doa jauhkan daripada kesusahan many times.

However, when I took my number 2421, it indicated, now serving 2401. Fuyooo... got 20 more to go. The caretaker of the number issuance did say that "Pergi Counter 12". So I went to Counter 12. Tengok punya tengok, ramai yang queuing at Counter 12 instead of waiting for their number. Apalagi, I pun joined the crowd. Lucky me, I found that queuing was faster. Miss Counter no 12 just asked for my IC and key it into the computer, wait like one minute kat tepi sikit, wallah... EPF statement was printed. She was so efficient, she could ask for 4 ICs at the same time. Kudos girl!

When I collected the printed EPF statement, sempat menyelit tanya question.

"Dik dik, akak dah try masuk i-Account but dia kata no password, false statement, apa akak nak buat?"

Miss Counter no 12 replied politely, "Akak check kat Counter 20-24 ok."

So I walked quietly to Counter 20, for fear that orang yang ramai-ramai tu menyergah "Hoi, queue lah, orang lain dah lama tunggu."

Ha... ada adik manis sorang ni tengah free. I approached her.

I explained my problem and she tried to do it on her computer but not successful. Later she referred me to Counter 24. Mr Counter 24 only had to look at my IC, then asked me to key in 6 digits on this cute machine of his and zzzzzapppp..... keluar one slip of paper. He informed me that I have to key in again online at i-Account and use that 6 digits number. It is advisable to change it immediately. Wah.... so quick! Before I left, mulalah jadi opportunist... "Dik dik, boleh akak dapatkan kod untuk suami akak tak?", I asked with muka sepuluh sen.

"Boleh , akak beri number IC dia and key in 6 digits kat sini...." and same went, zzzzzaaaaapppp....., the slip appeared again.

Thank you, thank you Miss Counter 12, Miss Counter 20 and Mr Counter 24. You have made my day. They were the helpful few and this is the kind of organisation that should be given awards for efficiency. Maybe my transaction was not that complicated comparing it with the hundreds of people who were at the Counter area just now. In addition eight years ago when I was applying to withdraw my EPF money to pay for my current house deposit, the efficiency was also proven. The tagline "Anda Keutamaan Kami" is very true.

Cheah and Lawrence will be another two happy people today.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Qurban 1429H

Today is the second day of raya haji. Takbir raya can still be heard once a while berkumandang, and this will continue until the third day. Nine years ago, at this time, I remember I was spending the days of Zulhijjah in Mina. Nostalgic!

It was a very wet raya Qurban. After spending our pre-raya at Opah's house a day before raya, we left for Seremban on Sunday. For Raya Qurban there is not much preparation to do as the preparation will usually be after the slaughtering, done at the nearby mosque. At Emak's house, it was already full of my siblings, Anyah (Kay), Shamilah and myself, and families. My brother is spending the raya at Kota Kinabalu this year. The living room was already crowded with the grandchildren by the eve. Ada yang watching TV catching the latest news on the Bukit Antarabangsa land slide, mengadap computer; YM, Facebook, My Space, the little ones playing Gameboy and PSP and fighting over the same etc etc. The night for us continued until 3 am. As for me, I was already in dreamland by midnight.

On the hari raya haji itself, it was raining since Suboh. It was graced by the solat sunat Eidul Adha at the mosque. An hour later the peserta peserta Qurban thronged their way to the mosque to witness the slaughtering despite the heavy rain. There were 8 cattle altogether. Ours was number 2. The cattle was shared by seven of us, Emak, Kay, Mak Yan's clan (three of them), Ashraf and myself. Our cattle was a black and fiery one. It took about a good hour to tie it to the ground so that Ustadz can peacefully slaughter it. Despite we were given number 2, which ideally will be slaughtered second in turn, because of the overpowering of Mr Black, it ended up being slaughtered number 6. It was scary to see Mr Black galloping ferociously in the rain. Aliah, Ayna, Ali and Alina were the interesting siblings in the rain with their big umbrellas, not wanting to lose sight of the raging bull.

The melapah and membahagikan meat lasted till about 11 am. Then the whole masak-masak affair begun. With the rebusan aka soup, the rendang, the serunding and last but not least the gulai lomak kunyit otak. Also to include, bibik Laili's kaki lembu to be cooked as medication. Emak's kitchen was in havoc, one portion was doing the cutting whilst the others were doing the variety of cooking. Beloved hubby was enjoying himself axing the hard tulang rusuk and gearbox and afterwards burying the organs. Daging Qurban cannot throw away takut di mamah binatang which is a No No.

Here's sharing with you some of the pictures taken during the wet Qurban day. (Click on the top pix to view further)

Again, Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha. Semoga ianya penuh dengan keinsafan dan pengorbanan.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Eidul Adha

Selamat Hari Raya Haji, everyone. Selamat menjalankan ibadah Qurban.
My heart goes to the victims of the land slide at Bukit Antarabangsa.

At Kampong With Opah and Enjoying Sawah

Eidul Adha has not arrived yet. However, yesterday we decided to go back to beloved hubby's Opah's kampong in Bota Kanan, Parit, Perak. It was just day trip because on Sunday, we are heading back to Seremban to raya there. Last Eidul Fitr we missed visiting Opah. Since this is a long weekend, why not, bila lagi nak jumpa Opah. Opah is already 96 years old and manalah tahu pendek umur I, tak sempat jumpa Opah. Opah is my FIL's mum. She lives in her home in Bota Kanan surrounded by her children's homes. The whole family with FIL and MIL went home together. The road this morning was still ok. Perhaps because it was still early.

Photo with Opah 4 years ago

When we reached Bota, it was about 11.15 am. To my surprise, a red and white canopy greeted us in front of the house with the arrangement of chairs and tables. Oh, beloved hubby didn't inform us..... Rupa-rupanya ada khenduri tahlil for arwah pak Hassan, FIL's eldest brother who passed away three years ago. Everyone was very happy to meet us. Their delight has always been like this when meeting us because dalam ramai-ramai adik beradik my FIL, he is the only one yang pretty successful and working in KL. The rest of the siblings semua kerja kampong. MIL did something which to me was a bit awkward. However MIL being MIL, I guess it is forgiveable (discussed this with beloved hubby but surely enough he did not feel any weird about it). She meant good for the cucus, although I thought if it were me, I would avoid doing it.

Anyway, tak kisah lah tu. Janji we had a great time catching up with the relatives; Kak Yan, Ninie, Abg Duan, Kak Ida,Abg Sahak (Nengah), too bad Kak Aishah could not make it, if not sure riuh rendah. Also with the aunties and uncles, like Wan Roh, Wan Kama, Wan Rodhi and Ayah Chor. I am not that close to this clan unlike the ones from Negeri. Seeing them and catching up with them on the latest happenings in kampong is good enough to make me feel a part of them.

Kids had fun too. I showed Ali the sawah bendang and explained to him about padi and sawah, sungai and budak budak kampung. I emphasised to him how difficult life is for the kampong folks. Have to berpanas terik to semai and tuai padi to earn a living. Dulu they have to do it with their bare hands. Alhamdulillah now ada help from the machines. I hope I have instilled some realisation on Ali. He tends to look at life in an easy and simplistic way at times. When I told Ali that I once, masa I was small at Emak's kampong in Lubuk Gitan, pernah fell from the titi and straight into the sungai, he could not believe it. He must have said, wah... rock nya mama ni!

Ali later ajak the rest of the siblings to join him in the sawah. Anak-anak bandar, macam-macam. They started posing in the bendang and promised to post it in mySpace. I should bring them to kampong like this more often. Alina when passing the ranjau duri in her walk to the sawah when all the sounds eee... eee...arrghhh... uhhh.... came out. Gatallah, sakitlah .... Memang vain and city girl dia tu. The kids siap bawak PSP and Gameboy to play with when they were bored. Well I don't blame them, partly our fault jugak. My tanah at kampong in Negeri Sembilan terbiar whilst beloved hubby pun once a year baru nak balik Bota.

On our way back, we dropped by at Pak Karim's house, FIL's biras, who was not well. Pak Karim is as cheerful as ever. Must be due to the non-polluted environment in the kampong yang membuatkan sakit jadi cepat sembuh.

Hope we could do this more often in time to come.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Let's Ferment

I thought of doing something different today. Since work has not been that hectic, I managed to be home early. Dropped by at Bintang supermarket to buy some small containers. This morning, I have pesan to Bibik Julian to kukus the beras pulut. Yup... tadaaaaa... I want to try to make tapai pulut today.

After cooking for dinner, I took my bath, this time extra clean from top to toe. I remember Emak telling me that when we do the tapai make sure that we are clean physically and mentally. Donned in my favourite kaftan and off into the kitchen.

First of all, I fry the mashed ragi (yeast), buat cukup syarat so that it is dry. Pour some hot water into the pulut and stir slowly so that it is all sebati in the pulut. Leave it for a while like 10 minutes and start putting the pulut into the small containers. I did not use the banana leaf this time, because malas nak tebang the pelepah pisang from the lawn and cut the leaves into pieces.
Alina & Bibik Julian

The whole procedure has to be done calmly and gracefully. Beloved hubby and the kids were upstairs busy watching Buletin Utama to catch the news on the land slide at Jalan Semantan today. So it was just Alina, Bibik Julian and me. Actually this is my first time doing the tapai without Emak's supervision. Rasa-rasanya jadi cuma tak tahu sedap tak sedap or manis tak manis. When doing tapai, a lot of it are dependant on the pulut, the ragi and the surrounding. I am confident on the ragi because I bought it at Pasar Rabu in Alor Setar, hence the genuineness is least doubted. The pulut,..... hmmmm, I am not sure about this because I bought this one at the market and it could be old pulut. The recommended type of pulut is of course the newly harvested.
At the end, we stored the tapai in the bekas mengkuang and put it under the unused stove. Pulut is best hibernated in a dark and peaceful place whilst it "froth". We will let you ferment for two days and hopefully by then, you will not disappoint us dear Tapai. We also can't want to savour you for hari raya haji.

See you in next two days!