Friday, January 30, 2009


I am on medical leave on Thursday and Friday. I feel very bad and guilty, like a captain abandoning his ship. The board audit committee meeting is just a week away and the board meeting will be after that. The K-Project too is starting on full steam, and I am resting at home. I don't take MCs. Even if the doctor gives me MC, I hardly take it. That is probably why I seldom fall sick. I must ensure that work goes on without interruption. Sounds a brag isn't it? But that's just the way it has been and will be until I leave this plc. (Boss, boleh dapat transfer soon ke?)

This time round it is different. Naya #^*;.,<>0&# if I were to go to work? Nak drive pun can't hold the steering wheel properly! The story goes...

Abah loved to berlenggeng everytime he came back from jogging, marketing or gardening. He would show off his round big tummy. It could be disgusting at times if he showed it too regular. Turning to his back, I could see a small lump just like a pimple. Once in a while I pressed it and played with it. It did not annoy him because it was just a piece of extra meat and he never gave a hoot about it. That extra piece of meat was there until he passed away. When I took care of him at his death bed, I remember sponging him and I recalled that it was still there.

During my teenage years, I realised that I had similar piece of meat like Abah's at my back. I was so familiar to it that I called it "Didu". I took it as if Didu was something hereditary. There was no pain neither did it irritate me and I have left it at that. Beloved hubby obviously was curious when he first saw it. With a good explanation what I thought it was, he was never perturbed either.

During my several medical check ups, the GPs said that if Didu is not causing any pain, let it be. If it does, he advised that I see a dermatologist.

Through the years, Didu began to grow. It started off looking like a small pimple until recently Didu reached to a phase where it grew to a size of a half golf ball. There was pain once in a while if there was pressure but it still had not bothered me. 5 Aces were more worried to see Didu when I am in my berkemban outfit and just could not accept that something as big as half a golf ball was never a nuisance to me.

In another story, I had this sakit pinggang about two weeks ago and decided to go for a massage with the same familiar masseur, Mbak Nur. On that unfortunate day, Mbak Nur sahaja gatal plus curious why was it that Didu has become a bit bigger than the last time when she massaged me. Guess what she did? Oh yes ! Mbak Nur pressed it slowly, with good intention i.e. to make it smaller and let whatever fluid flowed. Initially it was comforting, however, terlebih press kot, it was unendurable. Then the real story began.

The next day Didu became swollen. Redish and painful. I still didn't gnaw on it. Three days later, it was still the same and on the fourth day, some pus mercifully appeared. I wanted to see the Doctor at that point but there was no time, we were already on our way to PD. At PD, nothing fatal happened despite the earlier pus. The pus unbelievably stopped.

Perhaps aggravated by the sea water and the chlorine, Didu became more and more painful post PD trip that sampai dah tak tahan sangat sangat and I finally went to see the doctor on Wednesday night.

I don't think I should elaborate on the gory details. Suffice to say that Doctor diagnosed Didu as cyst. The specific medical term for it is sebaceous cyst. Doctor had to perform excision because it was already infected in order to avoid it from melarat.

First of all, the Doctor injected the anaesthetic onto Didu. If Didu has grown to be painful recently, how should I describe piercing the needle onto Didu. MAAAAKKKK.... Sakit!

After injection and the numbness, Doctor began performing the extraction of Didu until the roots. Woh! Doctor said I should have come when I was a teenager, or anytime when it was not infected. He could excised it then with lesser pain. Beloved hubby watched the minor surgery. According to beloved hubby there was this blackish plus reddish (maybe blood) plus thick yellowish fluid oozing out from poor Didu. I could feel some cutting and gauzing, with little pain. The Doctor took about 15 minutes to complete everything. Straight out of his clinic, the nurse was already waiting with two types of antibiotics and pain killer for me to swallow.

The other difficult episode is I was not sure how to sleep because I don't usually sleep on my stomach. Tidur mengereng pun lenguh, so it was a sleepless night for me that night despite the sleeping pills. I was on pain killers through out the day hence the torture was not that antagonising. No pain except a bit of pressure and strain at my back and my arms.

The story did not end there. I have to do the dressing of the wound on the following night. During the dressing, there was no anaesthetic, obviously I screamed and yelled like there was nobody listening. The Doctor took out the gauze from the bandaged wound. It was a raw and deep cut. I kept on consoling myself that the Palestinians have injured and suffered 10 times more. (But I am in Malaysia ok!) Bacalah Bismillah and selawat banyak banyak. The pain just now was the worst ever. Tuhan lebih mengetahui. Moga moga hapuslah dosa daku.

I hope to recuperate speedily. The Doctor said it could heal to normal skin after 3 weeks. The next dressing will be due on Sunday. I sure will miss Didu. It was there, part of me for more than 20 years, definitely I will. Above all, I hope Didu has not left any traces. Beloved hubby confirmed that inside ex-Didu point was clean, no leftover roots. I sure hope so.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

CNY Break

When I was small, I always looked forward to family outings. It was not like we had gone to many places but suffice to say that Port Dickson was our favourite destination. Port Dickson was just about one and half hour journey from Seremban. There was no highway then. The journey to PD using the trunk road would pass small townships like Rasah, Mambau, Lukut and finally PD.

Abah would announce on the day before that we were going to PD the following day. Eagerly, we would wake up as early as 6 am to pack our swimming suits, towels and floats. I remember by the time I woke up I would smell the delicious aroma of mee hoon goreng and sandwich sardine which Emak had prepared for us. Wow, she must have gotten up as early as 5 am to prepare those dishes.

Usually we would reach PD by 9 am. Surely but slowly we patiently wait along the journey in Abah's volkswagen to catch the first sight of the sea. Once we saw the rolling waves, we knew that we have reached PD. Abah would stop at Teluk Kemang or the Blue Lagoon for our picnic location of the day. Our favourite spot was under a tree or beside a dead trunk fallen by the beach. As we looked for the black big tyre tube turn floats to hire, Emak would spread the mat and prepared the meal so that we could appease our gastronomical needs anytime we were hungry.

There were not many hotels then. I recalled there were only Ming Court, Si Rusa Inn and a government rest house called Seri Bayu. They were just too expensive for us to spend the night although I recalled that we did stay in Seri Bayu once, courtesy of Angah, Abah's brother who worked with the Government. We usually spent half a day till about 2 pm swimming, playing sand castle and eating. I also remembered there were big waves in the sea, something which we rarely see nowadays in PD. We felt secure though because of the big floats and of course because of Abah. Somehow he always made us feel secure.

At that time, swimming in the sea was an alternative medicine for me. I had this kudis at the scalp of my head. The doctor advised me that in order to cure it, I had to wash it with salty sea water. Not sure the truth of it although I followed his orders. It could have worked. I don't recall when and how it disappeared, but it is totally gone now. After an enjoyable fun filled activity in the blue sea and scorching sun, not to mention the tanned skin/sun burnt and muka yang berkilat kilat, by noon everyone would rush to the public bathrooms to wash themselves. The public bathroom was crowded by bearable. We would later headed home to Seremban, felling asleep in the cramped volkswagen due to exhaustion but contented. That was the good old days.

We have gone to PD many times after that. PD has changed a lot. It used to have sandy white beach but not anymore. Sometime years back, there was an oil spill and I think from then on, the beaches have become continously dirty. Added by the filthers who merrily throw litter by the sea side after their hearty picnic.

Ever since the highway connecting Seremban to PD which takes less than 30 minutes completed, the crowd has come in droves to PD. We are not spared either. We have paid our visit to PD almost once a year despite our complaints on this tourist attraction. So far we have been to Desa Lagoon, Avillion, Eagle Ranch, Tiara, Regency, Ancasa and Delta Paradise. When I realised that CNY break was for 4 days, I tried my luck with Desa Lagoon again. The company I worked in has certain privileges in Desa Lagoon. I wasn't sure whether I would be able to secure a room as my fellow colleagues in the office have most of the times beat me in this booking experience. Fortunately we succeeded to get the Deluxe 1 room chalet.
It was the same stuff in PD. The 5 Aces love the sea and the swimming pool so there was a lot of thrills during the stay. Mama and Baba also had their share swimming in the morning as early as 8.00 am when the crowd have not woken up yet. I did about 30 laps in a day. Not bad eh, for someone at my age. I didn't expect that I can still swim that much and that long. As I grow older, my breathing techniques in the crawl style really sucks. I still prefer the back stroke and the breast stroke.

Speaking of swimming, Desa Lagoon has two swimming pools. One is the free for all swimming pool i.e. anyone can jump in with their swim gear be it tee shirt, track bottom. boxers, pyjamas, tudung, jubah and what have you. To respect the patrons who wish to enjoy swimming in peace without having to worry about the water in the pool being infected with unwanted habitation, Desa Lagoon also provided another swimming pool with strict pool rules and and regulations including proper swimming attire.
To my dismay, oh probably not because this is Malaysia and sometimes, there are this group of people who have disrespect of the regulations and flout the same. They were not discerning enough to follow the given rules. Yes, in the exclusive swimming pool, with the many signs being displayed with regard to the proper swimming gear to be worn, they chose to be oblivious! Poor Pak Cik Guard, he was vigilant to keep an eye on this flouters but "lepa sikit" ada jugak yang jump into the pool with teeshirts. Surely enough Pak Cik Guard who happened to be limping, quickly chased after him or her and scolded them. He was just doing his job. Manalah tahu if there are VPs or GMs from the office who got annoyed and as a result, he could be fired! Still I don't understand how people can be so disrespectful. Fine, if you are shy to wear the swimming attire, there are Muslimah swim wear now sold at the malls or the wet suit. As long as you wear a proper one, that is good enough. I bet the tee shirt that some of them wore perhaps were the same one that they wore as their pyjamas the night before. If my kids and me can abide, I don't see why others cannot. Huh! Marah lah ni!

Anyway, we learnt our lesson on other aspect this time. The last time we went to PD, we found dinner to be a horrendous wait. One had to wait to find a seat, wait to place an order and finally wait till the dishes arrived. At that time I recalled, we had to wait for one and half hour til our food arrived. Well that equates to the journey from PD to KL. Expected what, when there was a long weekend plus the public holiday. Hence for us this time round, breakfast was bought as early as 7 am, lunch was rice which we cooked in our rice cooker plus serunding, sambal udang and ikan bilis brought from home whilst dinner was beli lauk as early as before maghrib and ate with the home cooked rice. Everyone was happy and no wastage of time.

My suggestion to Tuk Mat Hassan, have a big mall like Giant or Tesco with ample food court and eating space in PD. There is this newly built Bangi Kopitiam also houses Satey Kajang Samuri in the same row, but not good enough for my standard, still big crowd. I found that there are lots of campers and I really pity them because I did not see the proper bathrooms and public toilets for them to progress in their nature's call. The traffic in PD too has to be improved. I know it is pretty tough to do this one as there is just one road along the beach and they are just too congested. Just find a way to solve it, that is why you have been elected.

With the suggested improvements, I am sure you can make PD another favourite spot in the Malaysian map. It is now, but favourite spot yang "terpaksa". With that improvement Tuk Mat, you could find us frequenting the place like twice a year or maybe more. Good for NS GDP what!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Gong Xi Gong Xi !

From Port Dickson, here is wishing all the Chinese readers :

Gong Xi Fa Chai

May you have a prosperous year of the Ox ahead

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hoping and Reminiscing

The days have been busier than before. Had to complete presentation for this Friday. The draft presentation has to be distributed for peer review by Tuesday. To make matters worse I will not be in the office from Monday to Thursday. Like it or not have to send it by tonight.

I cant wait til CNY because we are going to PD for the holidays. Then if all go well, we will wait whether my 1st Ace, Aliah will be admitted to any boarding schools.

Speaking about boarding school, I have never wanted my kids to go to boarding school at the tender age of 13 years despite them getting good results for the UPSR. I promised them if they do well in PMR, they can go. Beloved hubby and myself are products of boarding schools. We love our schools and indeed we survived to be independent. We really owe it to the teachers, frinds and the school. However when it comes to our own kids, I wonder why susah sangat nak let go.

Is it because kena basuh kain sendiri, or kena makan nasi kawah and ayam plastic ramai ramai, or kena endure the spot checks, or bangun pagi pagi because nak berebut the bathroom and the toilet? I don't mind the making friends, the preps, the solat jamaah, the games, the lights off at 10.30 pm, the make up your own bed, watching a TV at the common room ramai ramai or even the cerita green lady was really fun to me, come to think about it.

Now that Aliah is 16 years old, I don't mind letting Aliah go to the boarding school if she is selected (though hopefully dapat yang dekat dekat je). I know she can be independent and make friends, study hard and excel in her studies and the co curricular activities. In fact I really hope she can go. Moga moga dapat scholarship to further her studies at Form 5 or even better to get selected to study overseas before Form 5 results are out like yours truly. Ministry of Education announced the results of entry into boarding school will be known by 30th January and we are all hoping and praying.

Last but not least here's posting my Srikandi 83 friends whom I knew from boarding school days. We met late December last year at Concorde KL. They are always in my heart and mind. They are the ones yang sama sama menangis and bergelak ketawa during the memorable years of homesickness and being away from the family. After more than 30 years, we met again although some I have bumped into the past few years.

Na Omar, Dr Robi and me

Adik Saidatul, Raden, Intan & Adeeb

I did not recognise her. This is Oochew aka Dek Mah, my dorm mate. She used to be very boyish but has a voice like a nightangle.

Standing from L to R : Diah, Adik, Dr Robi, Tearose (Yong), Intan, Mashi, me & Na Omar
Sitting from L to R : Refugee (Ins), Teedell (Yati Samad), Isham, Radin and Adeeb
(photo courtesy from Yati)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Travelling Again

"Meeting? In Sitiawan?"
"What is there in Sitiawan?"
"Surely there is Siti, and there is Awan too."
"Well we have an office there, so we thought it would be good to pay a visit to some of our staff who are working there. It goes to show that we care for them. Sekali kali menjenguk, seronok dia orang jumpa kita."

Those were some of the conversations which I had with my office mates today.

I am travelling to Sitiawan this evening for a two-day management meeting. I am going to enjoy it this time because I am not driving. Three of the girls decided to car pool. One of the girls who has just joined the organisation has volunteered herself. We call it familiarisation trip for her. Very convenient for me, unlike the last time when I had to drive to Segamat some months ago.
I am not sure what Sitiawan can offer us, but definitely if it were musim durian, the durians are really delicious. These are the thick yellowish durian. Apa nama dia, durian kucing duduk, something like that lah!

It will take us about 4 hours from office to reach our destination. We will be sleeping over at S*iss Gard*n S** & Res**t *amai *a*t. If there is time, I plan to go for spa, depending on the rates. If the internet connection is good plan to blog too if there is time. Otherwise, the night for me will be sleep. Urghh , actually I do need that.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

43 or 34?

I turn 43 today. Wow... that is so many numbers there eh! I have stopped counting the age when I was 35, or was it 34? Well it is just a number. I share the same birth date with Datuk Siti Nurhaliza. She knows about it, I informed her once when I met her. Yeah, like she will remember?! There was this aerobic instructor, Emma, who I met 3 years ago. She was 44 then. She was a real babe, I can't sight any spare tyre at all. When I saw her, I couldn't help to wonder whether I could be like her when I turn 44. It seems that I only have one year to work hard if I still wish to have a body like Emma. Minus the intermittent sakit sakit, I still think I am 34.

The birthday celebration started yesterday. I went out with one of my best friends Tuti to Alexis @ Bangsar. Haven't met her for a long time. The sentiments were the same, we felt guilty for being very busy last year that we forgot to meet, not even once! Hi tea was great. Although we managed to chat only for a short while, it was enough to catch up with the news backlog for the whole year.

The birthday wishes kept coming in. There were through sms, emails, YMs, Geni and Facebook. Even the boss at work remembered. He sent me a birthday wish in Malay, sounded very spiritual. I replied to his mail... "Hidup lebih ceria apabila mengetahui ada boss yang mengingati hari ulang tahun." Do I sound membodeks? Whatever turns me on! I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has wished me and for marking my birthday on their calendar.

Beloved husband and 5 Aces surprised me with a big basket of flowers. Complete with a heart-shaped balloon which had cute little writings "For A Special Mom". They have been surprising me with flowers on my birthdays as far as I could remember, so it was not such a big surprise this time. So beloved husband was a bit upset that I didn't look surprise when receiving the flowers. OK sayang, I will make sure I act shock next year.

We had a day full of fun activities. The 5 Aces are now grown up hence they are now able to appreciate the adults' activities. We were unsure how to celebrate initially however thanks to the birthday girl who suggested Alamanda Putrajaya.

The first thing we did was bowling. Aliah and Ayna took up bowling for their extra curricular activity in school. Beloved hubby and me decided to give them a fight, although it didn't end up like how we wanted it to be because Alim spoilt the scores. We had to give Alim a few throws in between. I noticed that with a bit more polishing, maybe both Aliah and Ayna can become Shalin Zulkifli. Ali had one stint of bowling during his last few days of primary school with his friends and his performance was not bad either. He just need more practice and give a little bit power to his throws.

Later, we had steamboat at Johnny's Steamboat for lunch. Never tried that place before but it was worth it. I would recommend the pineapple fried rice, and the sambal belacan was out of this world. Steam boat tom yam pun yummy. The kids love tom yam so if there is no complaint from them, sedap lah tu.

3 in 1. Yes, that's what we thought what Alamanda can offer us today. First was bowling, second was steamboat lunch and third was karaoke. Hahahaha... Yes, all of us went for karaoke. The kids were sceptical over the idea. They were not sure whether they would enjoy singing in the dim lighted room. Tetapi seperti the father, once dah dapat microphone, they were already asking for more. Unbelievable! There it was, started off with When I Grow Up by Pussy Cat Dolls, to Makes Me Wonder - Marroon 5, to Old Mac Donald, to London Bridge (yup Alim had his favourite songs sung too), to Cinta by Amy Mastura, Ungu's Tercipta Untukmu and a few more... tak ingat. Finally it ended up with Doa Buat Kekasih a duet by me and beloved husband, romantis sekali..... hehehe.

We just had to call it a day because Ayna, Ali and Alina had to go for their taekwondo practice at 5 pm. My dear Alina was frustrated that the karaoke session had to be cut short. Biasalah anak dara tu, terus merajuk and put up a looonnnnggggggggggg face. Actually we observe that she was the one hogging the microphone from start to end. Now we know who can be an AF or One In A Million contestant.

Definitely it was a birthday to remember. Although no big bash or big bang, I have really enjoyed and valued the quality time we spent with the family. Something different. Also appreciate the effort beloved husband has done for me. Love it!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

If I Have The Power

If the power is in my hands
I will stop the blast and make the war end
Alas the torture halt and punish the villains
Ban all the massacres from now and then

If the power is in my hands
I will give back the home the Palestinians deserve
Let them live in the country they love
No fear no worry nothing ticking their nerve

If the power is in my hands
I will salvage the innocent children
Let them jest in laughter with friends
Construct a rainbow for them to contend

If the power is in my hands
I will shield Gaza and the Palestinians
Blast and bomb the wrathful perpetrators
Surrender their rights in the manner they love

If the power is in my hands
I will ensure the world peace and justice
Lift up the spirits for everyone's rejoice
Never let the war ever persists

Monday, January 5, 2009

Back To School - Prelude and The Very Day

It has been such a busy day for all of us at home. The prelude to Back To School began since 1st January 2009. Alim, the 5th Ace is going to Standard 1 this year. So we decided to give him some moral booster. He has been sleeping in my room in this little corner of his since birth. Alim has indicated that he felt shy sharing the room with Mama and Baba. Because Standard 1 is a sign of being one of the big boys already, we decided to do up his corner in the brother, Ali's room. With this decision, surely there was a lot of rearrangement of things to do, which involved the girls' room, the boys' room and also the store room.

The mess from the store room
It did not stop at the re-arrangement only because beloved husband decided to paint the room too.

There it was, New Year day was spring cleaning the store room. Saturday was spring cleaning, painting and rearranging the girls' room and Sunday was same chores for the boys' room. The 5 Aces plus beloved hubby painted the rooms themselves. I just watched and gave instructions. It did not complete until Sunday night.

In between, there were other distractions, pleasant and unpleasant.

First distraction : On Saturday was Alim's orientation day at school. Blame it on the rain because we woke up late that day. Alim was supposed to be at the school at 7.40 am and everyone in the house woke up at 7.30 am! Apalagi, ribut!

The rain had also its blessings because almost everyone was late to school and the itinerary was delayed. I have not forgotten the day I sent Alina for her Standard 1, but surely there was not any diagnostic test. Yup, Alim sat for a two hour test. Apparently the test was important for streaming. Hai, belum apa apa dah pressure! I think Alim did pretty well, at least for the colouring part because the colouring was extremely beautiful for someone who is just starting his Standard 1. Siap ada colour tones lagi.

Second distraction : My mother came to pay us a visit after she visited Kay. I felt bad because the house was in a mess. Luckily she was only staying for one night. She was contented as long as she got Bibik to do body massage for her that night. Still, we had to play a good host.

Third distraction : Anniversary for parents-in-law celebration at seafood restaurant at TTDI. Being a good daughter in law, I ordered cupcakes for their Anniversary. On my way to pick the cupcakes up, a fourth distraction occured.

Fourth distraction : I met with an accident. I was at the interior road near the KLCC mosque going towards Zone Regency when this motorist collided me head on. I could see him not looking in front. His head was turning to his left towards KLCC park when Oh No, I saw him coming and in my heart I was saying please please let him realised that I am right in front. Oh No.... Here here comes BANGGGGG! His motorbike crashed into my two year old Honda Civic. Aiyoh!!!
"Adik, saya nampak Adik tak tengok kat depan. Apasal? Tak tahu bawak motorsikal ke?"
"Alamak Kak.... Sorry. Alah... saya dah langgar Akak pulak. Laaa... Sorry kak. Eh, Akak tak nampak ke Mat Salleh tengah jogging kat park tu, punyalah sexy!"
OMG, he bumped into me just because he was ogling over some flesh?
Habis bakul ayam and telor terbalik onto the road. He is this chicken delivery man from the market. He had this big basket kat belakang motorsikal. My car was damaged at the front. His tyre burst.

To my annoyance, had to spend the whole morning at Balai Polis Traffic Jalan Tun HS Lee formerly known as Jalan Bandar. Parents in law were a bit upset because we were late for the celebration lunch.

Fifth distraction : When we came home, Alina was checking on her preparation for 1st day of school. She realised that her old kain sekolah uniform Pusat Sumber was too small. Haiyo... thot we settle all the uniform once and for all but tidakkkkkk... ada yang tertinggal. Without much choice, we had to go to Pekan Sg Besi to get this brown airline kain. For the record the shops at Pekan Sg Besi are the place where you can find school things from A to Z. Believe me, right from school uniform, school bags, tudong, prefect's uniform, black or white hair clips, handkerchief and you name it, everything is there.

End of distraction.

Finally by 8 pm on Sunday, the girls' and the boys' rooms were ready. Yay! Very conducive to lepaks and study, I like it this way. Mama and Baba will have peaceful nights in their room from now onwards.

We made sure that all were set to be back to school. When all were ready, beloved husband and myself went out for a session of kopitiam with Madam Tai Tai and MrS who just arrived from Turkey that morning. Thanks dear for the lovely pearls. It was good to see her again and MrS. Beloved hubby equally enjoyed the company at Old White Town Coffee. It has been a while since all of us went out together.


Today, all the 5 Aces went to school. We went three times to check on Alim. First sent him to school, second recess time and thirdly go home time. It was so kelam kelibut, to name a few the arrangement of the van, berebut seats and queuing for recess. Alim was exhausted by 7 pm after attending two school sessions, morning was sekolah agama and afternoon was sekolah kebangsaan. This busy routine for all 7 of us will continue for the rest of the year. Good luck to all of us. Hope it will be an enjoyable one.

Alim at Sek Agama & Sek Kebangsaan

Saturday, January 3, 2009

10 Best Things We Did @ Phuket

More than two weeks have passed since our vacation in the Land of Smiles. Some of you may know that we went to Phuket on 17th Dec 2008. I wanted to write the post on it earlier but there were so many events occurred along the way which doesn't warrant writing about Phuket a priority.

I planned the vacation since June 2008. Had to tighten my belt to go for this one. When we checked the MAS and Air Asia flight fares, the difference between the two airlines was not that much, thanks to Everyday Low Fares promotion by MAS. So we decided to go on MAS. No need to worry about excess baggage and seats. Comfortable flying!

As for accommodation, we opted to stay closer by the beach so that there would not be so much hassle to walk to Patong when the children want to go for a swim. It was a good choice to choose Impiana. Had to really pay through my nose for this one, moreover we had to take two rooms cos there were 7 of us. To make things worse it was the peak period i.e. the time when Xmas was near. No regrets cos we enjoyed every minute at Impiana and the beach so very much. Anything asalkan the kids happy. I am listing down here the best things we did in Phuket.

Top on the List
Of course it goes to lazing by the Patong beach. We simply love it. Dah lah about 30 metres away from our room, bila terasa nak pergi beach, off we went without any hassle and hesitation. You can just do anything. We lazed, did sand castle, sat on the lazy chair whilst reading a novel and watched the beach bummers. Swimming in the sea will only be belah petang cos me being a typical puteri lilin, I will only swim after 5 pm when the sun was slowly going down. Hehehe, lama tau nak recover from the sun burn. Itu pun the Aces siap nak guna sun block even at 5 pm. Huh... that must have been inherited from the mother. Other times, I just swam sekali sekala in the hotel pool.

#2 on the List
It is staying at Impiana Phuket Cabana. Not because we telah melakukan banyak damage because of the rates that we had to pay (nasib baik we got 20% discount because of my ehem ehem employment position in the company back home), it was also because of the beautiful hotel. This hotel was a total wreck and loss during Tsunami but had been rebuilt. The GM is Khun Gerard Sta Maria who hailed from Ipoh Mali. I will always remember the warm welcome offered by him. He was super kind to upgrade us to family suite. Yay!

#3 on the List
The Island Safari elephant ride was really something. The Land Rover picked us up at the hotel and it was 30 minutes drive to the Island Safari. Since there were 7 of us, Aliah and Ayna rode one elephant, Alina, Alim and beloved hubby went on another and I shared one with Ali. The ride around the so called safari took about 45 minutes. So begini rasanya zaman dulu dulu transporting on an elephant. Boleh tahan sakit pinggang. No seat belts, be it front or rear. I realized that the elephants suka makan then poo poo. Yucks! Later, we were entertained by the baby elephant show. Guess what, beloved hubby sempat di massage oleh Miss Elephant. Ouucchhh!

# 4 on the List
The family just love tomyam. So eating tomyam in Phuket would really be something we did not want to miss. However it was not easy to find a halal restaurant. Thank you to Khun Gerard who introduced us to Kusuma, a Malaysia-Thai restaurant which was just about 15 minutes walk from the hotel. I tell you.... tak pernah lah rasa Thai cooking sesedap Kusuma be it in Siam or in Malaysia. A must place to go. 5 bintang*****! The price was reasonable. The 7 of us had nasi with big bowl of tomyam, butter prawns, steam ikan jenahak, kailan ikan masin, 7 types of drinks ranging from ice lemon tea, air kelapa, coke, watermelon juice, with dessert, costed us about RM 120. OK kan! All licin.

Sebab our fund was mostly utilised for accommodation and air fare, we had to eat out once a day. The buffet breakfast was provided by the hotel. Lunch was nasi with rendang, serunding, telur rebus, tempoyak and timun which we brought from home. This one moi yang masak and siap bawak rice pot lagi. So no wonder dinner at Kusuma was out of this world! Alina is still mesmerising about our dinner at Kusuma and as I write, she asked us when will be the next time we go to Phuket : )

#5 on the List
What can I say more... it has to be the snorkeling and island hopping. There were so much activities in a day. We went passed the beach near Maya Bay where they had the movie "Beach" which Leonardo Caprio acted in, then snorkeling at Loh Samah Bay, later to Monkey Beach feeding the monkeys. Passed the Viking Cove, then went swimming at Maya Bay and later to Phi Phi Don island which was also destroyed masa Tsunami and rebuilt. We had lunch at Phi Phi and window shop sikit, yang actually tak de apa apa sangat on this island. Finally we went to Khai Nai island where tak payah snorkel, just stood in the sea and the fishes will swim by. The fish ate bread, biscuit, banana, watermelon and also pineapple, hahaha... was trying my luck with the fruits, but they ate it. If sua jari pun they will eat I think. Hungry fishes, rupa je kecik.

# 6 on the List
Phuket Fantasea performance showed the life of the typical and colourful Siamese villagers. Ada tangkap ikan, tanam padi, main hujan, gaduh gaduh sikit, ngorat ngorat sikit and end up with happily ever after. The elephants can dance, the goats can run straight and the chicken do not stray away. There were also shows outside. Tried our luck in main tikam tikam ni, but tak de yang menang. If anyone was thinking to take the dinner under the package, lupakan saja. Not worth it. We took the dinner when we went there in 2003, but found it merugikan. This time round we had our dinner siap siap and in full stomach, everything was enjoyable.

# 7 on the List
Riding on the Tuk Tuk is number 7. We were lucky on the first night when we bumped into Muhammad at Patong who owns a Tuk Tuk. Because we had the little ones, the ride on the Tuk Tuk came in handy to anywhere in Patong town or outside. Muhammad at times gave us a free ride to go from one point to the other in Patong in his Tuk Tuk. The normal Tuk Tuk drivers would slapped us with 200 Baht one way, even though it was just 500 metres journey.

It was a different experience riding on the Tuk Tuk. Perhaps because it was an open air transport with no seat belts to worry. The Tuk Tuk ride were not only limited to Patong town, but it had stretched to the tour on the island like going to Karon Beach, Surin Beach, the shooting club, the cashew nuts factory and also the Bling Bling factory, Wang Talla, (Ooooppss, another damage was done).

#8 on the List
We introduced the kids to shooting and they enjoyed it very much. As expected, my 2nd Ace who has always been good at sports scored the most. Ayna scored 87%, Aliah scored 71% whilst Ali scored 65%. Not bad eh for a first timer. Now everyone has the Shooting Club teeshirt. A memory to bring back home.

#9 on the List
Shopping at Patong and walking along Soi Bangla. Patong is where you can bargain like crazy. But you MUST know how to bargain. We recce first and when we more or less knew what was the dead drop price, on the last day, we bargained like hell. Itu pun masih rasa the price could have gone lower. Things we got were mostly jersey and teeshirt, but ada jugak Le Sports Sac copy.

Soi Bangla is the X rated spot. With the underaged children around, lalu je lah. Ali had a good observation to Soi Bangla, "Mama, yang itu pondan kan?" Actually that was true, I saw many pondans this time round along Soi Bangla.

# 10 on the List
Apa lagi if it is not the Thai massage. We had the Thai massage almost everyday and at least must have one is the foot massage. Hmmm.... sedap nya di urut. One whole body was just 250 Baht. On the last day I had it twice, one in the morning and one at night. Aliah pun tried sama and it was to our great satisfaction.

Whilst we had the massage, Alina had her hair pleated. Sweet kan!

Where will our next holiday destination be? Hmmm... tak tahu but for now, the children kept on talking about Phuket. It is just wonderful to see them happy.