Sunday, May 31, 2009

Dream Holiday

The school holidays are back. I notice that some of the makcik bloggers are already geared up to spend some time with the family this school holidays. Have fun and enjoy quality time with the family.

We usually don’t have any specific plan during mid term break. If we decide to go somewhere and if there is still comfortable accommodation available which we can stay for a couple of nights, we could consider. The grand holiday most of the times is planned during the end of the year. Just like what happened last year when we spent our time at Phuket or the year before at Langkawi.

During the frugal times like this, I shudder thinking of where to bring the children. This year the company has indicated that there may not be bonus and even if there is, it will just be nominal. Similarly we have to expect no increment for the year. The management is taking the position that we have to be hypersensitive to the economic situation. Malaysia is already in recession so what else to do but be thrifty. I am sure the company has a lot of reserves to pay us, a six months equivalent of merit is not even a dent in the cashflow. However we have to be touchy feely with the situation now and must be seen as giving back to the society. The dividend that we pay to the Government this year is expected to be all time high. We must spur the economy for the nation, Let them have money to spend so that the economy is generated. That is 101 Economy. I learnt this fundamental during the matriculation days.

I still wonder whether it is just me who feel the pinch or it is everyone. My guess on the latter was completely wrong.

I was having teh tarik with beloved husband yesterday at the kedai mamak nearby. Obviously beloved husband, being the YDP of PIBG would attract many people's attention and some dropped by at our table and said hi or discuss news (or issues) about the school. From far I saw my friend R** with the whole family. R**, husband and her four children must have had an early dinner because it was only almost 6 pm. I mentioned about R** to beloved husband and he seemingly could not recall who R** was. So I explained, “Alah office mate I lah… yang at times I tumpang pergi kerja tu. Mother Ai***. Aliah’s friend.”

“Oh… yang Sek Men Sains Teluk Intan dulu tu…” he recalled.

“Ye lah… make sure you cakap dengan dia when she comes to this table.”

I pun dah signaled to R** when our eyes met from afar.

Betul pun… Later R** came to our table with her son, Ai***. We talked about the school and other things.

Before she left us I asked her “ Tak pergi mana ke cuti ni?”

R** responded hesitantly “Actually we are going for holiday in Paris then London. Flight malam ni pukul 11.30 pm.”

I stared in awe and said. “ Memang truly holiday lah ke bukan work plus holiday?”

Cheh.. why did I ask her that question? Macam tak percaya that someone can go holiday to Paris and London one whole family. I hope I did not insinuate her.

“Yes”, R** said.

“Oh ok, have fun and enjoy yourself. Best nya!” I am happy to the bits for her.

Beloved husband too was in total disbelief. I know we should not have felt that way. In fact we should be proud to have a friend who has achieved what they probably dreamt of. They must have worked very hard and succeeded to save for a luxurious holiday in Paris and London. Wow! That is the ultimate dream of every family. In fact I said the same to beloved husband. We should aim to be like R** and the husband. I know that the husband is not working with any airline which entitled them to go for a big bang holiday annually. Or a big time corporate figure or top management who enjoys the privilege of holidaying at the places they can choose. R** and husband are just like me and beloved hubby who save to make the children happy.

When I came home, I quickly told Aliah and Ayna of my recent discovery. Aliah chipped in saying that the night before, she was YM-ing with Ai*** and he didn’t say a single word about going to Paris and London for the holidays. Ahhh… modestnya budak tu.

I did not have the heart to tell R** that I am going for holidays with the children when she asked me. It is nothing comparable to meeting the Queen or climbing Eiffel Tower. Ours will be cuti cuti Malaysia and it will be in Sg Petani. Itu pun bukan exactly cuti. We plan to go off for four days, of which one of those days I have to work in Gurun. So it is work plus leisure.

Last night after dinner, when I was sitting on the bench outside the house with beloved husband whilst looking at the stars, I told him that we should pull all resources to save and aspire that one fine day, we will go to at least London with the Aces. My mind lingered upon us one family having dinner on the boat cruise on the Thames River and able to gaze at the same stars, and this time in London.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Another Busy Week

Yay! The streamyx is fixed. I have been away from the blogosphere for some days now and I blame it on the non functional streamyx. What a relief that the connection is back to regular. The streamyx is not the only problem. I have been busy and away. I was in Segamat for some events and driving alone to and fro was really an arduous task. I hate it most when I have to overtake the trucks and lorries. Everytime I tailgate the truck, I hoped and hoped the driver will be hungry and pull over to have a hearty meal so that his action can ease my journey.

During my absence, I managed to bruise a few people's hearts. I bruised beloved husband's for some "unreasonable" things I said to him. I was playing the role of a foresighted wife and I think I ought to be saying those "murderous" words. So please don't be mad at me, dahling. In fact I think you should love me more for being me!

I also bruised my MIL's because I did not wish her Happy Birthday. I was in Segamat ok and thinking of birthdays will be the last thing to do. Beloved hubby's family is the family which take birthdays seriously. They never miss sending cards neither will they miss delivering exotic flowers. So, very sorry Mama. Anyway, I was sick worried on how things were progressing at work. The office activated the emergency management team. It was no fire, bomb blast or gas leakage but more on managing reputation. Thank God it was handled very well. Kudos to the commando in chief.

I was busy too doing some errands for Emak for her departure to perform umrah with Kay and Farah. Changed some Riyals to give them. Made sure I spent some time with Emak before she left. Her usual routine, she will leave all the pesanan and repeat the nasihat and wasiat. Also to the extent that I was given a blank cheque in case something happen to her. Now that Kay is gone to accompany Emak, I felt the pressure of becoming the eldest to guard the fort. I hope things are going well for them. It would better be because Kay seems to be taking it easy, with the daily sms to update and she even had the time to blog from her blackberry. When beloved hubby knew about this, he commented, "Cukup cukup lah tu. Tinggal kan lah keduniaan tu sekejap." Hmmm..., is that my beloved husband talking? Alhamdulillah...

Likewise, I have been busy hunting for Manchester United tickets plus the training passes when they come to KL on 18th July. Went to N*ke KL** , they have the tickets but not the passes. So had to go to Sun**y to hunt for them. They have the tickets and training passes but had to collect them the next day. All done now and Ayna and Ali are happy with the upcoming event.

Last but not least, we had loads of fun at our Family Day at Sun**y Lag**n. Percaya tak? That was my first time there. It was worth it. I love the Theme Park as well as the Amusement Park. Wanted to go to the Extreme Park and the Scream Park, but let's save that for another time.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Aliah is Sixteen

It is Aliah’s birthday today. Happy birthday Aliah. Obviously we (the family and Aliah's Tok Ki) had gone down south to Muar to visit her. Initially I was not able to make it. There was supposed to be a farewell golf for one of the directors today. Boss wanted me to attend the lunch after golf. It was a real fuss for me to attend because other than not playing golf, it was like working on a Sunday and I will then have to miss Aliah’s birthday. God answered my prayers when the particular director called in last Friday to request for a cancellation since he is yet to recover from his back injury.

Anyways we celebrated Aliah’s birthday at Pizza Hut. Jangan marah, Muar pun ada Pizza Hut tau. This time round MP3 is the birthday gift for her. Thought of getting her an i-Pod but that would be at the risk of being confiscated by the school. Only music tools no videos. The one which she was using was out of order. It was mine actually, the first ever MP3 which I bought at Mustaffa. It was very easy for us to choose her the birthday present since the one she had was already spoilt.

Time sure flies very fast. It has been 16 years already since I first was wheeled into the labour room. Having Aliah as my first born experience, it was not that smooth sailing for me after her birth because Aliah was the baby who loved to cry. In fact she was crying for the whole first 100 days. I also remember Farah her cousin, Kay's daughter arrived two weeks later and Farah joined her constant crying. There were some nights at Emak's house at midnight when both Kay and me had sleepless nights not knowing what to do when these two babies cried.

Lucky for me after that it was not that difficult to take care of her. Possibly because Ayna came 13 months later. Tak sempat nak manja for long, already our love focussed on her had to be shared with a baby sister. Aliah is independent, responsible and hard working girl. Temperamental but manageable. She was the apple of the eye of my late Abah. As a matter of fact she still displays Abah's photo on her study table.

On a separate note, Aliah appeared to be a lot happier than the last time we spoke. Maybe the news that one of her seniors in Form Five has received an offer to further studies in Russia has made her re-think of the possibility of quitting boarding school.

To Aliah, Happy Birthday Sweet 16 dear. May you be blessed with lots of happiness and rezq. We love you very much and you can tell that from the birthday wish written by Alim at the very back page of his birthday card to you.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Rain and Shine

I love it when it rains. So when it started to rain heavily last night, I think it was about almost 4 am, I rejoiced. I switched off the air condition and let the windows in my bedroom wide open. Hmmm, the solat hajat by PAS to make sure Nizar gets his MB seat may have added the request for the rain too. Alhamdulillah. When it rains, it is good to say a prayer. The Muslims believe that one of the waktu afdal for berdoa is bila hujan turun.

With the wind and the coolness of early morning, I can't resist but hug my little one, Alim who was enjoying himself under the duvet, peacefully and soundly asleep. He must be lethargic of the mother's rantings last night on how to construct and arrange the sentences for English exam and what are the senses for Science exam today.

It has been scorching hot since the past week. Even when the air condition was turned to the lowest, I could only feel the hot air blowing. Maybe it is high time to call the service man to have a look at it.

This morning I did't mind hitting the road early to make sure that I was not caught in the traffic jam. As usual, when it rains, there will be jam. When it is hot, people long for the rain. When it rains and consequently traffic jam, people complain. That is becoming second nature Nonetheless it was good to see the clear sky out there. From my room, I could see the visibility up to Sg Besi at the South side, or Batu Caves (at times Genting) at the East side and Masjid Kuala Lumpur at the North side. The view is breathtaking. It is even more breathtaking during rainy times i.e. when the rain is about to start. The view from one side of my room will be usually darkened, the other will still be clear and somewhere in between the rain drops have started to fall.

I am in good mood today plus productive. I complete my audit com minutes this morning and ready to sit for the pre-board meeting this evening. It must have been the last night's rain and today's sunshine making me chirpy and perky.

Monday, May 11, 2009

An Eventful Weekend

Some shocking events occurred the past few days. It was a good thing that I was not working on Friday. At least I didn't have to juggle through work stress and personal pressure.

Beloved husband called me on Thursday afternoon to inform me of a misadventure. A carelessness on his part plus some miscommunication had resulted in him having to undo a lot of things. For a moment, I was thinking that my weekend was doomed. He was obviously under a lot of stress that night and joked to me that even if I strip naked in front of him he would not have noticed it. Ah ah.... that was the degree of stress he was enduring.

On the same night I received this sms from an unrecognized person. The sms went like this.

Assalamualaikum, kami doa Allah teguhkan iman you all sekeluarga dan ampuni segala dosa atas dugaan ini. s***i and j**.

Stunned! I did not have any inkling who this couple was. I was planning to reply by calling or sms "Maaf, siapa ni?" but I had my own ego. This could be a person whom I have forgotten and here it was, they were texting me to pray for me. So what harm would it do to me right?

I replied the mail by saying Waalaikumsalam. Terima kasih. But ada yang tak kena ke?

The number replied Not at all.

Immediately after that Aliah called from Samura. She is coping well in the boarding school but she is not enjoying it. I have asked her to give it her best shot until the end of the semester. We will assess her performance through her exam results. You see, she likes the friends there, she tried enjoying herself there but she loathes the regimented schedule in Samura. According to her the students only study study and study besides actively participating in sports and co curriculum activities 24/7. She complained that she hardly have time on her own to relax.

I remember when I was in boarding school, it was almost the same experience but I enjoyed doing it. There was no turning back and all I wanted was to excel. I guess it is different for her. She may excel not in a regimented environment hence I have told the "beloved YDP" to prepare bringing her back if she slacks in her studies this semester. To me it is so sayang if she changes school as this is one of the best getaways for her to further her studies. So that particular night I was in huge stress. There it was, the two of us, husband and wife in dire stressful moments.

On Friday, I made my way to pull beloved husband from the rut and yay! I always did it in the most incredible away. All his problems were solved. As I was about to pamper myself at the salon that evening, whilst I was reversing my car to park, this old tin about to be written off Tiara came out of nowhere to my rear oblivious to my reversing and adjusting the car and BANG!!! I knocked him. Since this was my second time meeting with an accident in the last 6 months, I was really cool.

I scolded the Uncle, he scolded me back. He asked me to pay 50 bucks, I refused and scolded him some more. He insisted that I paid him 100 bucks and I was even more furious. At the end he told me off and again asked me to pay him 180 bucks. Actually kereta dia tak kemek pun. Dah memang nak write off. Lampu belakang pun dah nak terlondeh from the beginning and has got nothing to do with me hitting him. Some good Samaritans tried to help. Looked at my car and scolded the Uncle some more as to who is paying for my damage. My car is dented at the bumper. But you know lah mana ada bumper yang boleh ketuk aje. Have to change the whole thing. In the end it was resolved by two sulky faces agreeing to report the matter to the police (although that Uncle initially refused and said "Apasal lu mau kasi saya susah?")

I was about to step in the salon when beloved hubby called informing me that Opah has just passed away about 20 minutes before. Oh oh... that was the time when I hit that Uncle. What a coincidence. Lucky thing beloved hubby got me when I was just stepping into the salon. What if he got me when I was treating my hair. Otherwise that should have to wait for another hour before I could leave that place.

Had to settle making the police report first. Thank God the balai is just 10 minutes away from my house.

To cut the story short, we left the house at 9.30 pm and arrived at Bota at midnight. Actually aruah Opah was already critical two weeks ago. Beloved hubby and I had gone back to see her. She lost balance when she was walking out of the bathroom and fell. She broke her pelvic bone. The doctor couldn't do much at her age and advised that we take care of her at home. According to the aunties, she was not herself since two days before she died. Aruah lived an enriching life. She has eleven children of which three passed away earlier than her. Her husband died many many years ago at the age of 40 something which means she was a widow for a good 50 years and she single handedly took care of her children.

She was buried on Saturday, Being a dutiful grand cucu menantu, I just had to pay my last respects for her by mandikan aruah. I did it for both of my Uwans, and why not, I would like to do it for her.

Alhamdulillah all went well until the end. We arrived home last night. Today all of us slept almost the whole day, to overcome the aftermath of the mournful and eventful weekend.

I was fiddling with my phone just now and saw the text that strangers s***i and j** sent to me last Thursday. Hmmm... now I have the urge of asking them who they were and what made they send me the sms.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all mommies.

Aliah called me last night from Samura to wish me Happy Mother's Day. Alim gave me this beautiful card made by himself and Alina followed suit. Ayna and Ali had their share too in wishing me.

My mom is shopping in Bangkok at the moment. I texted her to wish Selamat Hari Ibu. She replied asking what colour of Thai silk do I wish to kirim. Women, they are all alike! I love you so very much Emak.

My mother-in-law is still in Bota accompanying and supporting my father-in-law who is in grief. Opah, another great mother passed away on Friday. She is 97, although I think she could be 100 something years old already.

Being a mother is one chapter in a book where you will never forget. Life changes when one becomes a mother. It changes for the better, you bet!

To all the mothers out there, you are beautiful in every way.

Happy Mommy's Day.

Emak & Ibu Mertua ku

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Back In The Doldrums

I realise "something" is missing. Inevitably, it has made me sad and flustered. I wish I am invisible.