Sunday, June 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Ayna

Almost sixteen years ago when I was ”late”, it was natural that I became worried. At that time, my first Ace Aliah was only about four months old.

I couldn’t be pregnant again, oh no, at least not yet! I was still breastfeeding Aliah and the doctor said it was unlikely that I could conceive whilst I was still breastfeeding. To allay the worry and to hasten my period, I took all the jamu I could get at the Kedai Maajun not to mention the many many pineapples that I could get from the fruit stall. One week has passed and it looked like what I was attempting to do was not working at all.

I didn’t want to be in suspense anymore and did a checkup with the doctor. Confirmed! I was pregnant with my no 2. Just barely four months after Aliah was born.

So there it was, about nine months later, my 2nd Ace was born to the world. Our pride and joy that was named Nashrah Ayna just couldn't wait to be part of the family as she was born about 10 days earlier. Unlike the first Ace, Aliah who had to terribly make the mama endure a painful labor, Ayna was born in a jiffy. I remember being wheeled to the labor room in haste. The nurses were making sure that I did not push yet in order to await the arrival of Dr Haris, the gynae. A couple of minutes later, there was a very strong gush and uuuwwweeeeekkkk.... I heard the baby cried and walla! There she was my little angel, Ayna.

Ayna was an easy baby to raise, infact it was just too easy that I don’t really remember the difficult moments we had with her. Of course she was so “lasak” that she actually rolled over the bed a couple of times and fell. Nope, no significant lump or whatever. I vividly recall that in her early five years she was such an obedient girl, almost all times listening to what the mama said. However came the sixth year, she turned out to be the girl with her own mind. We called it the second child syndrome.

Ayna was a little boyish. There was a time when she practically refused to wear any dresses or skirts, be it the hand downs from Aliah or new ones and resort to only tee shirt and jeans. Even when buying her jeans, I must make sure that it will not be too much embroideries otherwise it will just be a waste. She loathes pink or red and would only go for the somber colors like brown, blue or black. Once in her tender age of six, we were going to a gathering one day and she only wanted to wear tee-shirt and jeans. Ayna and I had a big fight. I threatened not to bring her to the do if she didn’t want to follow my instructions. At the end, she opted to stay with bibik just because she refused to wear the dress I wanted her to wear.

Her agility continues. Ayna is such an active girl. She started her active stardom by playing futsal, we even enrolled her in the SJ girls’ futsal training. She is a taekwondo black belt holder at the age of 12. She has won a few accolades on taekwondo. She is a netball player for her school. A debater, albeit a reserve, this is the attribute in her which potentially could follow her mama’s footsteps. Now a budding softball player and has been complaining to me that she is not playing volleyball as good as I am. She intends to take photography and bugged me with one DSLR for her birthday. Maybe not this birthday Ayna, try harder next time when you get good results in your PMR and we could consider.

Happy birthday sweet 15 Ayna. May you be blessed with lots of success, happiness and good health. We love you very much.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

This Is Really Work and Play

I came home this evening to an empty house. Beloved husband and the kids plus the maid have gone to my MIL's house for tahlil. I bet my MIL will be asking about me. I didn't purposely miss the tahlil. I didn't want them to wait for me as that didn't seem fair. The family at MIL's house would have already waited for them at 7 pm that is the time when I arrived home. There would be lots of things to do too, biasalah khenduri. It would be wise if I drive to parents in law's house in K*ta D*ma**ar* but I was feeling rather lethargic.

For a Saturday, waking up at 6.15 am today was early. In fact that was what I did today. I had to catch the van which picked us up at Resi***ce I** by 8 am. The van would transport us to go to Precinct 18, where we have our netball training since a couple of days ago.

I was never a netball player in school. I played volleyball and was chosen to be a school player eons ago. When I joined this organisation, I was chosen to play badminton and later volleyball representing the subsidiary. I managed to clinch second place in badminton and third place in volleyball. Not bad eh? In our organisation, this Sports Carnival is a big event. It usually lasted for a week. Back then there were like 10 teams consisting of various subsidiaries fighting with each other. Now after streamlining based on core business, it is down to 7 contingents. The games played during the carnival are futsal, volleyball, badminton, dragon boat (this is scrapped this year), basketball, bowling, tennis, squash, pingpong, carrom, dart and chess.

I stopped playing for the contingent for 7 years because I thought by the time I reached thirty something I would not have the stamina anymore to play. I was wrong. Last year I resumed but this time I am involved in netball, technically not playing, but I am the netball team manager.

When one used to play games, the urge to continue playing and having the sport spirit will never disappear. Hence, when I became the team manager for netball last year, although I was not listed as the 12 players, I was like one of them. I trained with the girls and surprisingly, I discovered that I could actually play this game. Last year, I trained with the girls whilst playing Centre at times whilst most times I played Wing Attack. On hindsight, I should have chosen netball to volleyball during my school days.

Our G** netball team immersed no 4 last year and that was the highest achievement thus far. It was even sweeter because it was my first time holding the team manager post.

This year, we lost a few star players after they reintroduced the volleyball girls team and futsal girls team. For the latter, I blame the movie and TV series Gol and Gincu for it. Habislah chance kami. Nonetheless, we got a mix of old and new blood this time round. I am also confident we will achieve better this year. I can't discount the fact that there could be a possibility that no 4 is the highest we could go because the no 1,2, and 3 as per the last year's results, have the national players in their team. But one can never know, dreams can happen.

We also hired a new coach. Wow, the first time I saw her, I was a bit worried. She doesn't look friendly at all. I fear for the players. True enough after my pep talk with them today, they were scared of her because she is so fierce and regimented too. One of the team players who couldn't get a good sleep last night was caught yawning during the warm up session and she was punished and had to jog one round. Team manager pun kena marah for eating the cavendish banana during break. Hallloooo, we are supposed to eat the banana after training is over, ok. My mistake, coach! I told my team mates, we have to utilise her no doubt and capitalise as much as we can because we are paying her a bomb. Having said that, I think coach is fun to be with and also has some sense of humour.

We trained twice a day. Starts at 8 am finishes at 11.30 am, then continues at 3 pm and ends at 6 pm. Usually I would go for the morning's training, go to office and if I can't make it for the afternoon one, I will attend the dinner and pep talk at Re****n* I** until 11 pm.

The Chef de Mission is one of my old friends. His expectation is high on us. I like him beacuse he is different than the previous years' CDM. I can see his commitment right from the start. He knows what to say and what not to say, although he could be seen as a brag at times, but who cares, he is the boss. I also like him particularly because he introduced me to everyone as "the Form 5 girl who you must take seriously because she is a lawyer".

Today's training is much better than the previous ones. The coach has acclimatised us with each other by making us play half court most times. I can see the motivation brewing, team spirit is up and the chemistry is starting to develop. Training will go on until Monday and the game carnival starts on Tuesday. Good luck to us.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

More Work and Travel

My secretary is new. I don't know how to familiarise and teach her because ever since she reported for duty I have been outstation. And here I am, in Kota Kinabalu again. Penat from Gurun outstation pun tak habis lagi.

Was working til midnite last night. Boss panggil meeting. Energy ada lagi maybe because had a bliss of Haagen Dazs ice cream on MH especially when the flight delayed for about half an hour. The fact that they served HD on Economy class, best! Three cheers for Idris Jalla. Katanya musim cuti sekolah je. The day before according to my friend they served BR.

Kerja kerja pun, I got to see my brother and his lovely 2 children, Najmi and Nadhirah. They dropped by at Le *eri*ien. Saw them just barely 30 mins to deliver some ole ole from Tanah Suci from Kay and Mak and hand down clothes from Alina. (Alina, Nadhirah suka sangat the clothes and she can't wait to go back and wear them)

Full day meeting today and site visit later in the day. Penat nya boleh tahan.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Memories @ Negeri Jelapang Padi

Our second day in Negeri Jelapang Padi was equally wonderful.

Susah nak cerita panjang panjang sebab too much things to do. Yesterday was working from 8.30 am til Maghrib hence last night was pretty exhausted but managed to drive to Sg Dua to savour the mee udang there.

We drove down to Alor Setar on the Sunday. Initially wanted to catch a glimpse of Pekan Rabu. As we exit AS (S) toll we saw one big sign board "Rumah Kediaman Mahathir bin Muhammad". It will be a good education for us if we stopped by I thought and so we did.

I am fascinated with Tun M. He is just an ordinary person yet he has achieved the greatest height. We were truly amazed with his life story; childhood and later, what he fought for, and his achievement.

It was a noble thing for Arkib Negara to have compiled everything and make his house (well actually the father's house) as a museum. That house was more than 100 years old ok. I love the dapur. It reminded me so much of late Uwan's dapur at Lubuk Gitan. They also had the Kilang Ais convert to tourist attraction, wow!

Later we went to Pekan Rabu. Thanks to Chemekzue for giving the directions. Tak adalah susah sangat. Boy, did we make lots of purchase. From beras pulut, to dodol, to sagun, to kuih goyang, to krim susu kambing, to CD Upin and Ipin and to Alim's songkok. There were a few interesting shops there. An hour plus there really made me sweat. Meleleh peluh just like in a sauna.

When we snacked kat bawah the Pekan Rabu tu, met some Bandar Kinrara neighbours who were at Pulau Langkawi in a rombongan. Meriah lah sekejap berborak tak henti henti.

At the end of day, as you all have read it, we dropped by at Lyana's big and beautiful house. Met Odin and Emil yang tersangat lah cute tu. Muka Odin is a xerox copy of Lyana's. Seronok dengar these two boys cakap bahasa Norway, English and Utara. Funny pun ada. Lyana has quite a handful there, no wonder she stopped thinking about having more kids. He he. I think Lyana must be like that when she was small. Non stop bercakap, so peramah. Warm and hospitable. No wonder lah orang jauh Pak Yusof boleh terpikat kat dia. Bukan senang noh jadi macam tu. I also found out that Lyana is the same batch as my sister Shamilah when she was studying in IIU. What a small world!

To Lyana, thanks so much for having us at your house. The next time we come, perhaps we can picnic kat paya lagoon depan rumah tu.

We are leaving today. The 5 Aces seem not to have enough of Alor Setar and SP. Alim wants me to extend another day here, but too bad… I am flying off to Kota Kinabalu tomorrow. Sigh. It has been a wonderful work and leisure. I may come again and maybe explore Perlis pulak, especially Gua Kelam. I only managed to reach up to Cuping yesterday, but the State of sugar cane and harum manis still amazes me.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Surprisingly Pleasant SP

When beloved hubby joked that we should leave to Sg Petani immediately after Suboh, I knew that as much as my head agreed, my heart was not able to concur because I pitied the children to get ready earlier than their school days preparation. This is holiday okay and enough of all the rush and stress.

At the end we took our own sweet time to get ready and everyone was in the car by 9 am. We took the trouble to bring down the curtains this morning so that bibik can do justice to them. At least she has something to occupy herself while we are gone.

We stopped for a short while at Restoran Jejantas Sg Buloh to pick the CD from my office mate. No***nn arrived 15 minutes later in his Ducatti to deliver the CD loaded with the presentation slides which I have to deliver on Monday. I can always count on No***nn when it comes to last minute logistics.

The journey to Sg Petani took about 5 hours. There were many cars from Sg Buloh until Gua Tempurung resulting in us having to halt a couple of times on the middle of the highway.

We stopped at R & R Sg Perak to have lunch. It was still early, which was about 12.30 pm. Thank God we arrived there early because people came in droves after that.

I will always try to avoid going for holiday during school holiday weekends as I loathe the long queue on the highway, at the R&R especially to get food and at the toilet. It can be very stressful. However being Malaysians, we consider that trivial. We enjoy doing the cuti cuti Malaysia. Nothing could worth more than the smile of the children when they know their parents are bringing them for holiday. Similarly for my Aces, when I told them I have work at Gurun this coming Monday and later at Sadao, they screamed in joy after realising that it will be another cuti cuti Malaysia at Sg Petani.

The prominent sign board at exit Sg Petani (S). The hotel was where tycoon Eric Chia had his last breath.

We reached Cin*a Sa**ng Gol** and C**ntry R*sort about 3 pm. We had a good tour of Sg Petani. I have been here twice, both for work.

We also checked out the water theme park Carnivall which the kids will enjoy on Monday with their father. The first three Aces chose to sleep when we arrived unlike the last two who pestered us to go to swimming pool.

When we were at the swimming pool, beloved hubby was greeted by his school mate R**al who happened to be one of the shareholders of this resort.

Sg Petani also brings memories to us. Beloved hubby was raised here during his younger days. He recalled, when he was 3 to 5 years old. He tried to locate the army camp which he once stayed but to no avail. My first time here was when I was preggie with Ali. I was doing my outstation work. I had to meet the ADOs at Butterworth and Alor Setar for our land purchases. I was introduced to this resort and chose to stay here at SP. The amazing thing about that trip was I was only travelling with Aliah and Ayna who were 3 and 2 years old then, with bibik Rajemah. I could drove my humble Proton Saga Aeroback four hundred kilometres in my condition from KL to Alor Setar. I don't think I could do that ever again. Hmmm... no wonder I became so tough.

We had dinner at the food court near HSBC which Desert Rose recommended. We didn't know which is the stall that serves good food and ended up having to endure tasteless ones. Tapi because perut dah lapar, no hal. Still habis.

Perhaps if time permits I may post the 2nd day activity at surprisingly pleasant Sg Petani. Also a wonderful surprise when one of the makcik bloggers called me to invite me to her house tomorrow. Yes, will try to get the pics with her too.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

At The Grrrreat Sale

I am in Singapore again. Will be working diligently tomorrow. Flown in with Aliah and Ayna this evening. Thanks to MH. They have Enrich redemption promotion. H1N1 doesn't seem to stop people from travelling. The flight to Spore just now was almost full.

Coincidently it is Great Singapore Sale. The two kakaks will be doing the shopping this time whilst the mommy will be busy at work. Alina "jebik" since yesterday because she is the only girl who is left behind. She is too small to pace with the sisters' shopping.

Sempat shop at Robinsons just now and my my my... I just love the service there. Can't help it but "terbeli" two nice blouses. I hope my meeting tomorrow finish late so that no more damage to be done. I know I have to spare some cash for the perfume at the Duty Free and maybe some nice Le Sports Sac to purchase.

Stop thinking of the bracelet you saw just now, TM. Work lah!

I Got This Mail Today

I received this email from a friend today (with little modifications).
It is really funny. It reminds me so much of me when I had only one Ace or 5 Aces then but without a domestic help. Semua nak buat and semua kena buat.

What do you think about it?

Mama and Baba sedang menonton TV
Kemudian Mama berkata,"...I letih lah..dah lewat ni, I nak tidor lah"
Mama pun pergi ke dapur hendak tutup tingkap dapur takut nanti masuk pulak lipas... leceh pulak nanti..
Ternampak rice cooker in the sink, yang direndam selepas dinner tadi
Mama pun basuh sekejap
Kemudian susun pinggan di atas rak

Wipe the kitchen top afterwards sebab terpercik kena sambal semasa masak tadi
Kemudian check hot water in the flask,
Takut habis, nanti malam baby nak menysusu
Tengok dalam flask, yup it is dried
Kena pulak jerang air...

Sementara tunggu air masak, saw the sugar container
Already empty
Kena salin sugar into the container
Dah alang-alang in the kitchen,
Check dulu bubur untuk baby
Oh ada, and elok lagi,
Boleh re-heat tomorrow morning

Saw the pot yang ditutup inside the fridge
Ishh. lauk bila ni?
Rasanya macam semalam...dah beku dah
Basuh lah sekejap

Kemudian pergi ke belakang
Masukkan baju kotor into the washing machine
Terasa penat dah ni, besok aje la basuh
Never mind just hang the kain lap je lah...

TIK... bunyi air dah masak
Salin pulak air dulu into the flask

Just remembered belum solat lagi...
On the way ke bilik, ternampak Baba still watching TV
Later saw baby’s bag untuk hantar to babysitter..

So check dulu ..
Baju dua pasang, towel...towel kecik untuk hingus, calamine lotion untuk sapu ruam and pampers empat keping
Alamak ! Terlupa pulak masukkan botol susu ke dalam beg nak bawa ke babysitter
Basuh botol susu lah dulu

Then ternampak brief case untuk pergi kerja
Hmmmm... Besok nak pakai beg polo warna brown lah,
Asyik-asyik pakai beg hitam ni aje

Transfer dahulu the things inside the brown bag
Then check all the six pockets,
Manalah tahu takut tertinggal apa-apa
Leceh pulak, selalunya barang yang tertinggal itu lah yang nak diguna nanti

Hishhh! Sempit pulak dah beg ni. Frust je
Rasanya kena beli beg baru
Now ni musim Sale, Isetan, Parkson or Sogo
Mana flyers tadi ek? Ha ni dia
OK, jot it down with yellow post it. Takut terlupa

Suddenly terdengar suara Baba "U buat apa lagi tu..
Tadi kata nak masuk tidor?!"

" Yelah, yelah nak tidor lah ni. Nak solat kejap”

Masuk bathroom, buat apa-apa yang patut
Cuci muka dulu
Brush teeth
Pakai toner
Put on treatment cream
Nak lawa and maintain punya pasal lah ni...
Nanti orang kata baru anak satu dah macam anak 4
Open the wardrobe, hmm..pakai baju merah ni lah besok...
Iron kejap
Check baju Baba
Baju Baba pun kena gosok jugak ni
So pergi bilik belakang and switch on the iron

La, kenapa komputer ni tak tutup
Gelas kopi pun ada lagi
Dah bersemut dah..
Isshhh ...masuk dapur again, basuh gelas

Sambung gosok baju
Gantung elok-elok
Kemaskan baju
Masukkan seluar Baba yang dah kotor dalam tempat kotor

Terdengar suara Baba lagi..."I dah ngantuk ni.."

Dalam pada nak masuk ke bilik
Oh No! My plant dah nak mati
Ha....lupa dah 3 hari tak siram
OK siram sekejap

Check the sliding door, huh sah tak kunci lagi
Goodness, grill pun tak kunci
Ni kalau tak check ni, senang-senang penyangak masuk merompak rumah
Switch on lampu luar

What a mess!
Mainan ni bersepah
Masukkan dalam bakul mainan
Oh No! Banyaknya...sampai ke bawah meja

OK dah boleh baring
Adoi sakitnya pinggang
Cium si comel ni kejap
Selimutkan dia
Lah kenapa basah ni?
Hmmm, have to change the pampers ni
Tak bagus la brand ni
Nanti tukar yang lain lah
Beli masa Sale
OK sayang, tidor k...
Kalau boleh jangan lah bangun tonite
Biar tidor sampai ke pagi

Good nite..sweet dreams...
Aaahh...sedapnya dapat baring.....
Where is the slimming lotion?

Sambil sapu slimming, set the alarm clock
Setkan program for tomorrow
Pagi 9.30 am ada meeting

Ahh...boring.. ...panas pulak lotion nih
Dah la...emm..sedapnya lelapkan mata
Ya Allah....terima kasih untuk rezekiMU hari ini
Mohon keberkatan dari mu Tuhan...

Baba pun tutup TV
"I dah mengantuk sangat ni. Nak tidor lah.
Cerita pun tak best malam ni. Bola pun takde..."
Selang seminit dengar suara Baba berkeruh...dah agak dah....

So? Apa yang peliknya....??

Anda tahu kenapa wanita hidup lebih lama?...
Itu yang tak boleh nak mati cepat tu...
So hargailah emak, isteri, dan kawan-kawan perempuan dengan lebih baik lagi...
Tak kira lah wanita berkerjaya atau surirumahtangga
Setiap wanita adalah istimewa dengan cara mereka sendiri

Kalau lelaki mengakui kebenaran ini, hormat dah hargailah mereka untuk keperibadian dan kebolehan mereka untuk berdikari.

Hahaha. Baru anak satu. Belum anak 5 macam I ni. Or macam the other makcik bloggers, SW, KG, DDI, Jabishah, Kak Ezza, Ummi, MHB, Ms Hart, Mimi, Ibu, Shana, Tearose, Lyana, Naz and the rest of us. Also not included in the itinerary blogging at night or midnight like you and me.

Of course I am counting my blessing because some of the chores are done by my domestic helper. I just instruct and supervise. But the bottom line is Women, we are everything!