Sunday, July 26, 2009

JB vs KK

I have been missing out on blogging. There is no special reason for it except it was all work work work. Have been working late on most weekdays. Weekends were spent on catching up with errands and other important things. The weekends just flew by without being noticed and can't wait for another weekend to appear again. This weekend was Alina's and Alim's sports day. Last weekend was beloved husband's secondary school Silver Jubilee celebration in JB.

Beloved husband spent his good 5 years in Kuala Kangsar about 25 - 30 years ago. He definitely cherished his memories in that Kolej just like how I cherished my treasured moments in JB. 2009 marked 25 years his batch left Kolej. Their batch decided to do a Silver Jubilee celebration in JB. Almost 50 of them turned out.Why JB and not Kuala? I wasn't sure myself until I attended the celebration. Apparently some of those yang di raikan are staying in JB, a few of the VIPs and organising commitee members are also from JB.

Beloved husband left for JB with K***k on Thursday. Both of them were the organising commitee members. I left with Mimi, K***k's wife and their kids on Saturday. Aliah was home that weekend and I needed to do some stuff for her, hence my late departure. We stopped at Machap for lunch. I must say Mimi's kids were such a lovely lot and well mannered. I don't think my kids would be as good as them in a 4 hour drive without any TV in the car or many stop overs.

It took us about 4 hours to reach JB. It was easy to find for M-S**te albeit I have not been to JB for long. I still noticed some old shops in JB town especially those along Jalan Segget where I used to shop for the Coop stuff. When we arrived in JB, beloved husband was still at the golf course. He played futsal that morning and golf later. Golf finished late and he only saw me about 7.30 pm. We had to rush getting ready for dinner on a cruise at Danga Bay.

Other than food for dinner, we had karaoke (My, my, my, these men can really sing! Kalah Mawi!), lucky draw, performance by traditional dance by a group of beautiful children and speeches. They had their ex-teacher who was one of the most fearful teachers, and two of their former head boys as the VIPs. I realised that these men were mantaining their macho-ness. All were so sombre looking, only cracked jokes which followed by macho laughter. I hardly see this kind of situation in my STF re-unions. It will be the ooohhhs, and the aaahhhs, and the jeritan batin and ketawa yang mengilai ngilai. I love those reunions and really miss them.

The ship re-berthed at Danga Bay about 1.30 am. Beloved husband sent me to the hotel at 2 am and he left to have teh tarik with the boys until the wee hours. Some of his friends actually arrived in JB that Saturday morning and shot back home after dinner. Wah... tahannya.

On Sunday, I had the chance of meeting my old friend Aida, who has settled down in JB for good. The last time I met her was masa last day in Form 5 lah. I lost touch with her and thanks to FB, which rekindled the friendship. She is now a successful business woman in JB. Indeed I am very proud to have a friend who is very enterprising.

Before bidding JB good bye, we dropped by to have a peek at STF my old school. Although some aspects may be different than 30 years ago, the memories still remain and linger.

On a separate note, I never imagined that I would marry someone who used to school in Kuala Kangsar. Basing on the exchanging of exam papers then, I thought I would be hooked with someone who was schooling in Seremban or Ipoh. He he...

JB vs Kuala Kangsar


Thursday, July 16, 2009

Fruits Fiesta Kecil Kecilan

Family gatherings are just wonderful, especially when there are food (and fruits) and children.

Last weekend my brother, Apit, appeared at Emak's home in a jeep full of durians, rambutans and manggis. Tak ada lah sebanyak mana. But it was enough for the whole family.

Apit was to fly back to Sabah that night. He attended the missionary assemble at KLIA that weekend. He insisted to bring the fruits plus durians he got from Sepang into the plane. We freaked out because we can imagine how the passengers on board will freak out too when the obnoxious aroma of durian linger in the plane. To make sure that the pregnant wife tak terkilan and dapat apa yang diidam, Emak made sure that the containers filled with durains were sealed tightly.

I think they must have arrived there safely beacuse there was no call to complain or to grudge from Apit since he left for KK. The wife should be thankful to Emak and us who were so kaypochee ensuring the fruits arrived at their KK home safely.

Meanwhile, the children, had a wonderful time playing cousin-ly. It was freesbie.

And due to the thing call creativity, freesbie can mean anything.

What was left after savouring and bungkus-ing..... just a few for Emak and those in Seremban.

To those of you out there enjoying the fruit season, jangan makan lebey lebey... sakit tekak and feverish can be mistaken to swine flu. : )

Sunday, July 12, 2009


Things to be repaired:-

1) Curtain railing which fell off when Bibik put up the newly washed curtains
2) The leaking sink outlet at the laundry area
3) The leaking tap at the laundry area
4) The leaking water filter
5) The not functional shower in the common bathroom
6) Kitchen light no 2 which blew up
7) Staircase light which blew up
8) The crusted wall paper which could be caused by the leaking bathroom
9) My minor dented car
10) TV no 4 which is out of order ...

and a minor few others.

Haiyo, stress, stress, stress!

I am also a victim of procrastination. I still can't figure out whether it is because I don't have time to fix it or cause it to be fixed or it is purely malas. For instance no 2, 3 and 4, they have been recurrent. One common denominator about it is Bibik mostly used it. Aha... like Emak said to me the other day,"Just be careful with the maid from Lombok. They are "kasar" !"

I don't blame the Bibik entirely. She must have thrown her anger and frustration into all these household items. Yelah at times, the 5 Aces can be too demanding and has gotten into her nerve, "Bibik, tak mau mee goreng, nak roti bakar" or "Bibik, kenapa kasut sekolah saya tak kering", or even "Bibik, ada nampak Kumon saya? Saya letak atas meja. Bibik letak kat mana lepas kemas?" OK, Bibik relax relax, I know you have done a good job in the house. Raya nanti I will give you a fat bonus and it will be very prominent in your bank account (yang now dah kena buka for each maid, otherwise permit kerja tidak bisa renew).

Coming back to the repair, me-repair nya stories, my arwah Abah will never tolerate un-repaired items in the house. If any of the lights blew up in the morning by lunch time it would be functional again. If there was any leaking pipes, he will D-I-Y himself or if it was beyond his competence and skill, Mr Ah Kow will come right away by one phone call. I know some husbands are like arwah Abah, Mine... hmmm.. tengok mood lah and see where the wind is blowing. I have concluded that procrastination is a disease, and I will try to avoid it in any way.

Women of today, like it or not we have to take charge (well, we are already taking charge on lots of things), even if we do not have the means or we do not possess the know-how. Because there are many D-I-Y shops around town, I plan to pay them a visit one of these days. Will there be someone there who could teach me how to operate the Power Tools or Black and Decker wall drill? Can he teach me how to use the spanner and bolt correctly? Is there like numbering in the bolts, or washer that could fix appropriately, just like my ring fits into my finger nicely because it is a number 6 or like the nozzles for baking, ada variety of numbers.

When I discover this new passion and who knows I may get hooked, perhaps I can start thinking of my retirement plan. Mr D-I-Y and Ace Hardware, here I come!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Shopping and Honeymoon

Thank you to those yang bertanya where I had gone during my leave. Also thank you to those yang had wished me a good break.

It was indeed a well deserved break. Beloved husband and I went to Jakarta for the weekend. When we made the online booking on MH in March, there was no fear of H1N1. In fact as of a week ago, Indonesia did not record any H1N1 case yet. Three days before we left, they reported one local case and the two cases which happened in Malaysia were from passengers who boarded the flights from Bali and Jakarta respectively.

We could not defer our flight because firstly on line booking does not enjoy the deferment status, secondly Indonesia does not qualify as the hotspot/affected H1N1 countries declared by WHO and thirdly there were no other days which I could take leave in the near future. After this, it will be endless meetings for me and tahu tahu aje, dah bulan puasa.

For the past four years, we always shopped raya clothings for the Aces in Bandung. Yelah I have 5. So belanja nya teramat lah besar. Indonesia is an appropriate place to shop especially to people like me yang tak mampu nak shop banyak banyak at places like MJ, Isetan or Parkson. Also to shop for the 5 Aces would require dedicated time. I hate shopping during Ramadhan and betul betul mencabar iman. It is no joke you know to find and shop for the Aces' raya clothings. From the baju kurung material to the shirts, blouses, teeshirts, sarongs and pants. Our shopping spree would be timed about a month before Ramadhan. I know Datuk Ng Yen Yen may not like our tradition, especially when Malaysia need the money to spur the economy and more so when she just officiated the Malaysia Mega Sale last weekend.

If Malaysia have FOs like what they have in Bandung, definitely I will throng the Malaysia FOs. Like some of you know, Bandung is famous for its FOs like Rumah Mode, Bale Anak, Anak Kecil, Stamp, Blossoms to name a few. These were the places we used to go. We enjoy finding rejects or over production of branded items like Next, Gap, Guess, Zara, Osh Kosh for much much reduced price at these places. Imagine buying a Guess jeans for RM30! Because we have frequented Bandung many times, we already have our normal supir, the usual accomodation to stay and even the favourite eating places.

This time round, ingat nak bertukar angin. We skipped Bandung and chose Jakarta instead. Shopping in Jakarta during my official trips were different than the shopping spree during vacation. This time round, there were no bosses to worry or provocative meetings to bug you or negotiations to wonder your mind. It was truly a relax time.

Other than shopping, it was also honeymoon for the ?th time for me and beloved husband. We could not figure out where to stay initially. Airline ticket was dead cheap thanks to MH. Somehow we managed to get cheaper than what AA offered. So it did not make sense if we splurge on accomodation. Check punya check coincidentally, I have been spending so much time in Jakarta for work and spending the nights in Gra** H**tt resulting in free three nights stay entitlement for me. Yippee! And that said it all. Honeymoon with beloved husband again.

Since the hotel bed was just too comfortable to sleep on, the shopping pretty much started late. When we should have been at the malls by 10 am i.e. masa mall buka, we always ended up an hour later than planned.

We didn't go anywhere adventurous. The first day was spent at Ambassador Mall and ITC Kuningan where we got almost all of the younger kids clothings. The second day was at Cempaka Mas and back at ITC Kuningan, third day at Tanah Abang and fourth day at Sarinah and again at Tanah Abang. It was typical shopping. Nothing spectacular. Searched for things, cari yang cocok and buy, all the same routine. Obviously I discovered that searching for the younger Aces' clothings in Bandung is much easier than in Jakarta.

Biasalah ibuk yang shopping and the bapak diligently follow. I know that was not beloved husband's most preferred time of life, but I was glad he contentedly and diligently followed. I guess he wished to be some where else in Jakarta. One of his friends from KL called and made a comment that he now knows two men who would bring their wives to Jakarta, one beloved husband and the other Dato Seri Najib! For us, when the shopping cart was full we headed back to hotel, santai sekejap. Nothing to worry or rush cos it was just the two of us, anyway it was meant for shopping and honeymoon kan. Wink wink **.

Actually the highlights of the trip were not really shopping. The first highlight; I visited my univ friend Li** at her house in Pa**bu***o. It was a place where everyone wish to have an address at. Li** has just adopted a sweet baby girl. HA was a month plus old when we saw her. She is such a lucky baby and to have that kind of home and love would be a dream come true for all Indonesian babies. Beloved hubby remarked that why adopt, why Li** tak get married je and have her own babies. Well, I am sure Li** has her own reasons.

See it for yourself from the pics below. They were the card and present for the guests during the arrival celebration for HA.

I also had the privilege of meeting Li**'s mom, sister and cousins. I have heard a lot about Tante and I tell you, she is such a warm and friendly person. She is from Solo and infact she just got back from Solo. She invited me to join her in Solo one of these days. Do you know the baju kebaya sulam sulam linen that I bought at Eu**orb** which I think is already cheap at 200K rupiah, is selling at 50K rupiah in Solo. So now you know where will my next shopping destination be.

On the final nite, we were treated by a new friend, Pak Ga*ot. Initially I thought beloved husband would not click with him. My instinct was wrong. They were non stop talking on matters ranging about politics, Indonesian culture and current issues! Pak Ga*ot treated us at Harum Manis which we truly enjoyed. I distinctly love the sate sapi and the coconut ice cream served there.

Last but not least on the final day, it was unbelievable. We paid a second visit to TA to get Alim's Ben 10 and Alina's Lesportsac school bags. We promised ourselves that we will only be there for setengah jam only sebab the next two hours dah kena depart for airport. Memang it took us half an hour to rush to Lantai 5, bought the bags and tried to hail a cab. Unfortunately, it was bla*dy jam both directions in front of TA. Sebab dah kepanikan, we have no choice but to walk to the hotel. We didn't know the way actually through the jalan tikus. But hantam sahaja lah Labu. Lucky thing the Kempin**i apartment was tall enough to be our landmark.

Alhamdulillah we managed to be at the airport earlier than expected. Indonesia will be going through the presidential election on Tuesday and we thought it would be machet, but nasib baik the traffic was not that bad that day. We all sempat lepak lepak kat the eateries at Bandara Soekarno Hatta,

Last nite when we arrived, the 4 Aces were eagerly waiting for the goodies. Sorry tak boleh pakai lagi. Must wait for raya. They understood. Alim and Alina lah paling best because they can already melaram with their new bags to school.

This morning when I woke up, I kinda miss the comfy King size bed in Gra** H**tt. Well, back to reality. Now have to start working extra hard to save money to be spent at Solo.

Friday, July 3, 2009

I Am On Leave, Yay!

Yahooo! After much awaited. After the long hard work. Finally I manage to go on leave. Was still not sure whether it will be a reality or not, even up to yesterday.

There was Ann Rprt to monitor. AGM pack to look at. Other work to review. Endless meetings to attend.So when I called it a day last nite, it was a great relief, altho I must say that I feel the deep regret for missing all the Dato Directors at a meeting in L**eri*en today.

Worry? A bit. With the H1N1, who wouldnt? Hope all will be OK. Adios.