Friday, August 21, 2009

Ramadhan Is Back

Ramadhan Kareeem....

I am reminded by the following Hadiths every time the arrival of Ramadhan, and am continuing to internalise them (emphasis is mine).

Dari Salman r.a. berkata bahawa Rasulullah s.a.w telah bersabda kepada kami pada hari terakhir dari bulan Syaaban.

"Wahai manusia! Telah datang kepada kamu satu bulan yang agung lagi diberkati. Satu bulan yang terdapat di dalamnya satu malam (Lailatul-Qadr) yang lebih baik daripada seribu bulan. Satu bulan yang Allah S.W.T telah menjadikan puasa pada siang harinya sebagai satu amalan fardhu dan berdiri pada malamnya (bertarawikh) sebagai satu amalan sunat. Sesiapa yang cuba menghampiri Allah padanya dengan mana-mana amalan sunat maka seumpama seorang yang telah menunaikan satu fardhu pada bulan-bulan yang lain dan sesiapa yang menunaikan satu fardhu di dalamnya adalah seumpama seseorang yang manunaikan 70 fardhu pada bulan-bulan lain.

Ia adalah bulan kesabaran dan ganjaran kesabaran adalah syurga. Ia adalah bulan simpati. Ianya bulan yang ditambahkan rezeki kepada orang-orang yang beriman. Sesiapa yang memberi seseorang yang berpuasa untuk berbuka, maka ia merupakan pengampunan untuk dosa-dosanya dan kelepasan dirinya dari neraka dan dia mendapat ganjaran puasa orang tersebut tanpa mengurangkan sedikitpun dari ganjarannya.

Sahabat-sahabat r.a. lalu berkata, Tidaklah setiap daripada kami mempunyai sesuatu untuk diberi kepada orang yang berpuasa untuk berbuka.

Maka Rasulullah s.a.w bersabda, Allah s.w.t memberikan pahala itu kepada sesiapa yang memberikan walaupun sebiji tamar atau seteguk air ataupun sesisip susu kepada orang yang berpuasa untuk berbuka.

Bulan Ramadhan adalah satu bulan yang pada bahagian awalnya rahmat, pertengahannya keampunan dan akhirnya kelepasan dari api neraka. Sesiapa yang meringankan beban hamba-hambanya (pekerja-pekerjanya) pada bulan itu maka dia akan diampunkan oleh Allah dan akan dilepaskan dari azab api neraka.

Perbanyakkanlah pada bulan ini empat perkara. Kamu meredhakan Tuhan kamu dengan dua perkara dan dua perkara lagi yang tidak boleh tidak kamu memerlukannya. Ada pun dua perkara yang kamu dapat meredhakan Tuhan kamu dengannya adalah penyaksian bahawa tiada Tuhan selain dari Allah s.w.t. (memperbanyakkan zikir 'La Ilaha Illallah') dan kamu memohon istighfar daripadaNya. Sementara dua perkara yang tidak boleh tidak kamu perlukannya ialah memohon syurga dari Allah dan meminta perlindungan dari api neraka.

Sesiapa yang memberi minuman kepada mana-mana orang yang berpuasa maka Allah S.W.T akan memberinya minum dari telagaku (pada hari kiamat), dengan sekali minum, dia tidak akan dahaga lagi sehingga dia masuk ke dalam syurga."

My wish of Selamat Berpuasa to everyone and moga mendapat Rahmat, Pengampunan dan diJauhkan daripada Api Neraka, insha Allah.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Merapu, and Crazy Too

People do wonders when they are stressful, and I am not spared. Work is the same. Every May, August, November and February in the year is the same peak period for me. Having to deal with idiosyncrasies of some characters is beginning to be like second nature to me.

19 years of working and subjected to stress. Wow! Imagine, if I saved RM1000 from my salary each year, I would have saved almost 20K by now. Associated with the work pressure, is it worth it? So when one is stressful, a lot of ideas would come to mind, you know what I mean....

That day I was immaculately dressed to rise up to the occasion. I know I can be too plainly dressed at times. Yelah just in case the people at S****ran ignored me possibly because I wore the wrong clothes.

When we reached KLCC, I coaxed beloved husband to check it out at H***b. It was there alright, perhaps a little bigger than what I was eyeing for. With the 45% discount, the final price was within budget. My tak-berapa-malu and blunt husband popped the question.

"Eh, why ye at S****ran this thing is a lot more expensive?"

Hallooo, Bang, boleh eh, tanya soalan macam tu to a competitor? Huh, nasib baik tak kena halau.

After the question was asked, the girl looked like half hearted only wanting to layan us. Before we left, courteously we told her that we would come back shortly because this fickle-minded couple needed more time to think. A politically right excuse.

Next stop, S****ran. Chewah, chewah, if we didn't look like the Datuk and Datin of the day, tak tahulah. The salesperson trusted our persona. The feel, the clarity, the cut and the sparkle at this place were very different. I just hope the lights didn't con us. There were a few choices and because this was not purchasing a toy, but more so like buying a Kancil, we took great detail in choosing it.

Another round of embarrassment by beloved hubby.

"By the way, can you tell us what is the difference between the ones sold in H***b and the ones here? Over in H***b offered 45% discount and it is a lot bigger. Here the most you can give is 15% and the size is half of the one in H***b."

Terus terus keluar a catalogue to explain the 4Cs; Carat, Color, Clarity and Cut. India lah, South Africa lah also Italy were mentioned. That was a long lecture, and by the way good education too.

I know I may be crazy. But put it this way, if I simpan duit kutu RM1000 a year, what damage can it be? A 19 years wait of duit kutu, got patience kah? No, not me! And what if because no patience of 19 years wait, but got some spare cash, would I DO it?

And the verdict is ....... Ha, ajak lah I datang rumah for raya open house nanti, and if there is a Kancil worn on me, iye lah tu. Alternatively, maybe no need to wait for raya since the purchase maybe worth a life time, pakai je lah everyday. Otherwise, if you don't see me distinguishably analogous with it, penat je lah berlakun jadi Datuk and Datin.

Monday, August 10, 2009

3 Get-Togethers in 2 Days, and Things I Learnt

Three wonderful get-togethers since Friday.

Friday lunch time, met MadamTaiTaiNoMore, Mimi and Superwoman for lunch. Just catching up from the last time we met. MrsN was supposed to join us but she had to decline at the eleventh hour due to personal commitments.

Despite the yak yak and exchanging ideas, I realised some take aways. I gather from the short lunch meet that we can adopt an orphan from an orphanage or adopt the whole orpahanage, without having to bring either one home. Just sponsor them with money or in-kind.

I have contributed a chunk of my pay to NS and Kelantan in the form of zakat. Why not to the orphans as an addition to the existing contribution, after all it is for a noble course.

Another get-together, same Friday after office.

Met up with R and L. We work in the same organisation but this organisation being huge, we hardly see each other. This get-together was also to update with the latest happening including goss. To R, I love your new LV handbag from Paris. Office traveling comes with a lot of sacrifices. Although we hate traveling so much, acquiring the LV handbag from Champs-Elyssees is indeed an inherent perk.

We talked lots of things and we wished Maghrib was ending at midnite...we just could not stop talking.

I realised from this meet that behind a man's success is the love and support of a wife. On the other hand, it is also the misdemeanor of a wife that can ruin a man's career, forever. Sad : (

The third meeting was on Saturday at lunch time. I met Datin S and gang for a belated wedding celebration. I have known S since the A Levels days in Sri Inai. She looked exactly the same like that time she joined this organisation (she left a couple of years later). The lunch was at the Islamic Museum of Arts in Jalan Perdana. My first time there and I found the place very impressive, and the restaurant cosy. Meeting new friends was something which I look forward to and the company was wonderful. I hope the other patrons didn't mind much of the laughter and noise we had created.

Anyway, there were some more lessons to learn that day too. Firstly, one may not find happiness initially but if you pasrah and keep on doa, happiness will come knocking at your door before you realize it. Challenges are asam garam hidup and one matures with challenges endured. Secondly, never estimate the aunties.... they can show their true power (and color too) in particular at khenduri kahwins. The aunties will always want to have their say, and if the opinion clashes, we just have to manage them in the best political manner.

Enjoy the pics.

Have a fantastic week ahead!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Mesmerized @ Lake Club

As Kay, beloved hubby and I arrived at Lake Club that Monday night, we weren’t sure what we will be encountering. Although that was not the first time we were meeting the makcik bloggers, the excitement this time round was different. I was informed that Kak Puteri would be having a do to celebrate Kak Teh’s and Awang Goneng’s homecoming. Kay was invited, and I suppose, since Kay and I are sisters, it may not be appropriate if the invitation was not extended to me. So kira I tumpang Kay punya popularity lah hehehe. We have never met Kak Teh nor Kak Puteri in person before, hence the meet was absolutely something that both Kay and I were looking forward to. Little that we knew, it was not just the four makcik bloggers and their spouses, or perhaps one or two more additional pair.

We made our way to the Chinese restaurant and as we stepped in, oh la la……. imagine how shocked we were! Are we at the right place? Should we be invited in the first place? Various illusions were crossing my minds. How to talk, how to mingle? These people are the big players in the bloggers’ community.

Anyway, we couldn’t run away because it will be like chickening out an opportune moment. So belasah je lah Labu!

From far, I could easily recognize Kak Teh. Wow, she looked just the same in the pics posted in entries in her blog. Whilst exchanging hugs, I noticed the warm and affectionate aura simmering all over her. Then it was Kak Puteri. My heart sank, oh no, she was bigger than I thought cos her pics seemed to make her appear like she was one petite gal, or was my eyes playing tricks on me. Habis lah, I got her the size M makcik blogger teeshirt. Kena pi tukar kat kedai! Extended my hugs to Kak Puteri too. Later I learnt the presence of the charming Pak Abu and Awang Goneng in the restaurant.

We shared the dinner table with some renowned bloggers; one of the loveliest couples Mamasita and Dato’ Sak, Raden Galoh and MH, Elviza who I first bumped at the parking lot, appearing as if she was lost, but at the same time like so terror with the place, and Cat-in-Sydney and husband.

Dinner was excellent, the way I imagined it to be. Cuma tak terimagine it was wholly sponsored by the wonderful Kak Puteri and Pak Abu, thank you thank you a zillion. Tak kering gusi listening to the jabbering of Elviza and Cat-in-Sydney, intertwined with the deep interest over Dato’ Sak’s views and lastly beloved hubby non-blogger’s attempt to exercise his PR skills.

I also introduced myself to NanaDJ, Ticha Ida, Anak si Hamid, Rocky, Nuraina A. Samad, Fatimah Abu Bakar and Dr Nor, Jaflam’s wife. I know Jaflam many years ago @ 46, we more or less shared the same office. It was comforting to see the familiar faces like Jaflam, Abang Sahak and Kak Aishah.

You may want to read about the fabulous event at Anak SiHamid, Elviza’s, Jaflam’s, Kak Puteri’s, Kay’s and Mamasita’s.

Dinner was followed by karaoke with the wannabe singers and songstresses. I love Kak Puteri’s nightangle voice, mesti choir dulu ni! The highlight of the show was the dance by the enthusiastic poco poco dancers led by Kak Aishah. Wish the night did not end.

All in all, I believe this would be a-once-in-a-life time experience for me, i.e. to be within the group of distinguished bloggers, more aptly put the journo bloggers. It was mesmerizing and memorable. Thanks again to Kak Puteri, Pak Abu, Kak Teh and Awang Goneng for letting me share this fantastic experience.

These are some pics which I would like to share... too bad my camera phone let me down that night sob sob sob...

L to R : MH, Raden Galoh, Elviza and Kay

L to R : Hubby, Cat-in-Sydney and spouse, Mamasita

The audience were well entertained
The nightangle, caya lah Kak Puteri...

The Cik Abangs

Dato' Sak and beloved hubby

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Of Nur kasih, La Dolce and Love Bubbles

Call me a soap queen? No, not really. I hardly have the time to watch TV. I know friends who love channels AFC, Travel and Living or E!. Unfortunately, I do not have the same luxury. By the time I come back from work, there are always chores to do. Cooking, sending the Aces to tuition, clearing the house mess etc etc. Itupun I will make appoint to watch Buletin, which at times would be watched in the Odyssey whilst sending the kids to their tuition centre.

However, due to the strong influence from the 5 Aces, I am now glued to some Malay TV dramas. After watching them a couple of times, I thought they are good. If some of you think otherwise, I guess it is still worth watching because it is pretty entertaining.

So, what have I been watching? Let's have a glimpse at them.

Firstly, Nur Kasih produced by Khabir Bhatia. It is aired on TV3 on Friday nights 9 to 10 pm.

It is about two brothers, Aidil and Adam, who are different in character. Then there is Nur Amina, Adam's first wife. Adam got married to Nur Amina untuk menjaga hati emak and ayah. Adam, who already had a girlfriend, Katrina, in Australia just had to follow with the father's wishes at the expense of Aidil who was already in love with Nur Amina. Their father chose Adam to marry Nur Amina because he knew that it was Nur Amina who would bring Adam to the right path.

Aiyoh, how can Nur Amina let Adam left her for 4 years, high and dry, where he had actually gone back to Australia to be with Katrina and later the 2nd wife (not to Nur Amina's knowledge)? If I were Nur Amina, dah lama I file the divorce papers. Even at that time when she was in IIU taking Architecture. Why wait for him when the heart was with Aidil? Frust frust frust! This week was the 10th episode where Adam repented and balik KL with Katrina. Nur Amina nak continue with her plan pun tak jadi. Kesian she, kesian Aidil. In the 11th episode, I believe, Nur Amina will still pretend to the parents that both she and Adam were never apart. Yang best tu, the ending at the 10th episode, Nur Amina wanted decision from Adam that they needed to tell the parents the truth. Adam said, his decision was, they will stop bluffing but to be real husband and wife. And you should see Nur Amina's face! An obvious BIG shock. Ish, ish ... if it were me, I dah tumbuk tumbuk si Adam tu.

Next is La Dolce Amira, produced by Shuhaimi Baba, aired every Tuesday night from 9 to 10 pm.

The story revolves around some teenagers and two families. The main family is Amira's and the other family is Bak's. Amira is played by Faezah Ilai. Despite the happiness that Amira enjoyed with her friends, she was disturbed with the father's unloyalty to her mom. She tried speaking about it to her brother Ariff or best friend Bak, still it was unsettled. Coincidently the father's girlfriend happened to be Amira's best friend's sister.

I like the friendship demonstrated by Bak and Amira, also Vee and Ariff. The family bonding between Bak and his mom is also something to watch out for. There are a lot of wittiness in this drama especially between Puan Yasmin (Kuza), Amira's mom and her children, and amongst the friends.

I stalled into Buih buih Cinta which potentially could be something that I will like.

The telefilm/drama starred by Nisda, Fauzi, Vanida and Rashidi however is aired every Monday nite between 7.30 to 8 pm, waktu Maghrib, sigh. Two friends; the boy loved someone else, the girl loved the boy instead. When the boy was on the way to bertunang with another girl whom he loved, he got a call that the fiancee-to-be met with an accident and died. 6 months later, the parents wanted the boy to marry the girl untuk mengubati luka di hati. The girl was overjoyed, but later found out that the boy may not love her after all. Sad sad!

Bukan nak promote TV3 but I do find that the dramas shown there are worth watching. So do you watch the Malay dramas too? Of course besides Spa Q!