Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Alina Is 11 yo

Najah Alina is 11 years old today.

No big bang for her cos Mama is busy.

But I managed to find time to shop with her at Pavilion last Sat for her birthday gift.

Had a small potong kek ceremony just now. No birthday celebration pics. Ayna tak down load lagi.

Beloved husband brought 4 of them to MIL's house for lunch today to celebrate. They are all contented, no doubt about it.

So kak Lyn, happy birthday dear. Be a good girl. Pray hard and study hard, jangan lupa tau.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

December Travel

I will be on travel mode again.

Tonite and tomorrow I will be in Sg Petani.

Then I will be off to Kota Kinabalu on Wednesday and Thursday and thank God I don't have to spend my hari raya haji there.

However I still have to fly again to KK next week.

There is plan for me to go Down Under but somehow I am not sure how to squeeze in the trip in between Singapore, Kuantan, Kertih and Segamat on the second and third week of Dec!

The added predicament to the travel this time round is that there is voluminous of work in the office. Sigh.

It is also school holidays now and in short trips like these, I don't like to travel with the 5 Aces. Double sigh.

My only hope is that some of the meetings will be canceled or postponed to next year.

Happy holidays everyone and enjoy your time with the family.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Don't Panic, This Is Just A Drill

I knew something was "amiss" when I saw the Kembara with the label Bomba Dan Penyelamat parked at the basement parking at 7.30 am.

"This must be related to the emergency drill exercise", I thought. The building management planned to do an earthquake evacuation exercise after the Padang Quake. I wish I could just sit and wait at one of the eateries downstairs when the alarm buzzed, but too bad, I have to chair a meeting that morning.

To my disgust, the 3 floor safety managers were all not available; one went for haj, one was on MC and one was undergoing training. I had to prepare myself to take over commandship for the floor since I have a full department to take care of in case of emergency. So I told my staff that if the drill really happens, I self appoint myself as the floor safety manager.

True enough at about 9.45 am, the alarm went off. I guess everyone had expected the "soalan bocor" to happen this week. It will not happen on a Friday because of the short time in the morning due to Friday prayers and that leaves just Wednesday and Thursday. As the announcement to evacuate the building was made with the intermittent siren wailing, everyone was calm and made their way to the nearest staircase. I swept the floor right away to see whether there was anyone left before I took the stairs, ushered one pregnant lady to the special lift and after seeing her safe, I quickly went down.

There I was having to walk from 55th floor to 42nd floor. It was quite orderly. When I went into the staircase, there were already many staff in the passage down and guess what? The occupants on 70th floor has already reached 55th floor. Oiii! Marathon turun tangga ke apa?

It was quite a smooth thing for me to go down to 42nd floor maybe because I was chatting away with a friend and treating it as exercise and fun. It was just like my morning jogging every weekend, sweat and sweat. Thank God I could take the lift down later. Some people had to walk 42 floors down because the lift lobby area was already packed and not to make the jam worse, they were forced to walk down another 42 floors!

As we reached ground zero, we made our way to the park. It was sunny and there we were, bersantai di tengah padang and di tengah panas. Not much hiccups. All was in order. My congrats to all people involved in the drill to make the exercise painless for us.

When all was over, on my way back to the office, sempat singgah minum teh tarik and makan nasi lemak. Obviously the carbo disappeared when descending the 13 flight of stairs and standing in the hot sun have been recovered.

So bila lagi the next drill cos I don't mind having the good company of the teh tarik and nasi lemak again.

Monday, November 16, 2009

A Contradiction

Betul kata orang. Seorang ibu boleh menjaga anak yang ramai, tetapi tak semestinya sepuluh orang anak boleh menjaga ibu seorang.

What I am going to pen has got nothing to do with mother's day or a tribute to my mother.

An observation : I find that some of us take our mother or by far and large our parents for granted, betul tak? I know some who tak ada duit pun minta pinjam from emak or abah. Want to buy a car, nak beli rumah, if the money is just not enough, who do we look for? .... Our parents. I put my hats off to the people who could stand on their own feet and never ever trouble their parents.

On this point, it takes me down to memory lane. I don't recall how uwan and atuk were earning their living. They have the kebun getah and the sawah padi, and I also remember there was mesin gelek getah, tong isi susu getah, mesin kisar padi and kepok.

They earned tirelessly and supported their children without a single qualm. Ada yang masuk university, pergi overseas and later become a Tan Sri or a Dato', but there are also those yang jadi cikgu or become cc (chief clerk). With the tulang empat kerat, their children were well fed. Tak kira lah makan ubi kayu or makan ikan sembilang.

On the same breath, as far as I could recall, tak de pun my emak or abah ever pernah minta duit from uwan and atuk. The most emak and abah could minta from them is to cook for them their favourite dish, otherwise rasanya pantang tok nenek meminta minta. It will be the end of the world to ever ask money from uwan and atuk.

The nostalgia which is glued to my memory resulted in me never thought of asking anything from my parents (well maybe one, just wondering why I didn't get the duit hantaran kahwin and later I realised it was for the expenses mak and abah spent on the khenduri kahwin. Guess itu pun tak cukup for them to cover all the belanja). Hence when aruah abah offered me to buy my very first car in cash, I was shocked. @#%^&$#!!/?? It was not only dapat terpijak but dapat rezeki harimau! Of course abah didn't give it free to me. He actually loaned the money to me and I had to pay him in monthly installments. According to him, it would save me from having to pay interest to the bank.

Sometime later when I bought my first house, it took a while for the loan to be processed and because of the kindness of my in-laws, they paid the 10 percent down payment. Obviously I paid them back immediately when the money was reimbursed and the money was subsequently loaned to another person who I reckon took about at least 8 years to pay them off!

To make things worse, I know someone who went through a difficult turbulence in his life due to his own fault and there it was the parents came to the rescue. Bila tak de kerja, the parents lah yang hantar beras, susu, milo, gula, sirap, Ribena etc etc kat rumah untuk the family. Duit, tak usah cakap lah. Pinjam and pinjam selalu from the parents. Bila bergaduh dengan wife and the marriage was on the rocks, parents dia lah yang penat buat ini and itu, cari bomoh, cari ustaz to buatkan macam macam. Just to ensure that the marriage or more the family remain intact.

When one is already working, aren't you supposed to take care of the parents? Halllooo... is it not redemption time? Let our parents age gracefully and avoid from them having to worry about the children yang dah besar besar (and menantu). We owe it to them. They raised us and takkan lah dah sampai til almost their end pun kita nak menyusahkah dia orang. Cukup cukup lah tu.

Meanwhile, I also think that the problem could be due to us too. We pamper our children and we allow ourselves to be taken for granted. Misalnya, I don't really drink Starbucks or Coffee Bean unless once in a while with friends. To actually spend RM15 to RM20 on coffee or hot choc may be unthinkable especially in this current economic scenario where kalau boleh every sen counts. Government servants pun dah tak dapat bonus. That's how bad it is now.

However, if we analyse things carefully, what if our children go to lepaks at places alike? And the Gen Y or the Starbuckers or the children of Google era, whatever you call them lah, can frequent Starbucks like how the Gen X or baby boomers go to kedai mamak. Who actually finance their spending? Siapa lagi kalau bukan kita!

To add futher to the analogy and this is about my recent acquisition of that apartment. Although it was for investment, I did tell beloved husband that budak budak ni besok kalau susah nak beli rumah bila dah kerja or kahwin, at least we have a house for them.....

Bingo! And I want them to be independent and don't take moms and pops for granted! What a contradiction?

Anyway, don't we all want the best for our children?

Friday, November 6, 2009

Hobin Jang Hobin

I don't know much about football except that it is a game where there are 11 people running after a ball for a good two halves, 45 minutes each. My memory of football goes as far as when beloved husband was courting me. We did go to Stadium Merdeka to watch football together. That was zaman semi-pro dulu. I recall the likes of Zainal Abidin Hassan and Dollah Salleh playing for Selangor then. I was a strong supporter of Negeri but Negeri was always losing. Although we probably have watched at least five matches live at the same Stadium, I still don't know who is the fullback and who is the striker. They are all the same to me.

My 3rd Ace, Ali plays football. On Saturdays when he has a football match with his friends, he surely would wake up very early and could become cranky if I don't wake him up. Football can make Ali go gaga. Just like my brother Tauffik last time when he was small. Playing football also can swayed him into forgetting that there are other obligations which he has to fulfill like studying. Arwah Abah even once threatened him that he would one day boil Apit's boots and the ball and let him drink them, if Apit did not get good grades.

I haven't followed the evolution of football ever since they make the semi-pro league disappear from the Malaysian football history. In fact as I write and with the big bruhaha about the Piala Malaysia which finals is tomorrow, I still know little of football. Oh, but I do know about Rita Rudaini who married one of the NS players, the 23 years old Aidil Zafuan who has a twin brother Zaquan Adha playing in the same team.

The thing which has made me proud sejak dua tiga hari ni... is that NS is in the final going against Kelantan. When a friend of mine asked me which team I would be supporting, I thought it was a big joke. Later it dawns on me that wah, team kampung aku masuk final! NS is considered underdog and Kelantan is the favourite. According to the prediction, Kelantan garnered 55% votes that they will clinch the Piala.

I intended to go to Stadium Nasional to support the N9team. On hindsight, I would obviously be crazy to join the rowdiness. Especially thinking that this is not against Perak or Selangor, but Kelantan. Mahu ada awek kena balik botol nanti!

Hence, I will have to settle watching the Jang team playing against the Kijang team on TV tomorrow night and at the same time singing the Hobin Jang Hobin song. Good luck to all the Jangs. Make sure kasi dio melopong especially bila dah 61 tahun kemarau ye! To the fans, particularly the likes of Induk, Ambong, Wan Iler, Mak Darek, Mak Baroh, Pak Itam, Pak Tuo, Pak Udo, whoever you are and wherever you are, it is just a game so behave yourself.

Enjoys... this is one of the most exotic nogori song which had been created after Poie Pokan.

Update as at 11.30 pm 7th Nov

NS won 3-1 to Kelantan. It is such a sweet affair. Congrats Jang. Buek laie tahun dopan. Pueh hati den post kan support awal awal kek blog den nia!

Monday, November 2, 2009

First Firefly Experience; Mak Lang Associated With It

As I stepped down the Firefly, the exhaustion was undescribable. It was a long haul of travel. I was in Muar yesterday to visit Aliah, and on the same night I took the flight to Kuantan, spent the nite at Hyatt and this morning was already at the office in Kertih the soonest I could get.

The notimeoff mode has kicked off again. The days have been busy ever since the raya ended and this would continue, the endless workload until March next year. I will be lucky if I can still go for my year end hoiliday.

The wait for the luggage was non existent because there was no wait at all. The Firefly crew were fast in everything. I noticed that the plane was taxi-ing very fast on the tarmac and despite having to unload the luggages in the rain and ferry them to the terminal, the time taken for baggage claim was less than my walk from the aircraft to the conveyor belt.

My first experience on board Firefly. They serve drinks and muffins on board. That was a surprise to me. I thought we have to pay for it just like what I had to do in the other low budget airline. It was a different experience. Although the cabin crew was not a pretty lot to shout about, they were soft spoken and friendly.

What can one say as he steps into the Sky Park at Subang. I thought I was in another KLIA. Wished I could explore the shops further and indulge in retail therapy but, hallo... today is only Monday and can't even think of any therapy at this mo.

Other than the Firefly experience, I must mention this. Yes, yes... Kak Ezza... jangan tak caya! Saya dah jumpa Mak Lang. I text Mak Lang about noon and told her that I was in her territory, Kertih. Despite her under the weather condition, she took all efforts to meet me and Z, my office colleague at the Kertih airport. She was with another friend whom I later found out is my blog silent reader (alamak, lupa nama dia!) Mak Lang is a gusto. Honestly, tak sangka Mak Lang is not like how I imagined. I have communicated with her before through sms and email but meeting eye to eye with her was one splendid feeling. Mak Lang bawa buah tangan lagi. The choc cake which she made which was out of this world; choccy and crispy, and some keropok. Most importantly, this US educated electrical engineer is very down to earth, easy going and tersangat lah lepak. We also discovered it was such a small world because there are some of my friends yang Mak Lang pun kenal, macam FB pulak, "mutual freinds"!

To Mak Lang, thank you for making my day yang exhaustion nya dah to the brim. Nasib baik I chose to naik Firefly hari ni, kalau tak, tak boleh jumpa the Mak Lang yang gifted sangat sangat tu. By the way Mak Lang, if you insist to quit your job, I would think you will make a very good entrepreneur, especially in the line of RE or baking choc cake.