Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sunday @ 1U and Morib

After coming back from Lake Toba, I was busy because it was already Amalina and Amrin's wedding. I forgot to shop for Reza's gift for his wedding on Sunday. I have been wanting to get both Reza and Lina the Mediterranean table spread from Khazanah.

I knew Reza like 15 years ago. He is one of my "bestest" boy friend. As he reaches 40, finally he has married the love of his life. Aw... I am so happy for him!

So when I realized that the makcik bloggers' meet was at Seoul Garden One U, it was a great opportunity to buy the wedding prezzie at Khazanah in One U and meet Mamasita and the other bloggers at the same time.

I promised my girls, Aliah, Ayna and Alina that I would just be there for a very short time because I didn't want to miss Reza's wedding in Morib that afternoon. Going to One U was easy and similarly securing a car park was no hassle at all at that time. The challenge was to find Seoul Garden. We must have tawaf the new wing and old wing twice until we found the restaurant. In the end, had to stop to buy BR ice cream for the girls so that they were contented to follow me do the last round before we finally found the eatery.

Mamasita was ever such a lovely organiser. She could win the most hospitable blogger award. Met Raw, her sis-in-law who was schooling with me in Convent back in 1977 -1979. The last time I saw her was when I was in my second year in UIA. Raw shocked me when she chuckled how relief she was that I did not marry the "Nigerian" guy especially when she saw my girls, memang muka orang Melayu. She remembered!!! (har har har... I hope beloved husband is reading this!)

My first time meeting Desert Rose and Edelweiss. They are so lepak and huggable. I think if time permits, I can talk and laugh with them sampai sakit pipi.

The popular Kak Teh who came back for the re launch of AG's book which coincided with her niece wedding, Kamelia and Azril, was ever so warm. I count myself lucky for knowing and meeting a person like Kak Teh. Although this is my second time meeting Kak Teh, it is like a dream come true. Keep on pinching myself on the way home reminding me that it was real.

Pi Bani was there too, a person with the noble deeds. Shahieda was there all the way from Cape Town, I wish I could get to know her better. I must say that she speaks so much like an African friend.

To add to the merriment, Raden Galoh was there to give the positive ions. She looked vibrant as the way I knew her back in UIA and I wonder how and where does she get the energy. Finally had a brief encounter with Kak Puteri beacuse what a shame I had to leave by the time she arrived and when the clock struck 1 pm.

Kakak kakakku and adik adikku... I enjoyed myself very much albeit it was only a short mo meeting all of you. You gals rock! Love yah!

Later that afternoon, kept on chatting about the meet with beloved hubby on my way to Morib that I did not realise the beautiful coastal line along Bagan Lalang, Tg Sepat and Morib. We reached Lina's parents house just on time to wish Selamat Pengantin Baru to Reza and Lina as the DJ was playing the Dangdut song!

Kak Teh and AG are back for the launch of To' Puan Rosita's book entitled Kulit Manis.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Amalina and Amrin's Wedding

It was a great and busy weekend.

My niece (cousin's daughter), Amalina and the newly wed husband, Amrin's wedding was held in the simplest and most magical way. With sekali lafaz by Amrin, Amalina became his wife. That very moment about 4 pm on 25th Dec. Beloved husband was the spokesperson during nikah ceremony. He did pretty well except that he got the name of the ustaz jurunikah incomplete. 18 years ago, it was the same ustaz who had menikahkan moi with beloved husband. What a deja vu.

Like Kay said in her blog, indeed the makciks are the kepohs lot. And Amalina... sorry yer.. mak cik makcik ni pun nak tumpang glamer.

Enjoy the pics.

The nikah with Amalina looking so pure and demure in white lace.

The wedding reception where Tun Dr M and Tun Dr Siti Hasmah were the guests of honour. Amalina and Amrin looking resplendent in turquoise.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Preparation for Wedding

In love and holiday mood.
(By the way Lake Toba adventure will be posted soon when there is free time)

Today after Jumaat prayers, my niece nikah.

Tomorrow is the wedding reception.

And I gatal volunteer nak jadi "pembawa acara", emcee in short. Just got to know from the protocols that the latest term is no more "pengacara majlis" but "pembawa acara". Don't know what to give them as presents and emceeing is the least we could do.

Tun M and Tun Siti Hasmah are the guests of honor. There will also be many many Tan Sri and Dato' and Dif dif Kehormat. Mak oiii. Bersimpul lidah meng-rehearse the emcee script. Pantun memantun.

Beloved hubby pun nak steal the limelight and so it will be duo (hehehehe feels like Sehati Berdansa pulak!) Al maklum, he spent 4 years doing Mass Com and 2 years MA in Corp Comm, so this is the chance to show off some learned skills. Opportunist betul ek!

The challenge is; tomorrow's wedding reception will be in the afternoon, makan berselerak, tepi swimming pool hence how ah... to stay focus on the ceremony. Hope the sound system is excellent so that all can hear suara ku yang lunak merdu.

Tak pelah... janji all will be happy and it will be a historic mo for the bride and groom.

Have memorised the closing pantun, opening ceremony nya pantun tengah brewing although one dah siap but still tak berapa satisfactory to this perfectionist.

Kalau ada jarum yang patah
Jangan disimpan di dalam peti
Kalau ada silap dan salah
Jangan disimpan di dalam hati
(OK tak?)

Oh ya... hope tak lupa melontarkan suara, that is what beloved hubby's advice is.

To Amalina and Amrin, Selamat Pengantin Baru and we are truly honored to be part of your hari bahagia.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Congrats Ayna

Congratulations Ayna for having achieved straight As in your PMR!!!!

We know you deserve it. We are very proud of you.


Saturday, December 19, 2009

Time Off

This month, my travelling itinerary begun with Kota Kinabalu. It was followed by to Singapore and to Kuantan. Although I was also to travel to Kertih and Segamat, due to the rainy season and school holidays, I managed to persuade the peeps from Kertih and Segamat to meet in KL.

In KK, I found myself locked in the room in the luxurious junior suite due to faulty lock at the door. My fear and worries were lifted after a 6 am call to the Maintenance Dept was immediately attended to, lest I was "rescued"!

In Singapore, it was the Xmas beautiful decoration on Orchard Road. I also saw the talk of the town shopping complex ION Orchard, near where I stayed. What a shame I couldn't explore the joyous Singapore as long as I had wished for because work allowed me to remain in S'pore only for two nights.

In Kuantan, there was the lovely steam boat dinner with Mamasita and her hubby, Sak Mongkol. The down to earth Datin never failed to make us endlessly talked on how wonderful a hostess she has been. The two-day rigorous work at the office in Kuantan was painless due to her hospitality, although it was only a brief dinner with Dato' and Datin, which we thoroughly enjoyed.

Work in the office is mounting. Some may have to wait till the new year for them to be accomplished. Last two days was equally tiring because it was the workshop that determines the bottom line.

With me leaving for my vacation, I can't resist feeling guilty because my lawyers have to finish the final touches before the document is being sent out to the other party before Xmas without a captain.

By 1 pm tomorrow, I am off with beloved husband, 5 Aces and Emak to Medan and Lake Toba. I am switching off the blackberry to ensure that I have absolute peace. Although the place may not be as wonderful as Paris, Sydney or Florida, spending quality time with the family in one of the most populous countries is similarly exotic!

Happy holidays everyone.