Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ali Turns 14

He was the most eager baby to pop out amongst my other Aces.

He was the easiest one to be delivered into the world.

One of our bundles of joy, Muhammad Ali Arief was born 14 years ago.

Happy 14th birthday Ali.

You have grown up to be a responsible son, not to mention brother to the Aces.

When you requested for a bottle of perfume for your birthday gift this year, I must say that your Baba has taught you pretty well, my boy!

Ali is a great Liverpool fan. However girls is his soft spot. Some time back, he succumbed to watching Sex In The City (with his beloved Mama) over cheering for a Liverpool match, at the wrath of his father!

Mama is delighted and thankful that I made it home on time for your birthday, dear.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hallo, Busy Ke?

I was here in Kota Kinabalu in the early week of March.

Last week I was in Kuantan.

This is the third week of March and I am now writing away in the hotel room in Bintulu, Sarawak, Land of the Hornbills. Have not searched for any belacan Bintulu or kek lapis Sarawak, but had a taste of midin for dinner.

Towards the end of the week I will be in Singapore.

Will have to give watching Schuey at Formula One Sepang amiss this year despite it will be such a memorable year for team Mercedes Petronas. I will be travelling to Kota Kinabalu again during flag off. Anyone care for the grand stand ticket? If they still remember me this time, that is!

After spending for a 5 day meeting in Kota Kinabalu, I will head on to the Lion City again.

Please don’t mistake my career with that of a stewardess.

It is just that part of my portfolio requires me to travel. OK, it is not marketing either. Let’s just leave it at that.

A son of a dear friend passed away yesterday. Al Fatihah to him. It is very tragic for a mother to bury her 18 year old son who met with a car accident, and whose future is so promising. The life shared with him, will just be a memory lingering in her mind. Come to think of it, her work schedule is just like mine. Her job requires her to do outstation work although not as much as me. The fact that we have to travel a lot, leaving our beloved ones, sometimes I wonder whether it is worth it. When I came home last night, I just had to hug my little ones to sleep and I wish I didn’t have to let them go, and that I have the luxury of sending and fetching them to and from school. And that overseeing them does not only exist when they are young, but extends until they are old enough to call themselves, husband or wife. The thought of your son suffering alone whilst taking his last breath and calling endlessly for his mother… Gosh, perhaps that was what she must have thought. May Allah give her strength to face this challenge, especially because this is her second loss.

My hectic days will continue until ???, I don't know myself. There was this corridor talk that there will be musical chair, to fill up the lawyers who have accepted the posting in the big project at Middle East. Promotion is brewing and if it hits me, which I must say is very likely since the seniors are scarce, what will it become? Will I continue to be even busier at the expense of the loved ones, or do I call it quit? I am seeking guidance from Him. A'min.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Frustration : Player or Observer?

I was once a volleyball player in school. We didn’t really play up to District or State level, but suffice it was an incredible experience having to represent the school. If we won, it was the most delectable victory we tasted. If we lost, the sporting spirit was welcomed with wide open arms with the aim to do even better at the next round. Nothing can describe how the feeling is when you are going against the opponent. The anxiety, the passion, the excitement and even the stress, the feelings are all combined with mixed emotions. The sweat which perspires out of the pores pushes you to even do better and better.

My passion in sports continued. I played a bit more in the university and later at office. At this age however, I could only be an observer, age factor is a big obstacle to playing and winning. Obviously I do not want to injure myself unnecessarily and now I only choose to play anything safe. Something which does not involve much exertion. The passion in sports run in the family, from beloved husband to the 5 Aces. A healthy living, so to speak.

Winning is the sweetest thing. No doubt about it. Being in the first team and being a reserve carry huge difference. What more if you are there as an observer. Very undesirable! If you are able to be part of the winning success, yet you choose to be an observer, my take on it, BAD combination!

How can you allow your basketball team to go to a championship as observers? Even more painful when the team has almost on every day, especially in this hot weather of ours practised very hard to participate in the championship. After days of practice, the teacher in charge broke the news that the Pengetua has given strict instructions for the boys and girls teams to go to Johor to become merely observers of the basketball championship. They are not going to play or participate because the school they are representing is new and the Pengetua wants participation only if the team can win, jadi Johan lagi.

So this mother of the basketball player got mad….

Called the Dato' Pengetua asking for explanation with the hope that she can talk out Dato' Pengetua and change his mind. Not to her surprise, memang buang boreh! Some highlights of the most boring conversation of hers.

“Puan, anak Puan memanglah mungkin pernah main di sekolah dia dulu. Bagaimana pulak dengan budak budak lain? Mungkin ini kali pertama mereka baru bermain untuk kejohanan begini.”

“Dato', sebab mereka perlukan pendedahan lah kita mesti biarkan mereka bermain. Ini menjadi satu galakan dan pemangkin untuk mereka berjaya di dalam perlawanan ini dan yang akan datang.”

“Ini dasar sekolah. Team ini pun baru sangat lagi. Mereka pun bukan nya terlatih sangat sebab belum ada jurulatih yang betul lagi, harapkan cikgu sekolah aje. Masih banyak yang kurang nya.”

“Murid murid tu akan kecewa dan frustrated sekiranya mereka pergi hanya menjadi pemerhati. Sedangkan mereka sudah pun ada di situ. Apa salah nya dibenarkan mereka bermain. Pendedahan itu penting.”

“Kita main untuk menang bukan untuk kalah, Puan.”

“Iya pun sekolah baru setahun jagung, cubalah setakat mana yang patut. Tak johan pun takpe.”

"Eh,tidak! Saya kalau masuk pertandingan begini, mesti target Johan! Lagipun saya dah berbincang dengan guru-guru dan kami percaya inilah yang terbaik. Budak budak ni pun dah diberitahu, mereka faham. Permainan-permainan yang lain pun kami tidak akan masuk tahun ini. Bila dah jadi pemerhati tahun ni, tahun depan boleh lah kami masuk.”

“Mereka faham tetapi pastinya mereka kecewa.”

“Tidak… mereka tak kecewa.”

“Kalau Dato' beri alasan dasar sekolah dan masalah kewangan, saya tak boleh nak komen lah, Dato' yang menerajui sekolah ini. Baru teringin saya nak sponsor jersey basketball, rasanya saya akan lupakan sahajalah.”

“Janganlah sebab hal ini pulak niat itu terbantut. Sekolah mengalu-alukan apa apa pemberian.”

I can imagine the frustration and disbelief faces of Form 4 Ayna and her basketball team mates when the taecher broke the news. I tried dear! Some people are just bizarre!

I was taught in school that winning is not everything. It is the sports spirit that really matters. The camaraderie, the team work and giving your best shot are equally important.

I wonder whether the children in the school today are taught the same value. I must ask Ministry Of Education.

Mind you, I was talking to a Pengetua Cemerlang. Apa kriteria cemerlang tu yea? Can I suggest a 360 degrees assessment be made on any potential Pengetua Cemerlang by the peers, teachers, children and parents.