Thursday, April 29, 2010


When Bedah showed me this particular girl who was befriending someone's husband, Bedah's remark was,

"Look at her TM. She is so karat. And that guy boleh suka kat dia pulak tu."

When Bedah referred the girl as karat, I wasn't sure what she meant. This girl was a bit dark, as in sawo matang, maybe slightly darker. I am sawo matang too, but I don't think I deserve to be referred to as karat. Hence I don't think Bedah was referring to her skin couture, I mean colour.

I assume the girl's original hair color would be black, like most Melayu who is Jawa or Minang, which is me. However, she was blonde. Or was it black turning into yellowish gold. It didn't really blend honestly. Someone with dark colored skin and yellowish gold hair. Bingo! Yay, I think Bedah meant karat is the girl's hair.

So is that wrong? Freedom of expression. Maybe she imagined to be Shakira or Jessica Alba and she succeeded, because the outcome was pretty close except for the darker sawo matangness. This girl, she can be considered a babe minus the gedikness of course.

Anyway, this entry is not about the gedik girl ok. It is about coloring your hair. Do you color your hair? Is it acceptable religion wise?

Some say that the label Halal at the Loreal bottle is referring to the ingredients contained in it. It does not mean that the act of coloring your hair is also Halal. I color my hair once in a blue moon. Sometimes with henna and sometimes with Loreal dye. I have never been that particular about coloring my hair until recently when a friend claimed that it is Haram. She said tak sah solat because air wuduk tak sampai, tak rata. Now I am beginning to get worried because the white greyish hair had grown longer and more, and naturally, I badly need to do a little touching up at the hair salon.

I googled some sites on this, some have contradictory statements whilst others are good knowledgeable ones.

What I can sum up is firstly the ingredients if not the product must be Halal.

Secondly it has to be not waterproof or the malay term telus air. One have to check the bottle carefully. If it is permanent dye or semi permanent one, that is not allowed.

Thirdly, makruh to use black dye hence the karat girl with the yellowish gold color is ok. Other favourite colors are mahogany and burgundy.

Fourthly, the intention has to be right. For example to hide the grey hair and especially so if the wife wants to look pleasant and still d-bomb to the husband. If it is for seronok seronok and show off, that "I am minah salleh the blondie" or in pursuit of seducing the opposite gender, lupakan sahaja or do it at your own "risk".

Good eh? The tudung can do wonders to us women kan, and similarly the waterproof dye can do wonders to a happy and blissful marriage.

As for the karat girl, I have no further comments. She left me with something to wonder, that is whether I should I try to be a blondie before I reach 50.

Monday, April 26, 2010

The Past Few Weeks

Waaaa... so much dust here.

From the last time I was here, I have sat in a panel of assessment evaluating who are the people we should take the merit, demerit and possibly offer separation package, arguing with clients to the brim, travelling to Singapore for a crash course and later to Kota Kinabalu project site untuk memajukan negeri Sabah.

It was exhausting, arguing with people who are your friends but since they now sit across the table, they could become an arrogant critic and made derogatory remarks, packing and unpacking, catching the plane, making your way to the hotel in the middle of the night, trevelling alone, eating when you are not supposed to and feeling hungry when everyone else is full and other bugs, not to mention the backlog at the office whenever the "Out of Office" relpy is on.

However, no matter how busy I was, I will try my best to catch up with friends. I remember that day when I met up Yani Kitchen Guardian for lunch and I told her how relief I was tak payah travel lagi in the next few weeks cos I would only be scheduled to travel to Kertih for board meeting on 10th May.

Tahu tahu je, I received a distress call; my collegue who was supposed to go to Jakarta had to go to Turkmenistan and the project sponsors requested people obliging like us or more like me to replace him. Without much hesitation, Jakarta it was although I didn't foresee any shopping to be dazzled, nonetheless my expectation contradicted.

Because the meeting was last minute, I had to cancel some less priority meetings in KL whilst some remain intact. Consequently to make sure some clients are not disappointed, I promised to meet them in the office by lunch time on that day when I returned. I took the first flight out from Jakarta which was at 5 am (no, it is not an error! Memang pukul 5 pagi) And you could do the maths yourself as to the time I had to wake up. It was like no nite sleep at all, tossing and turning fearing that I may have missed the wake up time.

Anyway what I wanted to point out here is the flight was at 5 am and Subuh masuk 4.40am. To my delight, 5 Indonesians made sure that they solat first at the musolla at the boarding gate, including 2 Malaysians yang ini and inadvertently, it was jemaah in the small musollah. I was very touched by the religious observance and I must admit that this experience was rare in Malaysia. Maybe because I don't get to travel at Subuh sapiee. There was this bapak who made a call to someone after solat and said "Alhamdullah, saya udah dapat solat Subuh sebelum naiki pesawat." At one instant, the imagination of suicidal bombers did come across my mind at that time!

The week continued with more madness. Came home past 9 pm the nites after I came back from Seberang. One Friday, as we were approaching home at 9.30 pm, Bibik called "Ibuk, esok tidak ada apa mau masak. Barang dalam peti ais udah kosong."


With the hubby who was already feeling exhausted after a whole day of jual air liur training people, and me, who only wanted to landing on the bed, like it or not have to go to the pasar malam at Bukit Kuchai to buy groceries. I think I was the most bergaya ma'am at the seantaro pasar malam. Others were clad in teeshirts and shorts and some even already in pyjamas.

Sebenarnya nak tunjuk tersnap gambar pakai baju cantik yang beli kat Jakarta together with the purchase of ikan, ayam, ketam and daging !

And the madness will continue because this week beloved husband is outstation. After the rush today at four places, I need a foot rub, and tonite and malam selepas ini selama 5 hari, kenalah rub sendiri cik adek oi!

Have a good week ahead!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Batu Belah Batu Bertangkup

There are only 2 Aces left at home now, Ali and Alim. Alina went for her pengawas motivation camp at Sg Congkak for the weekend. Ali is sick and Alim had to sleep alone last night.

I felt bad for the lonely Alim and told him that I will tell him a bed time story after he has read all the doa tidur which I taught him. Beloved hubby decided to join me too on Alim’s bed.

"Alim nak cerita apa?," I asked, “Batu Belah Batu Bertangkup ke, Sang Kancil dengan Ular ke, Sang Kancil dengan Harimau ke or Gembala Kambing Yg Menipu?”

Alim replied, “Batu Belah Batu Bertangkup”.

Batu Belah Batu Bertangkup, it was……

And towards the end of the story….

Malangnya, Pekan buat dunno kat kakaknya Melur yang marah dan terus makan telur ikan tembakul tu hingga habis.

Tak lama lepas tu, Mak mereka, Mak Tanjung pun came home.

Bila Mak Tanjung nak makan dan membuka tudung saji, Mak Tanjung saw that the telur ikan tembakul tu dah tak ada.

" Mana telur ikan tembakul, Melur? " tanya Mak Tanjung.

" Err... Melur simpankan untuk mak, tetapi Pekan dah habiskannya. Melur marah kat Pekan dan tak bagi tapi…."

" Sampai hati kau orang tak tinggal kan sedikit pun untuk Mak. Mak penat masak lepas tu keluar pergi kerja dan balik tengok tiada sedikit pun lagi untuk Mak?" kata Mak Tanjung.

Melur kept quiet and felt bad. Dia sedih melihat Mak nya yang kecewa.

" Mak sebenarnya tersangat ingin makan telur ikan tembakul itu. Tapi...." sebak hati Mak Tanjung fikirkan perbuatan Pekan tu.

Mak Tanjung pandang kat Melur dan Pekan dengan penuh kesedihan, went out of the house and ran into the jungle. She thought of her arwah suami dan suddenly felt that Pekan and Melur did not love her anymore sampai sanggup lukakan dia.

Melur and Pekan pun ran after their Mak. They called to pujuk Mak Tanjung to not run away.

" Mak, jangan tinggalkan Pekan! Pekan minta maaf ! Mak...." jerit Pekan sekuat hatinya.

Melur also menangis dan teriak, " Mak, Kasihanilah kami! Mak!"

Melur and Pekan knew that the mother would go to gua batu belah batu bertangkup.

Malangnya, Melur dan Pekan dah terlambat. Mak Tanjung tak pedulikan rayuan Melur dan Pekan dan terus menyeru gua batu belah batu bertangkup supaya pintu nya dibuka. Sebaik saja Mak Tanjung melangkah masuk, pintu gua ajaib itu pun tertutup.

Melur dan Pekan menangis sekuat hati di hadapan gua batu belah batu bertangkup. Mak mereka tak kelihatan lagi.

“Mak kami menyesal Mak, maafkan kami Mak,” ratap Pekan dan Melur.

Alim kept silent.

Beloved hubby who was next to me said” Baba yang sedih pulak!!”

Then Alim said, “Mama, is that the real story?”

“Yes,” I said puzzled.

“You know what, at Astro Ceria Cerita Belalang, the mom did not run away and die. Belalang came to their house when Mak dia nak keluar rumah. Belalang bawa telur ikan lain yang dah masak. Lepas Mak dia makan, Mak dia kata telur ikan tu lagi sedap daripada telur ikan tembakul."

“Serious?.... So emak dia tak mati lah?”

"Tak!" Alim smiled. “So can you tell me cerita Sang Kancil and Harimau pulak?”

Owh... I must catch this Batu Belah Batu Bertangkup Belalang programme at Ceria and apparently they are spinning the story this week and next week.