Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Taking a break from blogging for a while.

Just like almost every male (and maybe everyone in this planet) is geared up on the World Cup, I am also very much hype and enthusiatic about managing the netball team. Now I feel a bit like Rafa Benitez, although a totally different game with major differences.

Haven't been getting much rest and sleep.

The netballers are eager and energetic to win, but we have so much limitations.

In the end, the sporting spirit counts. Wish us luck for the office sports carnival.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Mid Year Break

It is school holidays again. We don't plan to go anywhere this time of the year. Aliah and Ayna are back from boarding schools, and returning home is as good as big marvel holiday for them. They have started complaining to each other that they wish they don't have to return to school. Aliah will have to return to Samura next week due to her extra classes. Was at Emak's house for the weekend. That was by itself one good vacation for us.

I will start netball camp starting this weekend. Although I am releasable for the whole week, I am still required to go to office since there are still lots of stuff to complete in view that the AGM is just around the corner. Sigh! No choice but to juggle. Hence my eagerness of the time out from office is shortlifted. Other than that, we will not have the same players as per last year's. Still too early to comment on their performance but I surely hope we can bag some unexepecteds. Menang sorak pun jadilah.

With me away during the school hols, will just monitor Alina and Aliah remotely. Alina will be taking UPSR in Sept and November is the SPM exams for Aliah. Study hard babes! To Ayna and Ali, there is no excuse for you to honeymoon this year tau. This does not apply to Alim, he can still enjoy playing but Kumon still continue ye darling.

To those taking exams this year, especially Aliah, Farah and Alina, be reminded to study this mid year break. You may have seen this. Never mind! Treat it as sweet reminder. :)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

An Evening In Banting

KG and I had planned to visit her more than two months ago. KG even planned to bake the devil's choc cake for her. With sms exchanges, the meeting was set at Suria KLCC. We can plan but whatever happens after that would be Allah Taala's destiny for us. Dalilah, KG and I did not get to meet that April. Dalilah posted in her fb that she was not feeling too good that day. Accordingly, we did not want to impose on her because we know that her health is prime.

Whoever reads her status on fb or her entries on her blog would definitely know that Dalilah was not well probably since March. The masectomy performed on her 5 years ago was not able to cease the spread. Reading her entries would also tell that she is never giving up, not even once. It is amazing to see how strong and determined she can be. Everytime I watches Oprah and be told of the survival of a woman from any disease, sadness or misfortune, I will undoubtedly feel that Dalilah should also be given a chance to appear on the same programme to tell her side of story.

Dalilah was my junior in university. Come to think of it, we had not met since I left university in 1989 and when Kak Puteri invited me for the makan makan at Lake Club last year, I met Dalilah again. Since I started blogging, I have been following her blog and seen her pictures but little did I realize that the popular Raden Galoh is Dalilah, my junior in university.

In university, I recall that a group of juniors of the same batch have always been close with and fond to me. Some of them like Yah, Id and Laili were my juniors in STF. They had a circle of friends whom most of the time, during lecture hall, tutorials, library, lunch, Jaya supermarket or santai were seen together. Included would be sisters like Bam, Miss Hart, Iza, Wa, and last but not least, Dalilah(to that wonderful "quorum" of sisters, sorry if I miss to mention any of you here). They never failed to greet me when they bumped into me or during their free time would come and chat with me about anything under the sun, even at times just popped by at my hostel door greeting salam or exchanging Hi!s. Because Dalilah and I have gone a long way, evidently she has always been dear to me.

Alhamdulillah, last Friday Kitchen Guardian, Desert Rose, Kak Ezza (and anak anak daranya), Kay and I were able to see Dalilah at her humble abode in Banting. Although there may seem to be obstacles at the beginning to reach Banting, God willing we reached there safe and sound.

Seeing Dalilah that day proves to show that with doas from families and friends, positive energy, determination, motivational support and not forgetting living in serene and green kampung help to slow down the acceleration of illness and sadness. Dalilah is a terrific host and if one does not know her background, there was no inkling at all that she has undergone undescribable pain and endless suffering. We chatted and joked as if we have been forever buddies, thanks to the blogsphere! She was very cool about a lot of things, and above all we noticed significantly that she is leaving her fate and destiny to Allah swt. She is such a blessed being.

Bidding farewell in the end was one of the hardest things to do, for obvious reasons. Sadness engulfed me as I hugged her, speechless and tearful, I could not just help it. ........

Nonetheless we are happy that we are able to see Dalilah before she leaves for the Holy Land end of the month. Mind you, not everyone is blessed to be Allah's guests despite having the energy, time and wealth. Dalilah dear, you are truly blessed and privileged!

May Allah permudahkan perjalanan, ibadah dan penderitaanmu, Dik.

(thanks to Kay for this pic which was uploafed on fb)