Monday, October 4, 2010

Ziarah Wada & Umrah

On our last day in Madinah, we were to depart and leave for Mekah at 9 am. We have packed our stuff the night before. There was not much extras added on to our existing baggage except for the dates and tidbits which we had bought. Beloved husband still harped on the hangers, plates and cups and other "unnecessary" things which we had brought.

I was amazed with myself that I had not bought anything spectacular in Madinah. There was a tiny weeny intention to acquire a pair of jubah, but somehow I didn't have the heart to shop although the jubah shop was just next door Al Taybah, the hotel we stayed. Blame it on the blazing heat which dampened my RT spirits.

That Suboh, Mek was no where to be seen. We left without her and I prayed that she would be alright on her own. She should be, after all three days was a pretty long time to learn how to go to and return from the mosque on your own.

As the Suboh was our last prayer in Masjid Nabawi, it is a must that we perform ziarah wada (farewell ziarah) at Makam Rasulallah. Women, at the time immediately after Suboh, unlike the men, would not be able to do the ziarah wada inside because of the non-visiting time. Suffice that we do it outside nearest to Makam Nabi. I did my ziarah, beloved husband did his and he told me that after that he will meet me at pintu Baqi.

Suboh prayers ended about 5.15 am and off I went to the outer side of Makam to bid farewell to Rasulallah. There was no stopping of the sadness. I stood there for a long time, didn't want to budge, didn't want to leave. Hoping and praying that I would return soon. This is all rezki, tak tahu bila lagi nak ziarah. Moga Allah panjangkan umur dapat kembali.

Later I went to the door near Baqi as agreed. Waited and waited, there was no sign of beloved husband. After 45 minutes, I gave up and walked home to the hotel. I later discovered that beloved husband had returned. We must have missed each other. He clarified that he asked me to wait at Babun Baqi, whilst I waited at pintu nak pergi Baqi! Hear ye hear ye, talking about communicating effectively. This is something we have to pay attention to when we do our umrah and ziarah. Otherwise, memang naya! It can be a point of dispute, even a point of no return!

It is a must to do umrah as we enter Mekah. As we return from the mosque, the first thing we did was to mandi sunat ihram and prepare ourselves to be ready with ihram at miqat. Since we were coming from Madinah, our miqat is at Bir Ali.

Bir Ali is just 20 minutes away from Madinah. The mosque is big. The toilet is huge and of course there are many jemaahs. At Bir Ali we did our solat sunat ihram and niat ihram. After that was done, we departed to Mekah.

The journey from Bir Ali to Mekah took almost 6 hours. We solat jamak zohor and asr on the way. Since we puasa and I managed to tahan air wuduk, yeay, tak payah ambil another one. You knowlah how the toilet can be very de-motivating.

We reached Mekah almost 5 pm. The jemaahs from our package were split into three groups, depending on the value we purchased from the travel agent. The first group was dropped off at Al Massa. This group paid approx RM12K each for the package. Next stop was Dar Firdaus. Mahmud and Mek were dropped here. They paid almost RM11K per person. Al Massa and Dar Firdaus are near the Hilton or Zam Zam Tower. Our group, was the last one to be dropped off at Holy Day, near Masjid Kuching. Masjid Kuching area is really the opposite of the Hilton area.

Nearest to Marwah, the building still standing is Masjid Kuching. Our hotel to Masjidil Haram is about roughly 15 minutes walk. There have been many developments, resulted in a lot of buildings demolished.

(sorry, picture not so good)

Also some new icons, like this one.

Big Ben of Mekah?

Actually, our group was to stay around the same area with the other two groups. But due to Ramadhan, and some nationalities are fond of buying over rooms even if they are already booked, our room was given away. Well, those were part of the challenges.

Holy Day, where we stayed and Masjid Kuching in front of Holy Day.

We iftar at the hotel. The mutawwif advised us to go to the mosque to complete our umrah only after Isya because there were just too many people and the Saudi soldiers guarding the mosque will not allow an opposite flow of jemaahs if we go in after Maghrib. Tak pe, blessing in disguise. Dapat jugak beristirehat lama sikit after the long and tiring journey.

We came into Masjidil Haram after terawikh. I could not wait to look at Kaabah. Rindu rasanya. Semasa melihat Kaabah yang diselubungi tabir hitam disulami benang emas, Subhanallah, terasa keagungan dan kebesaran Allah swt yang telah mengizinkan diri ini kembali sebagai tetamu Allah. Apalagi di bulan Ramadhan yang penuh dengan keberkatan.

When we did the tawaf that night Alhamdulillah it was a smooth one. We had to follow the mutawwif together with the group although we wish we could do on our own because that would be faster. Later before performing the saie, we lost the rest due to the massive big crowd walking across in between us. We did not worry much for the rest as the mutawwif was with them, moreover, saie was a lot easier.

Jemaahs memang tersangat ramai, be it during tawaf or saie. They were like oceans of them. It looked difficult, banyak cabaran in the beginning, but with faith to Allah, all went ok.

Nonetheless, after tahlul and all done, we still waited at Marwah for everyone to finish.

Beloved husband after tahlul umrah pertama, notice the shaven head. I like!

We discovered that of recent times, the Majlis have passed a fatwa that tersentuh tidak sengaja dengan yang bukan muhrim during tawaf is no longer batal wuduk, hence performing tawaf is a lot easier now. The last time, we were here, the fatwa was not passed yet.

Despite the throngs of people during Ramadhan, Alhamdulillah selesai satu umrah.