Tuesday, December 28, 2010

More of KK

We had a grrreeeaaaatttt time in Kota Kinabalu. Did almost everything that we could. From eating the gastronomical sea food to eating nasi padang, from shopping at Tamu to Filipino market, from going to the mountain to the stream and even reached the sea, from staying at the amazing Suter* Harb*r to the quaint Pine Kinabalu Reso*t, from jungle trekking to canopy walk, from swimming in the sea to swimming in the hot spring, besssstttt!

I must say, after our Phuket holiday trip 2 years ago this is one of the best holidays we have ever had.

I frequent KK many times before due to our JV power plant project. Being in KK for work and being there for holiday differs vastly. Of course, when you are stressful, you can't even think of the big Olympic size pool at the hotel. The mind is filled with points to put forward for negotiation with the opponent. Meanwhile when I am there for board meetings, it would be another story. The mind would be pre-occupied on how to make sure the shareholders' interests are safeguarded.

On the other hand, favourite questions last week were "bila nak pergi mandi pool", "next meal nak makan apa" or "bila the next shuttle is bringing us to the city". Of course other than "jom jom, pergi sana" or "jom, jom beli souvenir" Haha, cool eh. The pictures speak for itself.

Famous gastronomical seafood

Tamu in KK. Usually on Sundays.
If you find any thing you like here, make sure you grab them otherwise you have to wait for the next Tamu to be held again. Bought a nice mountains trail tee shirt for beloved hubby which he really likes, and I like it too :)

Canopy walk in Ranau and Kinabalu Park

The places we put the night.

Splash and splash, hot spring, river and sea

The island hopping.
We went to Pulau Manukan and Pulau Sapi. We wish we could picnic there longer unfortunately evening is meant to shop in the city, again!

On our last nite in KK, we ate dinner at Grace Point. Next to Grace Point is the Double Six Monument. The monument is to mark the place where the late CM, Tun Hj Fuad Stephens perished because of plane crash on 6th June 1976. There is a story behind the plane crash. Try to find it yourself. It may be malicious if I were to mention it here. Anyway, it was only presumption.

Unfortunately we did not get to do a few other activities like white water rafting, going to the tip of Borneo, snorkel at Sipadan or nature walk at Danum. Nonetheless, for a six days stay, what we had was more than enough.

And next destination, Lion City. As a thriller... hmmm... cotton and casa rubia, but most importantly a reunion with beloved husband :))

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Kundasang and Mount Kinabalu

"May you reach your Everest one day", someone dear to me reiterated this many many times before when I was almost at the peak of my career, so I thought.

I have not reached there. Somehow, the peak, for good or for bad, didn't really turn out to my favour. Never mind.

But I almost reached my Kinabalu. I would have gone to the summit if it was not for the weather and without my 5 Aces faithfully tagging me.

The trip to Kundasang was like a long trip on Bukit Putus where I used to travel when I was small. Only, this time no pening and nausea, I have grown out of it. The 5 Aces too were enjoying the trip. Commenting on the nature and after some time on the windy road, it was natural that they dozed off.

One and a half hours trip to reach Kundasang from Kota Kinabalu.

Nasib, our driver, whom we thought was a regular there, has not been up to Kundasang for years. The original driver had to attend to his children who were hospitalised that day. During the journey Nasib was amazed himself as to how things have developed.

We put the night at Pine Kinabalu Reasort. I love the chalets, but not Alina, who said it was "lopek". She is just not used of the old wooden English houses, that's all. The night was cold. We ate KFC at the balcony and when we looked around almost all the patrons of the resort were doing the same thing, having dinner at the balcony and enjoying the weather.

At 6 am the next day, it was like a big pesta where people congregated outside to have a braethtaking view of the Mount Kinabalu. The weather was good, no clouds and from Pine Kinabalu Resort, Mount Kinabalu was just like right infront of my eyes.

We were every where. Enjoying the mountain, the flowers, the nature, the forests, the fish, the tea, the canopy walk etc etc.

Sabah Tea

Playing fish at Kg Luanti. Only Ayna, Ali and myself were willing enough to let the fishes eat our dead cells. Aliah, Alim and Alina gave it a pass. Mula mula geli but after some time, rasa nak lagi and lagi. The fish love that ankle part of my feet. Must be yummy there.

The jungle trekking and canopy walk at Kinabalu Park and Poring.

Hot spring at Poring. They have the small hot water pools and a big slide pool there. The best part is admission to children is RM1 only. I hope they clean up the pools quite regularly.

Not forgetting, the beautiful flowers. We were fortunate one of the Rafflesias near Poring bloomed that day. According to the gardener, it will bloom only for about 5 days and goes to sleep again. Next time it will bloom again is after 15 years!