Tuesday, February 22, 2011


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Today, beloved husband is miles away, whilst I am busy attending to some very important corporate matters. How I wish we can spend another honeymoon together in the land far far away.

22nd February 2011 marks 19 years of the co-existence of beloved husband and me as suami dan isteri. We may not be the best couple or ideal pair on earth but we "complement, supplement and complete" each other.

To my beloved husband, indeed there have been many ups and downs together nonetheless I am grateful that you, me and the family remain in tact. I pray and truly hope that our love will remain stronger as the days, months and years pass.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Maulidur Rasul

Ustaz asked me the other day "Tahukah kamu berapa orang anak Nabi Muhammad s.a.w?"

It took me a while to come up with the answer. I wanted to say Hassan and Hussain, hish, so ignorant of me until my dear friend seated next to me nudged me and gave me the answers, 4 daughters; Ruqayah, Ummi Kalthum, Zainab and Fatma Zahra, 2 sons; Abdullah and Qasim. All his children except Fatimah died before Prophet pbuh passed away.

Then ustaz cynically quipped, "Nama anak artis ingat, nama anak Nabi Muhammad tak tahu." Indeed what he said may be true in some of us.

Later ustaz related the story of Aishah who was very jealous of "kak Jah". The Prophet pbuh only married the other wives after Siti Khadijah has passed away. Although some hadith said that Aishah is his favourite wife, it is obvious that he loves Siti Khadijah very much. Yelah she is his first wife and from the very beginning she helped him out, susah senang bersama.

Nabi Muhammad s.a.w. is the exemplary model to all and we must emulate him. Bukan bab kahwin je but Nabi Muhammad s.a.w. also did his own housechores and helped with the housework. Ustaz also said, "Do our husbands do that? Or setakat balik rumah terus tengok TV and baca papers sambil minta kopi." Hmmm... something to ponder.

Itupun from what I read Nabi Muhammad's s.a.w. marriages after Siti Khadijah were mostly for political or humanitarian reasons, these wives being either widows of Muslims who had been killed in the battles and had been left without a protector, or belonging to important families or clans whom it was necessary to honor and strengthen alliances.

Sensitive to elaborate more.

Marilah kita teruskan berselawat ke atas baginda Rasulullah s.a.w. dan menghayati video ini.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Cerita Kedai Kopi - 1

N, a friend of mine handed to me a wedding card. “Make sure you come for the wedding ya. “ She insisted. To no surprise of mine, her eldest daughter is getting married in a month’s time. N is the same age as me and she will soon have a menantu. Her eldest daughter is 23 years old. N got married in USA in her second year.

There are a few friends of mine who went overseas immediately after SPM, and got married whilst they were still studying. I cannot imagine if it were me.

I was one of the privileged ones to have been selected to further my studies in tertiary education even before the SPM results were out. I did SAM in Sri Inai Ipoh. I wonder if I was in the same situation with N, and if it is fated that I met someone special, would I think twice to start a family when I was still studying.
I never had any special relationship with any boys when I was in school. Crush yes, does crush with Jimmy McNichol or Scott Baio counts? In fact when I was in Sri Inai, it was pretty obvious that the main objective is to secure a good place overseas hence other imaginative objective was pretty much not allowed. The situation aggravated when I was offered a scholarship even before the SPM results, hence the pressure was indeed mounting.

That was the desired plan, which did not materialize.

Somehow I don’t know how it started with L. Tall, Chinese looking, specky and has this playful boyish face. We were both in Class SAM 1B. I noticed him as one of the boys who loved to get on to the girls’ nerves. The girls would complain to each other how L can be a nuisance to them. There would always be one or two silly remarks said by him as a way of harassing the girls. It could be after class, in the bus home or any other unthinkable time. Ironically, I don’t recall ever been teased by L.

I think it started off with A and her partner J, who told me that L liked me. A and J, who happened to be my classmates were already “dating” each other. At times when I bumped into J who would "date" A outside our house in Tasek (all of us stayed in the rented link houses in Tawas, Taman Tasek), J would find any reason to tease me with L. Me and L? I thought it was a complete joke altogether.

I couldn’t recall whether there was any attempt by L to be closed to me from beginning of the year until one day some of us from the same class, including A, J, L and me went out to watch movie together in Ipoh. There was no interesting movie showing that weekend except this one called Smorgasbord. Until now, I don’t think I understood that movie!

It must be after that outing L and I became close. I know that he was good in accounting, I was the hopeless (and helpless one) and L's familiarisation and soundness over the subject really helped. I also liked to watch him play football at the field right behind our house together with the rest of the SAM and A-Level boys. Nine of us from the same house would flocked at the room behind to "komen and kutuk" them play. And the rest was history.

Other than being classmates, there was not much of memories about us except this unforgettable one; we were caught by two policemen when we were riding bicycles around Taman Tasek. We forgot to bring our IC along and due to that, was subjected to lots of interrogation from the “datuk”. With some “auta”, I managed to convince the policemen that we caused no harm. From that escapable incident, I saw myself a lawyer in the making.

When the SAM results were out, L made it through to pursue Accountancy in Wollongong. Although my SAM results were better than his, I have unsuccessfully accomplished my dream i.e. to secure a place Down Under. I was devastated of course and I know L was pretty much devastated too although he didn’t really show it. Well, typical males! They chose to be macho when it comes to melancholic disappointment! From that day onwards, we went separate directions. It was evident that neither of us believe in long distance relationship. On hindsight it may be a blessing in disguise. Like N, L got married in his second year. We did meet up when he came back for his holidays in his first year prior to his wedding. That time when we met, I never discovered up til now whether he was already in close relationship with the girlfriend then turned wife).

It was a pleasant coincidence that when I was in Ipoh in 1984, not too far away, a stranger then as in beloved husband was studying in Kuala Kangsar. The bus which goes to Kuala Kangsar would pass the main road infront of Tasek. Beloved husband may have taken that bus back to college and similarly I may have taken the bus back to Tasek from Ipoh town. Ahaks! Who knows, we may have taken the same bus back! It is not impossible if I may have bumped into him whilst I was eating at Medan Kidd or at the Railway Station or at Jubilee Park, perhaps whilst shopping at Super Kinta! Wow, this could be another movie of Khabir Bhatia.

Sunday, February 6, 2011


February is the month of love, so they say.

I can be a hopeless romantic when the mood comes, especially if I have nothing else to do (like for example, now, when beloved husband is away since as long as I can't remember and will be staying away the whole of February).

In view of this "undesirable" circumstances :), don't blame me if I layyaaaannn the jiwang-ness in me.

Here is what I kept on tuning this CNY break with the hope it will stop by tonite (I mean my bad cough and cold which have been bugging me since last Wednesday) to spruce up for the busy weeks ahead.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy Bunny Year

Happy New Year to all the Chinese readers

May the year be free from conflicts and filled with prosperity and joy

The feng shui master predicts that for those who born in the year of Snake like yours truly (I thought I am a Horse but just realised that I am a Wood Snake), can anticipate a good start of the year but by mid year, it will be a bad stretch. Op... op... I am not Chinese, so why do I bother, hehehe.

Have a good one, you all!