Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mishap On the Birthday

I am upset! There is no doubt about that. Aliah has just banged my car into the wall of our house. The Vios’ side mirror is now kaput. Our garage can fit two cars and it is no brainer that whoever drives into the garage has to be extra careful maneuvering the car in, particularly when one car is already parked inside.

Aliah got her P in February this year. She managed to secure it after undergoing the exams twice. The parents were equally excited as she was. Of course we realized that although she got her licence, that does not mean that she can already drive the car on her own. I have a couple of times accompanied her in the car. It still needs a lot of polishing up. For instance her cornering is still not neat, she turns the steering wheel too sharp and not taking a wider circle at the bend. Granted she is still not confident, she is unsure of the direction hence needs a lot more practice. She has banged the wall twice. Last night was the second time but at a different spot. The first time she did it, the plate number cracked and this time round the side mirror fell off.

Considering that I am the registered owner of the Vios and maybe (yet to negotiate with husband) I also have to fork out the money for the repair, I am upset plus disappointed. At the peak of my anger, I scolded her without considering her feelings. All the banterings were flying all over the house. Yes, when I am angry, I do turn green. Now that I have slept on it, I am letting you know Aliah that Mama is truly sorry. The scolding was just to make you realize that what happened could have been avoided if we utilize a bit more of the thinking department.

I have shared with her about how my aruah Abah taught me to drive. Although I have obtained my driving licence, the car was off limits. It was his rules that in order for me to be allowed to drive on my own, I have to pass his tests. So there I was, during one of the school holidays, I had to drive in Abah’s Proton Saga, with him as the co-pilot, bearing all his rantings from Seremban to Kelantan, cross the East-West highway, off to Penang island and later back to Seremban. It took us about 5 days to complete the round trip. I think I must have driven about 7/8th of the journey and the remaining was Abah.

Despite that ordeal albeit an enjoyable and enriching one, within the same month, I still endured some misfortunes. I met with a terrible accident that resulted in the car I was driving to almost a total loss. All because I forgot to give the indicator that I was turning left. For another carelessness, with the intention to gallavant with friends, I had left the engine running and accidentally the car was locked on its own. Initially I wanted to get a stranger to help but after realizing that he could not do much but to unlock it with a spare key, I have no choice but to ring Abah up. To my expectation, there was a trail of leteran from Abah I had to endure.

Up til now after 28 years of driving lessons, I can call myself an experienced driver, but with the current condition of some of the Malaysian drivers who think that they are the only ones paying the road tax or their grandfather owns the road, I have to continuously learn the defensive driving skills, not to mention to remain cool, calm and contented always.

It has only been two months since you got your licence Aliah. The learning doesn’t stop. It was an expensive learning last night. After what happened, you may feel bad, as if you are hopeless and not fit to drive anymore. That is normal for a teenager to feel that way. I did when I wrecked Atuk’s car. I remember I went into seclusion for a week. The rantings will definitely continue and may mount up even more at times, but that is part of the whole experience. I may be harsh, I may turn into a green monster but I am still your mother who wants you to master the art of driving. I am confident that one day you will just drive like Mama or Baba, maybe better. Practice makes perfect, but don’t forget to use Mr Brain.

I am really sorry if last night’s incident has spoilt your 18th birthday. On hindsight, you will remember this forever and who knows one day, you will relate this incident to your beloved children.

Happy birthday sweet 18 Aliah. We all love you. Chill. Let’s celebrate.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day Celebrated



Engkaulah ratu hatiku

Bila ku berduka

Engkau hiburkan selalu



Engkau lah ratu hatiku

That may seem to be the favourite jingle for the milk commercial.

But I love that song at the first instance I heard it.

Today, Mother's Day is celebrated. For a second, I forgot about it due to yesterday's misfortune. I lost my blackberry. Was busy tracking the whereabout just in case I have some luck to catch the thief and get the Bold 2 back. Did the formality, block the number and lodged the police report. By the time I came back, it was already midnite and the energy had drained out, all of them.

This morning I was awakened by a lovely surprise.

5 Aces gave me a sweet card with some photos down memory lane in it. I was teary for a moment because it was like yesterday that I entered the motherhood era. Raising all five of them is something I will remember and treasure for the rest of my life.

Beloved husband also surprised me with a funny sweet Mother's day card. Thank you very much dear. The card said, I am a brilliant mum and wife. Terangkat sekejap.

As for the rest of the day, we went to visit the mothers aka grandmothers with Mother's Day cakes; one in Kota Damansara and one in Seremban. Happy Mother's Day to Emak and Mama/ Uwan and Tok Mama as what the 5 Aces call them.

Hope your Mother's Day is awesome too.

Thursday, May 5, 2011


To describe my state of life now; makan tak lalu, mandi tak basah and tidur tak lena

No, I am not in love, how I wish lah kannnn...

Makan tak lalu ....

(breakfast is gobbling the food in the morning whilst preparing myself to work; satu tangan feed, satu tangan pakai tudung, not to mention I have been skipping lunch)

Mandi tak basah ....

(in jiffy because I have to rush back to my laptop and work on pieces and pieces of outstanding assignment *at home*)

Tidur tak lena ....

(slept past midnite and waking up every other hour to make sure that I am awake by 5.30 am to start the routine again especially leaving home for work by 6.30 am)

Or is it because age is catching up that I cannot manage my precious time?


I know life is not about work work and work (well, I still manage to catch Glee every Tuesday night and say a longer prayer before I sleep)

Semua orang pun busy so really realy hope that this is just a phase.