Sunday, August 14, 2011

Halfway Through Ramadhan

This is already the 14th day of Ramadhan. It is still not too late to wish everyone “Selamat Menunaikan Ibadah Puasa.” Let’s make the best out of this holy month. The challenges of Ramadhan have been thus far bearable for me.

The 1st week of Ramadhan saw me leaving office latest by 4.30 pm on almost every day. As I conquered the kitchen cooking my favorite dishes for iftar, I counted my blessings to Allah for allowing me to enjoy the satisfaction of breaking fast with the loved ones.

Sometimes what we wish to happen forever is easily taken away. That is Allah’s way of testing us. Nonetheless I remain persevere and thankful to Him. The second week was somewhat contrary. During this month, I try as much as possible to schedule the office meetings and discussions in the morning only. Obviously this was meant to facilitate my coming home early. Unfortunately when the meetings are dictated by the senior VPs, small fries like me will just have to kao tao. The second week saw me leaving office between 6.30 to 7 pm. At times, I reached home just in the nick of the iftar time whilst on other times it was allahummalakasumtu in the car. Not to mention that last Friday, I did a stunt and committed a serious breach of road traffic rules. I had to follow the reverse flow of the highway after seeing MEX in epic jam and in the end I reached home past 8 pm.

I am doing a lot of serious thinking this Ramadhan; matters that relate to family, work and friends. Some decisions would have eternal effect; my continuous chanting of prayers to Him especially during terawih that He guide me to the right path. I am determined to go through these challenges with great stride, so that it will warrant the exhilaration for victory and celebration on Eid, something I am looking forward to.

If last year’s Ramadhan had a different set of challenges on me whilst I was performing umrah, this year seems no different. Challenges definitely make one discover about themselves. So last year if I saw this 80 year old makcik braving her way in the almost 50 deg celcius desert temperature, to and fro Masjidil Haram which is about 500 metres away from our hotel, in order to seek the blessings of Allah, her perennial challenges are in no way comparable to mine in any scale.

Hope the coming weeks are kinder.