Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Alim's Birthday Partayyy

I told the Aces that I can only afford a real birthday party for them, once in their life. Other birthday celebration will be just amongst us, the family. They have the right to choose at which age they want it to be. All of them except Alim have had theirs. Mostly had their birthday party between the age of 10 to 12.

As for Alim, he chose his birthday party to be held this year. I didn't hold any open house this raya and having a birthday party for the kids were equally tiring like having a raya open house.

When we shopped the items for Alim's party packs at GM Plaza, he insisted that I buy 100 packs on the assumption that each of the sibling invited between 15 to 20 of their friends! Alim was excited to prepare the party packs as early as 4 days prior to the event. His spirits were dampened after getting scolding from the father as there were meant to be chocolates in the pack and they would melt. Miserably Alim had to keep them away in the fridge after filling in all 100 of them!

On the day itself, we had the orang masjid to grace the ceremony with bacaan doa selamat after the Friday prayers. Gradually one by one of the Aces' friends turned up despite the rain.

I was a bit nervous early that day because Daalia, my Srikandi friend was only baking Alim's birthday cake in the morning. Luckily the cake turned out to be superb and the kids love the Angry Bird and Boboiboy's edible image, not to mention chocolatie delicious. Thanks a lot Daalia; for baking it last minute and for taking all the trouble to personally deliver it to the house.

Indeed Alim was right, lots of kids turned out.

The house was filled with children. At each nook and corner of the house were children. Despite the pitch and loud noise as if it was a school canteen, I loved it especially knowing that everyone was very excited and delighted, chit chatting, eating and drinking and not to mention playing games (thanks to Aliah who was sporting enough to entertain them).

The idea of having 100 children as our guests was crazy. It was like Hari Kanak-Kanak Sedunia, and my sister Kay infact described it even better, Hari Kantin Sekolah, LOL.

We had Alim's friends.

Alina's friends.

Ayna's friends.

And finally Aliah's friends.

Ali's friends were missing at the party as Ali had to attend the PMR workshop the whole three day weekend. Only a few of them came that night.

Come to think of it, I will miss throwing birthday party for the Aces' friends. By the way, in case you are wondering, out of the 100 party packs, we are left with only 10!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Alim's 9th Birthday

Yesterday’s was the 5th Ace, Alim Erfan’s birthday. Since beloved husband and Ayna were not around, there was no real birthday celebration except the small do of cake cutting at night. Alim has been wanting to hold a birthday party and despite the coming weekends which will be filled with either Raya open houses or weddings, we managed to slot a party for him insha Allah on the 16th September, even that one has to end up early as that night beloved husband and I have a wedding to attend.

Alim being the last among the Aces is a true blue “manja” son. Pampered by the parents and the Kakaks and Abang, he can turn out to be an opportunist. Many a times beloved husband and I could be caught in a dilemma; to return home during lunch time just because “spidey’ what we fondly call him was late to school and missed the bus. Despite going to sekolah agama in the morning, that little time that Alim was supposed to have lunch, take bath and prepare himself to school was spent either playing computer games or watching TV. Ironically we gave in notwithstanding that we want to instill discipline in him. Alim is so adorable to be refused and admittedly we blame ourselves for pampering him, too much at times.

(Image deleted)

He has a myriad of ambition. Started with policeman, fireman and recently he seems to be interested in becoming a scientist. I suggested to him a doctor, but he was not interested. Kept on hammering on him that a scientist can also be considered a doctor and slowly I think he is beginning to be contented.

I noticed that he has a few friends whom he cycled almost every day to the park. Initially I was skeptical to let him go on his own. After Alina chaperoned him several times, he appeared to be confident.

Alim loves to sing and enrolling him in the drum class was a good choice. I have heard him singing on his own, Lady Gaga’s or Selena Gomez’s tunes or even Najwa Latif’s Cinta Mukabuku, only feeling shy when he know that I eavesdropped.

Lately before he goes to bed, he loves to get a foot rub from me. If he doesn’t get it, he may not be able to fall asleep, how is that? Manja tak manja!

(Image deleted)

To Alim Erfan, happy 9th birthday Mas (another name we nicknamed him). I pray that you will be a good boy, always have respect on your parents and may Allah bless you. We love very much always.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Syawal 1432H

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

Maaf Zahir & Batin to all readers

Have an enjoyable and blessed Eid :)