Sunday, October 16, 2011


Outdated. Hahaha... I think I am.

I went back to Emak's house today and I saw my three little nephews playing some videos of a shrieking-voiced singer on You Tube. They were laughing their heads off.

Little that I know that it was a cat singing.

Then I was introduced to Talking Tom Cat, who happens to have its own facebook page. Whoaaa!

Apparently Talking Tom Cat is a pet cat which responds to your touch and repeats everything you say with a funny voice. You can pet him, poke him or grab his tail.

If you talk to Tom, he will repeat everything you say with a funny voice. You can pet him to make him purr. You can poke his head, belly or feet, grab his tail, pour a glass of milk for him. You can also make Tom scratch the screen.

I am fortunate to have two teachers; Alim and Alina who explained to me about Tom Cat. Alim, who wanted an iPod Touch if he gets good results for his final exams later told me that by getting one, he can play with Tom Cat on the iPod Touch. Tom Cat has not been downloaded to our iMac although many other games have been. Perhaps I should explore how to do that and get up close and personal with Tommy.

Somehow I am unable to share the video of Tom Cat from You Tube. Just search for his name and try to listen to his number on Bruno Mars' Lazy Song or Shakira's Wakaka. It could make you laugh.

I wonder what Angelina of Cat in Sydney has got to say about Tommy! Meowwww...

Sunday, October 2, 2011


Alina came home one day looking terrified.

“Mom, percaya tak? Just now I took care of my friend who was attacked with hysteria!”

I did not believe my girl, she is the one who must always berteman every time she wants to go upstairs if everyone else in the house is downstairs.

“What happened?”, I asked in curiosity.

Her friend, Anne was at the surau when she suddenly became hysterical. She almost fainted. Then there was another friend, Din, who has six sense who saw this scary creature. The thing was disturbing Anne. In fact when Din wanted to help Anne, the thing bit his fingers.

Alina and two of her other friends tried to console Anne but to no avail. There were a lot of other things which happened concurrently. Some people were praying to get rid of the creature and an ustadz was trying to physically pulihkan the place. However Anne was still yelling and screaming. Once in a while her voice sounded hoarse.

Din at one time asked the creature, what it wanted and it replied that it wanted something that Anne has, eeeeee…. creepy.

I cannot imagine my little girl tried to help her friend in the most eerie situation. Advised her that she should never tinggal solat and always pray to Allah so that these unwanted things do not disturb her.

Apparently the spooky creature came back two days later to the school. It tried to disturb the whole school and Alina’s two friends who helped Anne plus Anne herself were attacked. It stirred quite a havoc. Yang pelik nya, it tends to disturb the Moslem students and not the non-Moslem. Why ah?

Anyway, apart from the disheartening news, I gathered that Anne’s father was called by the guru HEMP on that fated day. The father did not really care what happen to her daughter. He came by and left. When he saw Anne’s condition, he had the chic to comment “ Biarlah dia, masa kecik tak mati, dah besar menyusahkan” OMG OMG. How can own her father said that to her!!

I later found out that Anne came from a broken family. She stayed with her father and step mother and her other siblings. Her other siblings are away in college. Most of the time Anne would be on her own, feeling depressed with her current state. I read somewhere that most hysteria cases strike on depressed people and this is one good example.

It is so sad that the father vilified Anne. How can one do that to his own offspring? One can be angry to them but to say those nasty words, it is unbelievable! My son and daughter can be difficult and stubborn at times. Undeniably they made me feel sad and disappointed. But I don’t think I will ever give up on them because if I were to give up, who else would guide them through and through….

I pray that Anne’s father will realize that this is no simple matter. Hopefully Allah guide him to love, care and cherish his daughter again.