Sunday, September 9, 2012

Syawal - The Raya Month

It is not too late to wish everyone Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri and Maaf Zahir dan Batin on this day of 22nd Syawal. Wow.. 22 days already, unbelievable! How fast the time flies.

Raya was spent with the usual visits. In Kota Damansara, Kuala Pilah and Seremban. Every year is the same routine and it has to be, because we don't get to visit the saudara mara in other times of the year.

At Batu Kikir
At Mak Yan's in Seremban
The playful faces

I have completed my 6 days of saum in Syawal. Did three days last week and three days this week. Had to break it due to the long Merdeka weekend. Bagus pun. It was getting pretty challenging by the third day. Challenging due to the tiredness at work.

We did our makan-makan on Merdeka day. I don't want to call it an open house. To me open house is really a big makan do. The do was intended more for the 5 Aces' friends. Apart from them, I also invited extended family, my staff and neighbours. Expectedly (pretty obvious isn't it!), ours turned out to be a big one too. Imagine if there are at least 20 friends of each Ace who came, and that made it 100! That is, at least, and I think it was definitely more. Alhamdulillah, it is the rezki that God has given us, hence we were able to make the guests felt welcomed and happy. It started as early as 12 noon and lasted til about 9 pm. We had nasi beriyani, which I ordered from my srikandi friend Eyerin, laksa Penang ordered from an office mate's auntie and roti jala from kak Leha. Of course there were the desserts which were the most wanted dishes which disappeared in no time, especially Nuha's pavlova that probably resided on the table for hardly 10 minutes.

Three of my staff and ex staff amongst those who graced the makan-makan
Ayna's friends
More of Ayna's friends
Ali's friends
Alim and Adam

Nuha and family

Alina's friend

Amar our first 'cucu' i.e. BIL's cucu who came all the way from Japan

I lost touch who is who, cant recall whether these are Ayna's or Aliah's friends!
I was dead tired by the time all is over. Later that night, when I was about to commence cleaning up and putting back all the furnitures into the right order, some of Ali's friends came to the house to help out. It was like a miracle coming down from the air. It will be crazy if I were to let go that golden opportunity and so of course I didn't. They helped to roll the carpets, carried the sofa and the other furnitures and placed them back at the appropriate places. If we were to do it on our own, mahu sakit pinggang and to recover it, may take some time. Rewarded them with another round of duit raya plus some fire crackers. Isn't that great! Thanks a lot guys!

More raya makan makan. Was invited to previous company's open house on Friday. I initially didn't intend to go but since I was  really bored that evening, changed plans and went off to Impi*na hotel which is just about 15 mins walk from my office. To my embarrassment, it was a closed function. Only for staff whilst I am an ex staff. I think when they issued the email invitation, they did not realise that I am still in the list and there I was. Luckily when I arrived, it was already towards the end of the function when everyone was at their best singing the raya songs together. The organisers who saw me was sporting enough to find two seats for me and L, whom I had dragged to accompany me. Tak pe lah. It was the spirit of raya and although they had inadvertently invited me, I am sure I was welcomed. Hahaha.. terperasan kejap. Met my previous CEO, whom I swear has shrunk from the last time I saw him, which I think was due to stress. Also chatted with some of my favourite boys, whom I know have missed me dearly.

On a happy note, Alhamdulillah. I am confirmed to my current position after 6 months (I seriously think it was because I khatam Quran during Ramadhan and my prayers have been blessed). The effective date is 1st Sept. All my fears are laid to rest. When my boss handed me the confirmation letter, he smiled and said "you are beginning to make an impact". Phewwww! Relief! It is the beginning of a lot of new things. The expectation is still very high. A lot of soft issues to tackle. Making things right for adults is not as simple as doing it for children. Praying that it will be smooth sailing. That reminds me that I need to sedekah more and that could be a way to mitigate the difficulty and obstacles.

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Uncle Lee said...

Hi Tireless mom, how you doin'?
I enjoyed looking thru the pics here, love the colourful bajus of everyone.
Wishing you well, simpan satu lagu dalam hati.