Friday, April 13, 2012

Travelling Revived

I wanna write a long post but plain tired... Arrived home from HK this afternoon and slept til almost Maghrib only realising that I miss cooking. Nonetheless I did cook; steam fish and ayam masak merah. Everyone is home and that is a big consolation to me.

The meeting in HK went as expected. It was tiring but I am counting my blessing bcos I am not as tired as the chief negotiator. She must have been 10 times tired than me. She did a great job. I guess some people are just born to be terrific negotiators.

I reckon I have to start the frequent travelling again, argghhhhh.... Next week I will leave for Jakarta and there is this possibility that I may have to travel to Frankfurt anytime soon.

The funny part about travelling to HK this time was reviving my C class travel skills. Think I did quite ok considering it took me a long while trying to figure out how the tray embedded in the Cathay Pacific seats operates!

Then there was this unnecessary stress travelling with otais who buy the branded items such as LV or alike during the trip, without having to consider how it will contribute a very very big hole in the pocket (i.e. if it were me lahhhh....).

So in case there is a long silence from me again, the scenario could be because I am jet setting and did a crazy thing following otais' expensive habit, so nak tak nak terpaksa moonlighting just to cover the big koyak in my pocket !

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Moving On

I bade farewell to my staff last Friday and surprisingly I cried. I thought I am a tough cookie, but that was an overstatement. The tears flew naturally, sampai what my Uwan would describe as merebeh rebeh. I led the department for 6 years and 5 months. Everyone has been very supportive. Without their support, I don't think I could be where I am today. Indeed it was an enriching learning experience. I wrote a farewell email to all the staff in the company and the replies have been very inspirational, touching and encouraging.

The management threw me a farewell lunch on the Wednesday before that. Everyone said a lot of good things about me. I never imagined that my contribution is significant to them, thot it is just part of my duty to excel. I must have done something right in my way of managing and interacting with people.

Tomorrow I will be starting in the new place. It is within the same group of companies but where I work, being transferred to another subsidiary is like changing job. The nature of business is different albeit integrated. It will be a promotion but it will only be effective six months down the road after the probation period, if successful. The expectation is very high. There is a lot to mend and enhance. I shudder thinking of what will be in store for me. My predecessor gave up after 6 months. Am I oblivious to the whole thing? How could I do it, especially when he is much more mature than me?!

My friends have been telling me that they are confident that there will not be another person who could undertake the job better. I think it is just a mere perception. However, I shall leave it to the hands of Allah. Janji I do my best and He will do the rest.

Luckily April Fool is today and not tomorrow hence I trust I am no fool to accept this promotion.