Sunday, June 24, 2012

After The Hiatus

It has been super crazy weeks since the last time I blogged. I did try to write some pieces but they ended up abandoned. Some days have been kind whilst some days have been harsher. I also have not been well lately. Wanted to do more puasa in Rejab and managed to puasa for two days only. Hopefully Syaaban is more promising.

Missed on a few big events to blog; such as went to Jakarta, later Bandung, Alim got Hand Foot and Mouth, Emak’s two day old maid ran away and my lazy maid was sent to Emak’s place and watched Jason Mraz’s concert with husband and a few seats in front us was Myra Hi Mum blogger with the husband. All the colorful things that I wish to write but never get to do.

At the home front, Ayna got a place in Kolej Matrikulasi Banting to do Science and Asasi in UiTM Puncak Alam to do Engineering respectively. After a lot of thinking, consultation and visit to the hospital in Kota Kinabalu where my brother is, she decided to choose the former. The plan is for her to do medicine and insha Allah she will be, in the next seven years. We know that the course is very tough but with hard work and perseverance, nothing is impossible. My endless prayers that with Allah’s will, at least one of my children will become a doctor. Looking back and assessing my fellow friends’ achievement today, I should have studied harder to excel in my Biology which at that point of time, will definitely help me secure a place in med school. Who knows, I may have become as famous as Dr Har, hahahah…

Aliah has started her third semester in Gombak campus. Things seem to be smooth for her, Alhamdulillah. She suddenly clinched a new passion…, football! Hmm… I wonder why. Last night, I watched Les Bleus being trashed by Spain with her. Funny isn’t it? Mother and daughter staying up in the wee morning to watch Euro 2012. (I cheated! I only watched the ending and the reviews after it! What to do, I only managed to wake up about 4 am).

Ali is managing well in SBPI Selandar. I am happy and he is happy, but my disappointment is, his results are not as how we expected it to be. I warned him that if there is no improvement for the coming semester, I will pull him out of the boarding school. He is getting to be more berangan and in his own world. Angan-angan Mat Jenin tak pe jugak, but this is more like angau! Haiyo… boys nowadays. I wish he could find something really interesting to do which could bring him far. Ini tidak ..his interests are bits and pieces, pockets here and there… He is a good boy and insha Allah he will put that extra effort this semester.

With the three kakaks and abang away from the nest, that leaves Alina and Alim at home. They are like cats and dogs almost all the time. They fought over everything under the sky; the iPad, the iMac, the bathroom, who has to mengaji first and even who should get the wider space on the mattress when sleeping in Mama’s room! Ah well. I just left it at that. It will not be too long until they outgrow this bicker, and unknowingly I will miss it.

Despite the crazy weeks, I was able to meet some old friends to catch up. I met Madam Tai Tai when I was in Jakarta. The husband joined us later. About three weeks later, she came back to KL and again we met together with Mrs Nordin, Superwoman and Mimi. Two weeks ago, met up with Kitchen Guardian. As usual, she is full of energy and rigour. I will lose hands down if they put an energy barometer to measure her energy level and mine. She thought I have shrunk more than before. Admittedly I think so too. Due to work as well as maybe the supernatural… Ahaks. What is this?! Maybe let’s save the story on this super natural thingy to the next post, yah.

One last thing, I promised Desert Rose to mention this in my blog. Check out Bidadari and please make your sincerest contribution. Tangan yang memberi adalah lebih baik daripada menerima. I made some and I surely felt good about it. You are more generous and worthy than me, so let’s make the world a happier place.