Thursday, July 19, 2012

Ramadhan Kareem 2012

By this time tomorrow night, we would have completed our first night of Terawih prayers.

Hopefully this Ramadhan is kinder to me, especially when it relates to going to and coming back from office. Additional super hope ....that I am given a lot of sabar and strength to handle and deal with whatever Allah has in store for me this holy month.

To all friends and families, I seek your apology, should I have in one way or another, hurt you or commit wrong to you.

May Allah grant you His blessings throughout this month. Enjoy and embrace Ramadhan whilst we are able to.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Peace !

“If you are able to persuade your husband to do it, then you let me know. I don't know how to tell him.”


Those was the conversation which I overheard between Bedah and Tipah, both I fondly know.

I went to Dr Har’s class some Friday ago. An interesting talk. It is entitled ”Nafkah Zahir dan Batin, Apa Yang Isteri Patut Tahu”. What she said in the talk was something simple and basic, something that I already know. However some of us women and wives, we just pushed it aside. We don't want to harp on them or be a broken record. Or worse still, if we know what we banter, can disharmonize the affairs with the husband.

Sometimes I realize as well as notice that amongst us, a special dedication to us whose spouse is the same age as us or thereabout, we are more of friends as opposed to a husband and a wife in a matrimonial situation. Of course this is alaf baru, zaman google and iPad, hence there is equality of the gender. No doubt, tidak syak wasangka lagi, I agree 200 percent.

That being the case, it doesn't mean that husband can take the wife for granted. What I learn from Dr Har that day, not lah learn, I already know, it is just a matter to realize, internalize and hopefully materialize. No matter how much more the wife is earning than the husband, the husband still has an obligation to provide for the wife and the family. He still has to give her and their children a home, food and clothings. The basic things, the husband has to provide, that is the rule of thumb. Why is it that in the Quran it is mentioned that, it is the husband who has a bigger responsibility to play, the wife is just a support to him. This is the wife who makes breakfast, drives to work to beat the traffic jam in the morning, sends the children to tuition classes, sometimes music or martial arts classes, makes lunches and dinners, spends time eating Tutti Frutti with the kids, does groceries, etc etc... the list is endless tau! And in the end, to let her pay for most things, aiyoh, nak terbalik dunia ni!

On the other hand, if the wife wants to or agrees to top up above what is obliged of a husband to provide or to help out, and bukan terpaksa ye, kawan-kawan… then of course the wife will dapat pahala.  Just treat and niat it as sedeqah. But cannot ungkit, no, no, no! Otherwise the investment di akhirat akan menjadi zilch.

The problem is, well it is not really a problem, anyways I don't know what it is called.  More often that not, husbands are not sensitive to this. If wife banyak duit, and she doesn't mind spending on the family, let her be. Has it ever occurred to them that betul ke wife tak kisah? Why don't they ask properly? Or don't bother to ask, just provide as much as what is reasonable within their means. Or in a different scenario, just plain stingy? 

Yesterday, I attended a program by Ustaz Azhar. Yes that Ustaz who sang with Zizan! He is a rocker. I am a fan of his. His approach is simple and easily understood. One thing that again made me realized, internalized and hopefully materialized, according to him, it is the obligation of the husband to teach the wife ilmu agama. If he cannot afford to in any way, then it is alright to let the wife seeks to learn else where. I would want my husband to teach me first, second, baru get the knowledge elsewhere, or together seek the knowledge. Yelah masa muda dulu jahil, now dah kerepot ni, kena lah berpelajaran sikit. 

We have to differentiate between what is dosa and what is not. A breach of the fundamental is dosa. True it is togetherness in matrimony. Equality and what nots. But bila dah meninggal, kubur kan asing asing. 

Coming back to the conversation between Bedah and Tipah, I understand that Bedah tried telling the partner. The result; got the husband's sulk.... yang mengalahkan makcik kantin yang tak jumpa husband askar tiga bulan!

By the way, no wonder people always complimented me on my youthfulness. Alhamdulillah, I think that is the seri muka from the pahala sedeqah yang berterusan. Peace !

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

That Supernatural Thing

When I was at the old department, I rarely fell sick. During the years between 2006 to 2011, I think I may have taken MC three times only. The years which I was not sick, the management gave me a token for zero medical leave.

I thank Emak for giving good nutrition to me when I was small which could be a contributing factor to my health today.

This is not the case lately. Since I joined the new company in April, everything was ok for the first month. In the meantime, I noticed my staff have been sick. It has to be someone who will call in sick every week. Sometimes it could be every day in a particular week. Migraine, back ache, fever, or simply just too lethargic to go to work; would be the main complaint. There are only 15 people in the department and to have people calling in sick for almost every day can make the department cripple.

One of my staff, Kak M, shared to me that her whole body was in pain. It did not go away although she took time off to rest. On the subsequent day, she complained, some of her body parts was blue back. Then she told me that another person on the same floor suffered the same thing, for this person’s case, it was worse. She could not wake up for days!

After she told me this story, it dawned on me that actually I did feel the back ache. I thought it was the feng shui. When I first came to the new office, I noticed that the table was positioned in a way that the sharp edge of the wall is right behind my seat. Initially I thought it should not be a problem, although deep in my heart, there was a taint of worry. According to some feng shui believers, it is not good feng shui where in this case, one would be working in a condition where sharp things will be piercing from behind. So I changed the table to a position where the nearby tower is right behind me, konon-konon to give strong support to my back!

The back ache disappearred for a day, with the help of the masseur from Th*i Ody**ey, unfortunately it returned. It was a disturbing and persistent pain.  I sincerely thought it was stress related. I went to three different masseurs in my almost three month work in this new place. It still didn't go away. The good part was I didn't experience the blue black marks on my body.

I mentioned to Kak M about what seemed to be a health related back ache. She was surprised that I was experiencing it too because I seemed alright to her. To me, there were just lots of work that I didn't have time to worry about the ache and continued fighting.

Apparently on the very same day, Kak M had informed about my predicament to one of the senior management on the same floor. D came to see me right after and told me a history of supernatural things which had happened on the same floor since they moved in last year. They got the ustaz to bust the “ghost” away for a while. It was calm at the beginning of the year and now they are striking back!

According to D, there has been occasions when she was away, her locked office door was shaking pretty hard which caused her staff to run helter skelter; and this happened during the day. The situation was like some one was locked in the room and forcing to get out. This was repeated on two separate occassions in the recent times. Apparently her room was originally occupied by an ex staff who had experienced some un-explainable stories. This person can't even enter his room then. If he did, he would just fall sick for days, to a certain extent that he was rumoured to have gone cuckoo. His performance went off grid which resulted him to be terminated. Miserable eh?

I spoke to one of the cleaners and she told me of some unpleasant noises which she had heard. A few times, she saw an old woman at odd working hours, typing on the desktop of an unoccupied cubicle. There was also rumor that some time back a worker from a different company (who was the tenant then) had died on the same floor! *takuttt* !

The community on that floor decided to call Daru* Syi*a the malam Jumaat after D came to see me. There was a small tahlil, solat hajat and baca yaasin led by the ustaz from Daru* Syi*a. There was also another group of orang alim who joined us. In the middle of the recitation one of the lights turned off, I don't know whether it was coincidence, but it was scary!  When the staff was preparing the room, bentang tikar etc, the room was locked on its own with a certain gegaran from inside. They managed to unlock it after some time of waiting.

When the rituals ended, the ustaz-ustaz went round the floor to renjis air yaasin and recited whatever need to be recited. They stopped at D's room and there was some commotion, which I later discovered that D's room and the unoccupied room next to hers, were infested with benda-benda halus.

Each one of us took one bottle each of the air yaasin mineral bottle. The water can be topped up, it could be drank or direnjis depending on what we want to do with it. The event ended up as late as 11 pm that night.

On the next day, I later found out that although my room is not infested, there were some of these community halus in my room too. The sahabat-sahabat from the unoccupied room next to D's ran off and found a new home, which is the meeting room next to my room!

Any ways, the ustaz advised that we amalkan the air yaasin everyday and where possible to mengaji surah Ar-Rad. Thank you to the information technology and all the canggih gadgets we have nowadays. Every morning before I start my day in my humble work place, I would just switch on to the recitation of Ar-Rad first.

Based on my senses, I think the situation has improved because I do not feel that much of eerie feeling like I used to feel, although the back ache has not disappeared in total.

I wanted to be good to them if they disturb me. However like my colleague said, let it just be. Don't try to be friends cos nanti dia ikut pulang... susahh!

It is hard to do work and deliver when these things come and disturb. I pity my staff and I pray that the disturbances will go away soon.