Sunday, January 13, 2013

3 Years Short of Half A Century

When you have lived for three years short of 5 decades, there is no other important birthday wish that you would make except that you wish Allah grants you good health.  Next comes the other religious wishes that one would make in the doa selepas  solat, the very looonggg list because you may and may not know what you have sinned for the last 46 years and you don’t know what Allah will test you for the years to come sehingga akhir hayat.

So those were what I wished for on 11th January this year as I gracefully turned 47. My oh my… I still feel like I am 35! However after analyzing the wrinkles on my face, the gelebeh on my cheeks, the grey hair that are mushrooming on my head and the many more hair falling; all are accelerating than previous years, I feel that I am almost turning 55. Huhuhu…

I felt that it was only like a few weeks ago that I celebrated my 46th birthday with the family.. and already it is 47?!! To say I am not excited, is an under statement. Honestly, it is like a ritual. When the florist delivered the basket of flowers to me, from the beloved husband and 5 Aces, it was no surprise. My new office mates were ooohhhh… and aaahhhh and went gaga over the fact that I got lovely flowers for my birthday. I told them that the delivery of flowers for the birthday is like a SOP already and if it did not arrive, then that smells trouble. Betulllll !! Wonder what is Datuk CT’s birthday SOP? A diamond ring the least from the husband agaknya.

The "birthday" flowers which apa yang tertunggu-tunggu
is what will they be this time

There was three birthday cakes, one from my bestest Srikandi 83 friends, one from the office mates and from the family. All of them mean so much to me. Just like all of the friends and relatives on fb who wished me and some included beautiful doas. I feel very blessed. Insha Allah, Allah will grant to them the same doas which they made for me.

The makan-makan get-together was actually planned with the Srikandi 83 friends last year after Eiduladha. Plan punya plan and, entah macamana eventually we ended up to do it this month, 2 days before my birthday at Coz* Cor*er. Coincidentally Eli, one of the orang kuat came back for the holidays from Kuwait. The makan-makan turned out to be cum surprise birthday celebration for me and Ina (thank you, thank you!)  Whilst age is the usual topic of discussion, second favourite after life-in-STF-that-was, the other interesting topic was in regards to sea-weed collagen. So happens one of the SKs who turned up that day, Notie, is a distributor of collagen. At this age, we just want to maintain our (eternal) beauty, where possible.

Kawan-kawan Srikandi 83 daku yang sangatlah
vogue and sentiasa di hati

Birthday Cake 1 - Thanks dearest SK friends :)

Potong birthday cake pun ada skill

Ina and I. I am 10 days older than Ina.
She looked amazing despite her illness

On the very day, my staff threw another makan-makan. As a department we have arranged for monthly birthday celebrations for everyone in the department. The January babies are Isa and myself.

Birthday Cake 2 from my staff.
A shared cake with a colleague,
Isa whose birthday is on 15th Jan

The family celebrated it with me at Kelanta* *elights this time. I love the ambience and the waiters are chirpy, funny and friendly. Too bad Ali was not there with us. (By the way he called me to wish me Happy Birthday and instead of me being emotional about it, he was! Anak bujang sorang tu... ish ish ish ) 
Birthday Cake 3, only to be eaten the next day when Ayna is back from KMS

The next day after my birthday, we received another good tiding. My youngest sister gave birth to another baby boy. An addition to the existing 4 sons. That makes it 16 of my mother’s grandchildren. Alhamdulillah.....  I have not planned when to see the new Abdul. But what I have planned is, if I were to be a wedding planner (no need the Pak Engku equivalent lah) enough of me being in charged of the buat bunga pahar and bunga telur. Ahaks.. That makes it 16 occassions, including my very own 5 Aces. Mahu I will be the most favourite if not kaypochee auntie \\\\\, kan  ;)) Will I be alive to witness and be kaypochee for all the 16 weddings? 

*tadahtangan* ... semoga panjang umur to me and diberi kesihatan yang baik, Ameen.


Cat-from-Sydney said...

Aunty Yatt,
Happy Bithday!!!!! Hmmm....better late than never kan? Amboi! Three birthday cakes? Nak cikit!!! purrr....meow!

Uncle Lee said...

Happy birthday.....
A woman grows more beautiful with each birthday, and you not even at the prime of your life....yet.
Birthdays are just numbers, its how you feel in you that counts.

Live your life as how you want it to be, with no excuses, love with no regrets. And have fun.
And keep a song in your heart, always.
Love the pics here. You looking always.
Hold that lovely smile of yours.

Here's wishing you, that you will always be as beautiful tomorrow, as you are today.

Ezza Muffinbiru said...

salam Yatt

Bila usia meningkat ni,tak ada apa apa yang kita ingin kan selain dari kesihatan yang baik,sihat pemikiran dan kasih sayang dari orang di sekeliling kita...tapi kalau ada yang sudi bagi diamond ring bagus gak kan..kira bonus laa..

ummisara said...


kak yatt, happy birthday :)

Semua yang terbaik untuk u , insyallah.

miss u lah.

kotastar said...

Semoga diberkati Allah. May you continue to have a good life.

Al-Manar said...

A belated greeting. Masih muda - sebaya anak perempuan saya - dengan doa dipanjangkan usia dengan keberkatan

tearose said...

Happy belated birthday yatt...wish I was there too...lama tak bersama u all. Really miss chatting with u all...

tireless mom said...

Thank you all for the lovely birthday wishes and prayers. May you be blessed with the same :)

Superwomanwannabe said...

Yatt..u dont look a year over 35

Faten Rafie said...

Kak Yatt, you look younger than me! And I am only 28... *snigger snigger wink wink*

No seriously, you don't look a day over 35!

tireless mom said...


Come closer, you will now see the wrinkles

tireless mom said...


Serious.. ? Then you should not call me Kak but I call you Kak instead *snigger snigger*