Thursday, February 28, 2013

Maidless in Puchong (not again!)

I was away in Kota Kinabalu yesterday and today. Luckily I was there for one night only. Had a call from beloved husband before I joined the 2.30 pm meeting.

It was about my 40 something year old maid who went kabur as in missing. She ran away just before noon. She took her belongings and luckily none of ours. The gate was left ajar when Alina and Alim came home and they suspected something not right. They opened the main door which obviously was only closed but not locked and the maid was gone!

I don't know what to say. I regretted that I was not that vigilant. There was a hunch on my part due to some indications that she will run away soon.

She asked for all her money to be sent home, I refused, I told her I should retain 2 months. But the beloved husband who seems to be in a state of mantra when it involves the maid retained only half month! Fine, that is her money and we should not be keeping it, but to retain a reasonable sum would be one way to deter her from leaving, right?

She has a phone since she arrived. We fought many times on this issue and as a matter of fact, I have told her many times that I want to take it away from her but she left it pretty guarded. Half of the time she spent in the house was talking on the phone, even when she was ironing or doing the laundry. At times after being reprimanded, it ceased. A week later the bad habit resumed. One day the phone went kaput. She became very the very restless. She persuaded beloved husband to buy her a handphone for something which cost RM 200 to RM 300. I scolded beloved husband when he was window-shopping for one. It discontinued. But after she persisted to nag the male majikan, beloved husband relented, you believe or not. Confirmed, he has been mantra-d! The best part was the beloved husband's mother sanctioned it. She said "Oooohhh ..... It is so difficult to get a good maid. You must not be too strict. She may not like to work with you if you do that. That is the little freedom that she has. When she worked with me at times, ok je! " I gave up!

I saw her luggage being nicely packed in the cupboard the other day. I was looking for something in her room. It occurred to me that she may hide something, but I brushed it aside.

She was allowed to eat what she wanted, she even watched TV at nights and even when she was doing the ironing or cleaning the house. She slept during the day when I was not around, this I got from the kids who were home. We brought her to Emak's and MIL's houses whenever we went there, and she got extra pocket money from these two houses. I wonder what else does she want? She was given the comfort she much needed, ate the same food we ate ; apalagi???

For being dishonest I wish when she stepped out of the house just now, she had a tummy ache that she had to go to the toilet. She could not stand it, that she made big business in her pants. She didn't know what to do but asked for help. The next person who saw her thought she had gone cuckoo and brought her in that state of mess to the clinic nearby. The nurse washed her and called the police who later came and brought her to the detention camp.

Or if that didn't happen, I hope that as she was making her way out from our housing area, she accidentally kicked a stone and the stone went flying off to the bee hive nearby. The bees were angry and  chased after her. She got stung all over her face, hands and legs. Someone saw her and called the ambulance. The ambulance came some time later and brought her to the hospital. She is warded in the 3rd class now with no friends, relatives or majikan to help but has been registered to be the next illegal maid to be sent to the detention camp. Padan muka! By the way she is too old and too ugly to work as a GRO.

Life will still have to go on for me. I pity the 5 Aces especially Alim and Alina. I have not thought how to tend to them when they come home from school in the afternoon until I finish work starting from tomorrow. It is heart-breaking for a working mom like me to be at the cross-road.

Emak will go to Baitul Maqdis from tomorrow onwards for a week. I know she wish she could come over to help look after the kids. I don't want her to cancel the trip even if she insisted to.

This is a test that Allah has put on me. I do not have any choice but to brace this. I will not set myself as a good example to the children if I give up or be in the intolerable moods.

Breathe in breathe out breathe in breathe out... think.. slowly but surely, some solution will come.

To worsen it, my face is still infected with connective tissue disease. I broke my spectacles on my way back just now. And my current boss is not as condescending and sympathetic as my former boss.

One thing for sure, I will have tireless (not to mention lack of sleep) nights and days doing the house chores, beating the traffic jam; trying to be early to the office and in the evening back at home on time to attend to the 2 Aces left. I will lose weight again, and a haggard worker but possibly a satisfied mom.

*singing I Will Survive!*