Monday, March 4, 2013

Keeping Up With Trying Times

My heart goes to the family of our heroes who died in Lahad Datu and Semporna whilst fighting against the rebels and the  invaders from Sulu. It is difficult and challenging time for them and hanya Allah yang mengetahui semuanya. Semoga roh mereke dicucuri rahmat dan mendapat syafaat Nabi. I saw the remains of the arwah Supt Ibrahim and L/Kpl Azrul arriving in Subang this evening. I cannot help but shed away my tears as I watch how devastated the widow and the mother of the deceased respectively.

There is so much writeup, suspicion and accusation on this Sabah standoff. What I can say is from what I suspect and gather, many of the Sulus have been in Sabah for some time already. Hence the militants rebels received assistance from inside. To have the illegal immigrants stay in our country and later created bloodshed is definitely cruelty. Why did we allow the immigration laws to be flaunted?

If we are not careful, one day the same will be applicable to the illegal Indonesians who live here. There are millions of them I think, like my ungrateful maid, and a whole more men from Seberang. If this goes uncurbed, God knows what will become to our beloved country… God help us. They may not be militants like the Filipinos, but you can never be too confident.

As I face the challenging times of being a full time mom, wife, boss, lawyer and later in the evening changing shift to the most industrious bibik, I cannot complain. If I think and compare the trying times of the widow of the heroes who died fighting the battle and upholding the justice for the country, I am nowhere near them.

So last weekend was penuh with the activities of cleaning the house, washing and ironing the clothes, etc etc…. For a moment, all my urat and sendi were terkejut demam because of the sudden surge in the work load. To stop, will make the work even mount higher. 

A few things I realised in the Janet-of-trades-mode:-

No 1
I suffer from obsessive compulsive disorder.
I want to complete every single thing until the end. I made sure that ALL dirty clothes as at 1pm are washed on the same day. This also applies to clothes which are not ironed. ALL have to be ironed on the same day.

No 2
I want the kids to taste the cooking from my air tangan regardless when I am bibik-less. Although I can buy the food for our meals, I still insist to cook at least one dish, even if it is goreng telur or sambal udang. Yup, these were the dishes I did cook for the weekend.

No 3
I cannot sleep if I am stress. I am stress over the fact that there are so much work to do in the house. Therefore, when there is opportunity to take a power nap, it became "powerless" nap. Instead of an hour nap, I cut it short to half hour only.

No 4
When I am so kiasu to finish the house chores, I forgot that I can be very disoriented. Hence, I lost a parking ticket, I chipped my ring and I accidentally forgot my handphone pincode which resulted in my line being blocked!

No 5
I have lost 3 kgs at least with the amount of sweat I drained out.

No 6
The connective tissue disease has gradually disappeared. It must have been the chi from the ironing!

No 7 (I will make this the last one or otherwise I will be like a zombie tomorrow)
Alina really knows how to take care of the dishes. She is my life saver.

I badly need a hot chocolate now....