Thursday, May 16, 2013

Feeling Thankful

I know I know... I have abandoned this blog for long.

I have been wanting to write, and write lots, but never got to do it.

To blame on my poor time management, I guess is not fair because I know that I really work hard, be it in the office or at home juggling my time for the family sake.

I wanted to write about my experience and journey as the Head, how tough of becoming a leader and whom the 20 staff looked upon, and how sometimes I wish my staff could understand my needs as the superior, like they don't mind working for me and to make me feel proud of them. I really appreciate them, in every single way and I hope they do feel the same way towards me.

Anyways... why I decided to pen in the blog today is because I would like to relate something which will be etched in my mind and tagged as "Gratitude" ever.

I met one of the tea ladies at the office late today. She used to sew the beads for my baju kurung. I totally forgot about her for some time. So the other day when I bumped into her again whilst she served food in one of the meeting rooms, it dawned on me... "Hey... She is the one who jahit manik tu! What happened? Why have I forgotten about her? "

One of my bajus which she beaded

Maybe because my ex-secretary has resigned and that previously all arrangements of these baju maniks have always been arranged by her. (See betapa sebuk nya lah Kak Lang ni!) I only saw her briefly because I was always on the move to go to meetings, outstations or even just hibernate in my room to focus on pieces of work.

There are at least 5000 people working in the twin buildings yah, and not to bump into her for months is pretty normal.

After I texted her early today if I can send my baju kurung for beadings, she requested me to meet her on one of the floors she was working. It was already half past 5 pm. She was elated to see me again. After giving her the necessary instructions and when I was about to leave, she struck a conversation, deep one, which we never before had.

From then, I knew that she is 3 years younger than me. She worked as a tea-lady in the company for 13 years. The starting pay was only RM600, now has been revised to RM900 for starters. Her income now is around RM1100 only (!) She stays in the flat in Wangsa Maju, with friends and she has never been married before. She is from Kelantan; parents are still alive and she hardly goes back to the hometown because going back to hometown means giving money more than the usual "gift" every month to the parents and siblings. With that meagre income, it is difficult to make end meets, the transport (she takes the train to and fro), the rental of the flat, utility bills and food. God.. at this point, I felt like hugging declaring my empathy. She is thankful that she is able to do the beading although it is some way limited because she could only do it at night and during weekends.

She asked a few things about me; asked about my secretary and why she resigned and some other stuff. She was surprised to know that I have a 20 year old daughter and have 5 children. She also told me that she regret that she is not married yet at that age, she once had one or two "friends" whom she thought could be a life partner but things didn't turn out as planned.

I wish I could lend my ears longer but with profound regret I had to excuse myself as it was already passed the start of another meeting which I had to attend.

We bade farewell whilst she chipped in to say that she was very tired today. She was grateful that she didn't have to worry about dinner showing me a wrapped halved O'Brien tuna sandwich that one of her friends gave. Instantly I knew that was the sandwich I had for lunch today and they served them more than the number of attendees of the meeting. Yup that sandwich must be the same correct one!

To cut the story short, on my way back home just now, albeit at 9 pm something, although it was late by a normal person's standard, I am so thankful that I was going home to my own comfortable house, my lovely Aces and an understanding husband (I do feel neglected these few weeks but I am the one to be blame cos circumstances happened whereby I had to work harder than him).

Despite my endless complaints and laments about the enormous amount of work, the challenges, the stress, the push, the unnecessary worry, I should be grateful for what I have, for who I have become and for the love around me.

All thanks to Allah.