Saturday, May 16, 2015

Saturday Morning Work-Out

A couple of years ago during INSEAD management training which I attended, the organizer did not only organize the business management syllabus for us, there were also physical training; either we went to the gym or we did the aerobics. The physical training instructor was this 44 year old lady who was very very fit and everyone would easily guess that she is only in her mid 30s. Almost every day when I went for the work-outs led by her, I wondered if I could be like her when I reached her age. Without realizing it, she was an inspiration.

I am not a person who exercises diligently or who has its fixed schedule as to when to run on the treadmill. I do jog and brisk walk once a while whenever I am free. It will just be a walk at the park nearby the house, or swim at hotel during outstation trips or vacation, and now the latest "craze" is climbing hills. Well not that I do them often, baru dua bukit sudah panjat i.e. Bukit Gasing and Bukit Broga. More often than not, I would do a bit more extra work-out when I realize that my thighs are touching each other as I walk, or when I cannot buckle my pants or sarong yang sepatutnya ada dua jari kelonggarannya. That is the KPI weight for me.

On a different story, my 5th Ace who will be taking his taekwondo black belt grading in 3 weeks time has been procrastinating in building up his stamina. As part of the grading qualification, he has to run 5 km in 30 minutes. He promised me that he would jog in the evenings yet when I returned from office these past days, I always found him sound asleep. This has been going on for two weeks.

I don't exactly remember but I think last night I must have dreamt about KLCC and Twin Towers, the place I used to work.

The Twin Towers 

So this morning after knowing that the husband has left to the airport as early at 3 am, and today is not a day for grocery shopping, I forced the 5th Ace to follow me to KLCC Park. Liat betul nak bangun and after the show of the rotan and much threats (including mama is not talking to him for the weekend and surrendering his handphone), he had to budge ( yes!! Mama memang terror in this episode when it comes to the 5th one, to the dismay of the 4th one ).

5th Ace

The 4th Ace obligingly followed as she just need to de-stress herself from the ongoing exams. Anyway, she is becoming some like a health freak, hence a piece of cake to persuade her, unless she is so mengantuk or moody.

I love jogging at the KLCC Park because of the running track. It doesn't make you feel easily tired. For the 4th Ace and the 5th Ace, this is their first time here. Well maybe no. I think I have brought them here before when they were small to play at the water park. The water park is closed now.

Black pairs of shoes seem to be the trend now

We jogged and ran for three rounds together with other regulars. Haish!! Envy their fitness level. There were other activities going on, the yoga and the bootcamp. I wish I am more fit to do these. I gave up yoga because it was just too painful to stretch and bootcamp is never in my dictionary. They say no pain, no gain. For me, I am satisfied that I can still run at this age, bukanlah to qualify for marathon, but suffice to make me feel good. And that I could be marked at par with that then 44 year old lady training instructor.

Mama with her purple dumb bell


Muni Samad said... are doing great.. no worries....

tireless mom said...

You think so Muni? Hehehe...