Sunday, May 24, 2015

When The Going Gets Tough ...

Husband left a week ago and the plan was for him to attend to the Rohingyas who landed in Kedah. He is supposed to be away for two weeks and at the rate that things are going, I am not sure whether he would return next week. Maybe he would, just to take a fresh set of clothing's and then off he go again. At times, I realize that I take him for granted. When he is around, I just love to pick on him. Bila dah tak ada ni, macam miss pulak cos nobody to talk to and banter. The Aces are around, not all the time full quorum because the 1st and 2nd Aces would return home and go back to their respective universities during weekends. Nonetheless, they do keep me company, especially meal times and TV watching times, otherwise biasalah buat hal masing-masing.

Work is as usual, endless. As Monday appears, I wish that Friday is fast to arrive. Relieved when Friday arrives cos that marks a weekend. During weekends, I just want to stay at home, relax and do nothing. But when I realize that Sunday is almost over, I would ask myself, where has the weekend gone, what did I do during this time, can I have another day off, etc etc. If only we can work 2 days and rest for 5 days in a week, kan heaven!

At work, I think I have lost my mojo. My time management sucks. My participation in meetings, is like from a scale of 1 to 10, I fail miserably. I always give a rating on my participation and contribution in the  meetings that I attended. So far since the time I continued working in Oct last year, the highest scale that I have reached is 5! Pernah once I rated myself a 2! Below the line betul. Bang my head - I need to buck up. A friend suggested to read this book Stand Out by Dorie Clark. I must look for this book next time I drop by at Kinokuniya. Hope it will motivate me or if not change me. I wonder if my contribution at work commensurates with my earnings. The scariest part is, if it doesn't, apa nak jawab di akhirat esok. Eee .... takut.

Tomorrow is Monday and hopefully this week is better although I know things will start even busier. Looking forward to next weekend cos there will be a retreat in Ipoh. Nice!

I have in my mind the one below at the moment. In syaa Allah it is for the better.


mamasita said...

Such a lovely write sweet..

Miss tu tanda sayang laah tuu..^_^

tireless mom said...

Thanks for dropping by Mamasita. Happy that you like it :))

Muni Samad said...

part of the cycle of life.. the ups and downs.. the key thing is never stop trying.. :)

Lee said...

Hi Tireless Mom, ini saya Lee...dari Canada. How you doin'? Just dropped by say hello.
You keep well, simpan satu lagu dalam hati.

tireless mom said...

Muni, I cant agree more

tireless mom said...

Hi Uncle Lee

Not that good. Trying to keep myself sane. I will always remember you as the person who makes me keep satu lagu dalam hati :))